Wall Makeover : Wall With Personal Touch

You must have read the post on “Awesome Entryways” on my blog earlier.
On a quest to make my home’s entryway interesting and awesome, I did a simple makeover. This is the very first makeover of my place lot more will follow soon. Let’s first have a look at before and after images of the entrance to my home.
A plain, dull and stark wall on the left and a bright, beautiful, inviting and welcoming wall on the right. Don’t you agree?
What a wonderful difference. I am totally digging it. Images are not doing justice though 🙁
Now the story of this wall transformation goes like this………


I always strive to add some personal touches in my home. I am on a mission to fill colors in my home (my blank canvas) and I started it from the foyer. First, I thought of stenciling the wall and one more idea was to draw a free hand design and then paint it. So just for a rough idea, I came up with these two designs. Sent these images to my sister and she loved the idea of the freehand design .


I wanted the wall in a bright colour as the entrance to my home is little cozy and dark. After a lot of brain-wracking, I zeroed in on this mango yellow colour. My Lil one was ready to lend his helping hand for sanding, priming, painting and designing the wall. 4 Yr old and did the job so well that I was just amazed to see everything he has done. Kids these days are very smart 🙂
Then I drew a freehand design on the wall and started filling brown color in it.



Though it was a freehand design I wanted to give it a look of a stencil. For Lotus, I was confused between white and red color. Then decided to go with white.


Steps involve in making leaves……….

Here’s a look after filling color but my hands were itching to do more.



I filled gold acrylic color in leaves’ veins and it looked perfect. It shines when light falls on it and make it look more interesting.


Here is the completed wall ….looking bright and beautiful…….but still something is missing……

Sorry for bad image quality (Picture clicked with mobile phone)
Here comes the complete look. Look that gave me full satisfaction. It turned out far better than my imagination. And here I wanted to let all my friends know that this sunburst mirror is also my creation and I created it in only 3hrs because I was in a hurry to complete this wall as soon as possible (Sometimes I become so impatient).


It feels great, wonderful, amazing when you see your own creations everywhere around your dwelling.
This wall has transformed the look and feel of the place dramatically. Stamped with my personality, this wall describes me well. Sometimes I just sit in my living room and keep admiring the beauty of this wall….crazy me 😉

Let me know your views and ideas about this wall. Click the link below for Sunburst mirror tutorial:
Sunburst Mirror Tutorial

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