Designing With Dell Venue 8

Dell’s newly launched Venue 8 tab is what I am using for blogging these days.
 I must admit that I loved its features. Being a design blogger I need lot of images and work on several design projects at a time. Venue has made it real simple and easy for me to click fine images with this tab and then directly insert it in my post without any hassle.

For design projects earlier I used to draw so many sketches to conceptualize the design and then tried to visualize them that how it will going to look once the design is complete and believe me I hated the overall process but with Venue it has become much easier. I click the image of object/place with the tab that I am going to design and then with the help of some image editing software online, I am done. Voila!! I never had so many images to conceptualize my designs in such less time that too without any hassle.

For an instance I was doing a balcony designing project recently and for that I needed to conceptualize the design. I clicked the image of the wall with Venue tab and then I went berserk with my imaginations and then after a while I had good number of designs to show my client and she happily and easily chose one out of them according to her taste.
Let me show you a video of everything that I am doing with this Venue 8 tab. I never made video of myself not even for DIY tutorials on my blog but  all thanks to Dell for giving me this opportunity to make one. Here is my first video where I am showing some best features of Venue those are really helpful for design blogger like me.


Now my dear readers let me know two things that I am desperately waiting to know from you:
1. What do you think of Venue 8 tab and its mind blowing features.
2. How do you find my first ever video 🙂

More about Venue 8 will be coming soon on my blog. So stay tuned!!

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