Fan Of The Week: Shashwatee Raut

First let me share some exciting news for all my lovely readers. I know you all love decorating your homes, so here is a contest and a chance to win gift voucher worth Rs.3000/- for more information click here.
This really cheers me up and keep me going when I receive some sweet notes from fans and readers of my blog. One such reader ‘Shashwatee Raut‘ sent me her very very creative work to share here. Have a look of her DIY projects and beautiful balcony garden. Over to Shashwatee-

Many items in my garden are clay items which I have painted…Tulsi pot, small dog, swan, stool on which I have kept the fountain and the lotus pot.



Small cranes are made of U shaped hair pins and left over M-Seal. The mushrooms are made of plaster of Paris and body of a Reynolds pen (white body)…I have used egg shells as mould to give the mushroom shape. The small insect is made of a plastic ball. The bells are made of Chai ke kulhad!!!

This is Shashwatee’s small but lively and beautiful balcony garden.

These five hanging pots are just rabdi handis which I have painted 🙂 
They look so vibrant and enhance the beauty of her small balcony garden.

Small pot in below image is made of paper clay…and I have placed an artificial plant in it as I can’t water it……and the lotus like pink flower is made of pistachio shells. 
That lotus looks so real . Pot and butterflies are adding character to the space.


The nest in below image is made of coconut coir…I tried to make it as real as possible but……it became like this. 
Now who will going to believe this that nest isn’t real.

I have made the pen stand with a rejected glass on which there was a crack…by simply pouring candle drops on it..then painted with fabric colour.
That’s creativity at it’s best.

 And the tablas are made of coconut shell..

Two creations are inspired from yours..
This is beautiful and she has done great job. You can find these two tutorials here and here.


Thanks a lot Shashwatee for sharing your passion for art and craft here on Design Decor & Disha.
What say friends. Isn’t everything just fabulous. Everything that she made tells a story of her creative imaginations. What do you think…..just let her know through your comments 🙂

If you also have something to share please feel free to write me at!!
Stay tuned to meet Inspiring Eminent Artist of this month 🙂

All images are provided by Shashwatee Raur and are subject to copyright.


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