DIY: Newspaper Wind Chime

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Today I am posting DIY after a long time. It’s again my favorite newspaper craft. 
This time, I made a wind chime from newspaper. 
Lets start:
First step of making newspaper sticks/rolls you can find by clicking here. Make 20-22 sticks.
1. Now that you are ready with a fair amount of sticks with you, take one stick and make a tight coil of it. Make one coil with one paper stick and make a total of 12 coils of approx. 1″ diameter. Make one larger coil of approx. 4″ diameter. Now you have 12 small and one larger coil.
2. Now apply glue on all the sides of the coil with the help of a brush. 
3. Before the glue dries completely place your thumb in the center of the coil and then slowly and gently press it outwards as shown in the image. 
4. Repeat step 3 for all the coils. They will be bell shaped now (no. 4) Apply glue once more, let it dry and then prime it. You can paint them in your choice of color at this stage or can do so later. 
Newspaper craft
Newspaper Wind Chime Tutorial
5. Now take out some old magazines and make paper beads in 2-3 different sizes and shapes. You can find the tutorial here. I made 1″ and 1/2″ paper beads. Red, yellow and orange in colour. You will need some jewelry making tools too like flat nose pliers, cutter, scissors, nylon cord and ghungroo (jingelling bells).
Newspaper Craft
Newspaper Wind Chime Tutorial

 6. Now make a knot at one end of the nylon cord and thread a ghungroo and then long bead.
7. Now thread a small bell.
8. Thread more beads so that it is not more than 2″.
9. Now with the help of needle attach this string to the larger bell.

Newspaper Craft
Newspaper Wind Chime Tutorial

10. Now make another string. Repeat steps 6 and 7. Repeat step 8 but keep in mind every time you need to increase the length of a string by 2″. make a total of 12 such strings and attach them to the large bell at equal distance. It will look like this….

Newspaper craft
Newspaper Wind Chime Tutorial

If you want to keep it like this then you can give a coat of varnish at this stage too. But I love it when my hands are smeared with colours so I went ahead and coloured it with acrylic colours. I chose red, orange and yellow. As these colours go well with the paper beads I have used in strings. Let it dry for 4-5 hrs and then give a coat of varnish to make it water proof.
This is how it looks :))) I am super happy with the result.

Newspaper Craft
Newspaper Wind Chime Tutorial
I went crazy and tried to click it from every possible angle, up, down, right and left.
Newspaper Craft
Newspaper Wind Chime Tutorial

Newspaper Craft
Newspaper Wind Chime Tutorial

You must be thinking whether it makes a sound or not. Yes, it does. Whenever gentle breeze passes through, it makes very relaxing and soothing sound. As ghungroos are attached at the end of few strings 🙂
Have you ever made something like this before, please do share here I would love to see it!! If you are seeing it for the first time, I will suggest you try to make one. it’s super easy but yes needs a lot of patience.

See you soon with a review of my favorite store on my blog.
Till then Reuse, Recycle and Stay Creative!!Happy Weekend!!

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