Disha Mishra Dubey launched Design Decor and Disha in 2012 to simply document the transformation journey of her very first apartment and hence the tagline “Transforming a house into a home”.  Disha is a one-woman army who does everything from SEO research to ideation, scripting, shooting, editing, and publishing. She encourages people to be self-reliant and try budget-friendly DIY solutions to common decor problems.

Design Decor & Disha is one of the best Indian home design & decor blogs which aims to promote self-reliance, sustainable and budget-friendly decor ideas, unique DIYs, and the revival of age-old traditional and folk Indian art forms. The blog focuses on providing simple home decorating and organizing ideas, affordable home makeovers, home tours, and a huge range of DIY skills. Hop on to this creative journey with us and you will never be disappointed!


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