Inspiring Eminent Artist: Hari Krishna

Today the art form that I am going to showcase here on my blog is very interesting and unusual. Let me ask you a question, how do you express your feelings and emotions? Maybe by crying when you are sad, laughing when you are happy, dancing when you are joyful or yelling when you are in pain. Let me introduce you to an artist who expresses his feelings and emotions by running his fingers in the sand and giving it a shape that tells a story and conveys his emotions. Readers bring your hands together for world renowned sand artist Hari Krishna.

Hari Krishna is a sand artist. He has done B.F.A from Hyderabad. Hari belongs to Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. Here is how he shares some of his cherished moments with us.

Sand Artist Hari Krishna


My Sand Art got national recognition when I expressed my grief for Nirbhaya case through my sand art. I felt very sad and helpless and I wanted to stand against such heinous crime, so through my sand art I expressed my emotions and feelings about the importance of women in our lives as a sister, daughter, wife, mother. After the sad demise of Nirbhaya my this particular sand art video went viral on Facebook and I was approached by Zee Networks to perform at Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa grand finale to dedicate that work to Nirbhaya.
Watch this video and I am sure you will be in tears. 


I got national award in YouTube global video challenge 2012 which was sponsored by Indian external affairs of ministry, Google, YouTube & Incredible India. In this contest the concept was to show the greatness of India in 5 min video, it was a tough job to show the greatness of India in 5 min. I pondered over and over again, finally I came up with the idea of depicting our Indian culture, customs, folk dances, instruments and different famous places in India through my sand art. 

Sand Artist Hari Krishna

I made a video and got first prize. Which was awarded to me by Salman Khurshid, (then Indian external affairs minister) and Anurag Kashyap (Film Director) and some foreign embassies from different countries, in Delhi.
I got an opportunity to work with Shankar Mahadevan (music director) for ZEE Sa Re Ga Ma Pa grand finale, when I performed my sand art at stage Shankar Mahadevan sang for my act which was dedicated to Nirbhaya.



Sand Artist Hari Krishna


Now I perform sand art for social causes like child labor, terrorism and natural disasters like Amarnath flood and create awareness through my art. I feel blessed when I receive a heartwarming response from millions of people around the world. I get all the encouragement from my father and my fans. 

Sand Artist Hari Krishna
Drawing with sand is not that easy, it takes lot of patience and I need to practice a lot before every performance. Each performance requires lots of preparation. First, I draw the story board, then I experiment on sand table, time is the major factor as I have to change the creation one after another according to the story. 

My ultimate objective is to create awareness about our environment and planet, say no to plastic, I created 7 feet Eco friendly Vinayaka statue in my colony and made approx. 500 small Ganesha statues and gave away them to people during Vinakaya festival. I have planted around 600 plants in my area and encourage people to do so. 

Sand is not the only medium, I have used tea also to draw a portrait of our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. 
Watch this video and you will be stunned!!

Art is present everywhere in nature, you just need to open your mind and observe the nature, you will find lots of inspiration. That’s where I get my inspiration from. In the last I would like to say, please don’t pollute our planet keep it clean, conserve energy and grow more and more plants!!

Thank you so much Hari for inspiring all of us. You are a blessed artist and your send art is truly mesmerizing. I could not look away or even blink when I watch you performing sand art. I wish you a great success ahead!!
Dear readers how do you like this art and did you enjoy watching videos…let me know your views. 
Want to get inspired more, check out this link: Inspiring Eminent Artists

Coming up next, quick and easy way to beautify your small garden. Stay tuned!!

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