Got Small Space….No Worries…Decorate Smartly

Urban living quite often comes with space constraint. You know the value of every square footage that you have got when you live in a small space apartment. But its not always true that bigger is better. Decorate small space in a way that it gives you illusion of grandeur. Here are some tips:
The most important thing while doing up small space is that keep it simple. Next is you should store and organize your stuff smartly.

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Its always a better idea to avoid over accessorizing your space while decorating. Don’t spend on things that you love rather spend on those you need.

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Convertible furniture is the best way to use available space smartly. You can switch from living room to bedroom and vice versa.
Space under the stairs is always an underutilized area. Use it smartly to store some household stuff or gardening tools or anything that you can.

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If you are running out of space horizontally go vertically. Build shelves all the way up the wall in the living room or even in kitchen.

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Alcove or any space like that can be very useful for storing stuff or you can even transform it into your hideaway work space/ office.
Use box bed to store extra bedding and linen. It can provide lot of free space in linen closet for other things.
In an open floor plan furniture in living room can play an important role in storage solution. Use block furniture so that you can keep various stuff there. Storage bench can serve as storage unit and seating as well.

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In the kitchen items that you use everyday should be handy. So hang pots and pans above the counter  instead of storing them in a cabinet, it will free lot of cabinet space for other items.

All these tips can make a small space look bigger and better. Below are some images of small spaces just to inspire you 🙂

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I know you are gearing up to give your small space a bigger and better look isn’t it…..go ahead!!

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