Quick Way To Beautify A Garden!!

How was your weekend dear friends, mine was super hectic with lots of work assignments in hand and son’s studies, I didn’t even realized and it’s Monday again. I did so many things in past few months, some DIY projects, paintings and few more exciting things. I added some elements in my balcony garden last month and post about it was lying in draft since then. My husband is a great support, because of him I was able to meet all the deadlines and got time to publish this post. 

Sharing some tips and images of my garden with you. A corner in my garden was looking a little dull and I wanted to cheer it up without spending much time.
First have a look how it was before. Since long time the arrangement had been like this and I got bored of looking at it. I wanted to rearrange and add something.

Small Balcony Garden
This is what I did..
Small Balcony Garden
I am quite happy with the look (at least for a few months). Now if you want to create this look in your garden, follow these easy and simple steps:


1. Take a clay/plastic plate. Plate because you will place Buddha on it.

2. Put soil and manure in the plate.
3. Sow seeds or if you have saplings you can plant them (I did both). Plant only on one side of the plate, as on the other side you will place Buddha. 
4. Place Buddha figure on the plate. Club together pots of the same size and place the plate on the center (where you see the void).
5. You can place small colourful pots on the edges of two adjoining pots, like I did. I placed orange watering can and coconut planter too. 
6. Arrange the pots in a way that all the taller plants should be on the back side and smaller ones and creepers should be in front.  
Here is closer look of the corner….
Small Balcony Garden
Plants I planted in the plate are very lovely. They are almost in five shades. I don’t know the name of this plant, if anyone of you are aware what this plant is called, please tell me the name.  
Small Balcony Garden
I always wanted a Zen corner in my garden, so that I can spend my evenings there doing some creative work or writing a blog post. Now I love looking at this corner, it’s serene!! Sometimes I place different flowers on Buddha figure I enjoy peaceful moments that I spend there 🙂
Small Balcony Garden Decorating Ideas
Take a tour of some beautiful gardens and read more about gardening (Click here).
Hope you liked this quick and easy way to beautify a garden. Stay tuned for more such ideas!!

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