Today it’s a conversation between you and me and no one else. Yes! today I just want to talk to my lovely, precious readers. No design and decor today it will be about Disha (of course me)  ðŸ™‚ So just sit back and relax. Have your cuppa and enjoy this conversation.

I am a person who is raised in such a way that I can never sit idle even for a second. So when my kid grew little older and started doing things by his own I got some spare time on my hands and little did I know that the spare time I got will change my life forever. So once when I was searching for home decor ideas on the internet in my spare time I stumbled upon some interesting design blogs and I read them all in depth. Then instinct to write my own blog was born and I started writing my own blog in October 2010  but that definitely wasn’t a serious blogging that was just a start, an experiment and a learning phase. I loved it totally and slowly it became a part of my life. A very important part of my life. After several changes from blog banner to themes, fonts to header & footer, side bars to tabs I was finally satisfied with the look, feel and appearance of my blog in early 2013 (yeah took a long time). Having my hands full of responsibility I always run short of time and I know blogging needs lot of time, hard work, efforts and dedication but I am slowly and steadily reaching towards it.
When I started blogging I didn’t know anything about it. It’s only ‘Blogging’ and nothing else that has taught me how to blog. Though my writing skills and way of blogging has changed a lot during this journey but the intention to write a blog is still the same. You can read my first post here and you will know what I mean.
 I was passionate about art, craft, and decor so I just shared everything that I knew. There were days when I waited patiently for readers to come on my blog, read my post and leave a word or two…….it didn’t happen so soon!! But I kept writing because I find it interesting and I loved it. For me sharing is caring and slowly you all started visiting me and encouraging me :)))) Happy me!! In my blogging journey, I came across so many wonderful, like-minded and talented people. My fellow bloggersfans, followers and readers always encouraged me. All of you brought the best out of me and thanks to each and everyone of you for that.
I featured so many inspiring artists and blogger on my blog and not to mention l learnt a lot from all of them. My posts about different Indian art forms are loved by one and all. You all gave so much love to my ‘Do It Yourself’ projects and ‘Artwork‘ and appreciated my efforts. Many of you contacted me and told me how my blog has inspired you to do something and yes I featured your inspiring works in ‘Fan Of The Week‘ series on my blog.

I was not aware that one can make money through blogging. I was Stay At Home Mother (SAHM) and blogging has transformed me into a Work From Home Mother (WHM). Now I make money (Dollars, Euros, Rupees and many more currencies) online while sitting in the comfort of my home and taking good care of my child. I have rediscovered myself. I am doing what I love to do and I am enjoying every bit of it. A year ago Dell approached me to write my story about my passion on their microsite and they published it. I got overwhelming responses from all of you for everything I did here. Thank you….thank you so much for always being there for me. 
Do you have some dream then don’t just dream about it. Put some efforts, get that spark and I am sure you will be able to live your dream. Do what you love or just start loving whatever you do. 
If you also have some life changing experiences then please share with me here in the comment section I would love to hear from you!!
Stay positive & creative!!

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