Store Review: Iris Aroma Boutique

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Fragrance is a powerful wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and 
all the years you have lived”
Helen Keller

Sense of smell has great impact not only on our mood but emotions also. Fragrance is a chemical compound and is volatile so it is transported to the nose where all the olfactory receptors are present and then it stimulates the part of the brain that is called seat of emotions. Fragrance have physiological effect. It has effect on heart beat, blood pressure and muscle tension. It can uplift mood and can act as a good energy booster. Pleasant smell can evoke feeling of happiness, sensuality and relaxation. Different fragrances have different impact on mood.

Let me introduce you to Iris Aroma Boutique.
                                                                                                                           Iris Logo
IRIS Aroma Boutique is one-of-its kind exclusive home fragrance chain in the country and their flag ship store is at Lavelle Road on Bangalore.  Iris harnesses the power of Aromacology and strives to create sensory delight in the daily lives of consumers through fragrance and form design. The IRIS Aroma Boutique has an extensive aroma collection not found elsewhere in the country. At IRIS Aroma Boutique one’s can choose from a wide array of fragrances  and fragrance dispensers and accessories  that are made in stone, ceramic, glass and wood. The dispensers  are aesthetically designed decorative pieces in a variety of textures and colours. They offer handcrafted aromatic candles, potpourri, reed diffusers, fragrant stones, pillow misters, amphora, fragrant sachets and vapourisers with tea light candles and essential oils and even garden incense sticks.  
The biggest USP of IRIS is that they create and blend perfumes( fragrances) in-house. Its Founder and Managing Director, Kiran Ranga, is a Master Fragrance Creator with a degree from the University of Plymouth in Business and Perfumery he along with the team works on developing the different fragrances and fragrant delivery systems.
Apart from the aromatic spread that one can choose the store is also designed in such a way that it complements the sweet smells that it houses.
Some of the different kinds of delivery systems that are available at IRIS Aroma Boutique are
Reed diffusers                          Aroma Candles                                  Amphora                 Flower Diffusers

Apple Cinnamon Fragrance

I got Apple Cinnamon fragrance reed diffuser from Iris. The fruity smell makes me calm and happy and cinnamon makes me feel more energetic and relaxed as well. I simply put the fragrance oil in ceramic pot and then placed reed sticks in that. Fragrance starts emanate as soon as oil rises up in the reed sticks due to capillary action and soon gentle breeze wafted the smell of apple cinnamon throughout my room.  

Reed Diffuser
First I used only four reed sticks but for stronger effect I placed all the eight. When not in use, reed sticks can be put back in the pouch that is provided in the packet and keep ceramic pot closed with given cork.
As I write this post sitting in the same room where I placed this diffuser I now strongly believe that using a right fragrance can make your mundane tasks little more enjoyable. It’s fragrance is so gentle and soothing.

Apple Cinnamon Reed Diffuser
Hope over to their site and you will find list of different fragrances and their impact on your mood. Choose the one that is right for you and see the magic of fragrance not only on your mood but emotions also. 
Apple Cinnamon Reed Diffuser
Let me know which fragrance is your favorite one and how does it effect your mood. 
Stay tuned for a very easy DIY coming soon on blog……..!!
P.S. This fragrance kit is provided by Ripple Fragrances free of cost but all the views expressed are purely mine.

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