Warli Art: My First Warli Painting

I must say this month has been action packed for me. I kept myself busy in various activities and learnt few good & new things. I think this is the mantra of happiness- keep yourself busy and learn something new.
I have always been a great admirer of all Indian art forms . It was my dream to explore and learn about various Indian Arts and that’s what I am doing these days. Let me share my happiness with you all wonderful people who always keep encouraging me by reading, commenting and liking my every post.  Recently I learnt about ‘Warli Art‘ and found that it’s not only the simplest art form but looks magical too. 
Earlier I had done Warli art only on a small pot but this time I tried it on paper with all the details and tried to depict social life of Warli tribes.
Here is my first Warli painting. Theme is wedding. 
My First Warli Painting.
Here are the details. Sun and sparrow can be of same size in this style of painting, as proportionality doesn’t  matter.  
Warli Art: Sparrow and Sun

Groom on a horse arriving for wedding. Banana leaves, earthen pots and decoration with flowers and leaves  to recreate the scene of wedding ceremony in a village.

Warli Art: Groom

People are welcoming groom and playing instruments. All the shapes are geometrical circle for head, triangles for trunk and pelvis of human body. Faces are bereft of features.

Warli Art: Men Playing Instruments

Palm trees and hut to recreate a village scene. Again geometrical shapes are used and filled them with fine lines as no free space should be left in this style of painting.

Warli Art: Hut & Tree

Animals and birds are very common in this painting. Here is my Warli peacock.

Warli Art: Peacock

I enjoyed a lot while I was doing this art. I felt like I am achieving something with every stroke of brush. I am so happy so content. I don’t know which art form I will be working on next but I will surely share with you 🙂

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