What do you do when something is just not ready to wear out.
I have something like that with me since past eight years and it’s still in good condition. The only thing is that I am super bored of its plain and dull look. It’s my slippers…..yes you heard it right. Please don’t laugh or make fun of me. They are really boring, have a look…….
and they are too common.
Kitschy Slippers


So what do you suggest I should do with this slippers………..
Well kitsch and decoupage was on my mind since long so why not fulfill both the desires and at the same time give new look to the extremely boring slippers.

So here I go with some easily available supplies:

Kitschy Slippers



  • Colorful paper cuttings from Magazine
  • Scissors
  • White water based glue
  • Acrylic Medium/ Modpodge
  • Brush
  • Varnish
1. I washed it and then let it dry completely. applied acrylic medium on the surface and put paper cutting.


Kitschy Slippers


2. Then I applied acrylic medium on paper too that I pasted. Kept on doing step 1 and 2 until the surface was all covered with paper. Let it dry.

Kitschy Slippers


3. Then I mixed 1 part glue in 1 part water and applied it properly on the surface and pasted a cutting of this cute doll that I found in magazine. Let it dry.

Kitschy Slippers
Kitschy Slippers

4. After it was completely dried I gave two coats of varnish and it is almost waterproof and that’s how it looks now!!

Kitschy Slippers

I am happy with the outcome. Though I don’t know how long it will last but I am happy that it is not an eyesore anymore. I love wearing it đŸ™‚

Kitschy Slippers

Some more clicks…………

Kitschy Sippers

And finally I am done with Decoupage and Kitsch as well. How do you like this DIY.
Do let me know which version of the slippers you liked…the earlier one or decoupage one!!
Kitschy Sippers

Wishing you happy and creative weekend. Have a great fun!!


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