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Before the year ends and we ring in the new year with new dreams in our eyes, I just want to take a moment to say THANK YOU to my family, friends, fellow bloggers, all my wonderful clients, happy customers and lovely readers out there for their unwavering support, unabating encouragement and eternal love. I am completely overwhelmed with gratitude for each one of you, yes!! if you are reading this then you too 🙂 You all are a part of my successful blogging career!! 
Indian Design Blog

Expressing gratitude is a wonderful thing. Read my last year’s blog on Gratitude and you will start believing in my statement!! That’s why every year I take a moment to express gratitude.
I started writing my blog in October 2010 and it has been a fascinating journey thus far. Six years and 3D is still going strong. Let me start with some of the sweet notes I received from my dear readers during this beautiful journey. Such messages keep me going!!

Aren’t these messages so encouraging and heartwarming. You are my biggest strength dear readers, you light up my life in so many ways and you all are one of the reasons why even after six years of blogging I still love it rather love it more than ever. Here are some milestones that 3D crossed this year:

Blog Pageviews: Over 1.1 Million views
Instagram Followers: 2.2K
Facebook Fans: 3.3K
YouTube Subscribers: 660

Not a big deal right!! No, it’s definitely a big deal for me. With very little time in my hands, I kept alive my passion for blogging and every single reader, fan, follower or subscriber I earned is a huge success for me.
Last month I got the opportunity to make a dream a reality, my interview was aired on RadioOne Pune and here is a video I created with an audio clip of my radio interview and visuals of 3D’s journey till date.

Now I want to share two big news. First news is that I am creating a coloring book for adults and I am super excited. I am working on it and half way through it. While creating “Indian Art Gallery Wall” for my living room, I painted various Indian art forms and shared the images on my blog as well as social media platforms and from readers’ comments I got the idea of creating a colouring book. Indian art forms are regaining their lost charm and people around the world are just crazy about Indian folk paintings. So the theme I chose for my coloring book is ‘Indian Art Forms’. Let me assure you that you will find all the drawings unique, authentic and awesome. Just wait for a month or two and the coloring book will hit the online stores.

Now the second and equally exciting news is that I am venturing into a business. Though I was selling my handmade products and paintings on a smaller scale till now but now I am planning something big. Right now I am working hard on designing products and getting them made by trained craftsmen. First few products have been designed and now craftsmen are working on them. Hopefully the products will make their appearance in Jan 2017.  I am having sleepless nights and need your good wishes, encouragement and support.
I have just one more and probably the last blog of this year and after that I will be going on a gadget free vacation with my family. You all have a lovely time ahead.

Wish you all wonderful people a very happy new year!! I wish you nothing but health, happiness, love and endless joy!!

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