Vastu Gyan: Living Room Vastu

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Vastu creates a harmonious balance and linkage with nature to attract favorable effects of Sun and other planets. Vastu balances the various energies in environment to ensure good and stable mental & physical health. The size and cost of the house doesn’t matter in vastu rather impact of various energy fields and natural forces from different directions is more important.
Living room is the heart of a house. Its the place where you spend time with your family and entertain your guests. Best direction for living room should be north-east or east but it depends on the direction house faces. For north or east facing house living room should be in north-east. For a south facing house it can be in south-east. For west facing house living room can be in north-west direction.

Color of the walls in living room should be light. White, cream, yellow, orange, green, blue all in lighter shade can be a good option. Light colors brighten up the space and make it appear larger as well. 

Placement of furniture in living room should be in south-west and west direction. Owner of the house should always sit in south-west or west direction facing either north-east or east. Reason is that sun rays and fresh air from east and north direction ensures positivity. Furniture should be rectangular or square and there is always some space left between wall and furniture to ensure the free flow of air. Placement of furniture should be done in a way that it should appear uncluttered and allows free movement of the dwellers. Avoid seating area under a beam as it can increase your stress. Better idea is to conceal the beam with false ceiling. 

All the electronic and electrical gadgets should draw power from socket placed in east or south-east direction. T.V should be placed in a direction in such a way that viewer should face east or north direction. AC, cooler should be placed in west direction as west of the house becomes hot during the day. Fireplace all  things related to fire or heat should be placed in south-east direction as this direction represents Agni or Fire element.

As they say ‘We become what we behold’. Paintings we put up in living room evoke strong sentiments. Thus keep in mind that paintings should always be calming, positive and uplifting. Picture of Sun or nature should be hung on east wall, painting of waterfall on the north wall and painting that denotes strength like horses, mountain or elephants should be hung on south or west wall. Always avoid paintings that depict war, sadness, violence, death or has negative impact on our life.

Make your living room a stress free zone and relaxing space by following these simple rules of vastu. With a little care in the relative positioning of different things in a room one could expect to live a peaceful, happy and prosperous life.

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