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Themed Bedsheets For Kids

For grown-ups, bedroom is a place where they relax, start and end their day so it should be very relaxing, calming, comfortable and functional. But for kids, it’s a space where they spend a
lot of time playing, acting, imagining, creating and of course sleeping. A kids’ bedroom is a place that
reflects their rainbow personalities. Every kid has a favourite cartoon character and taking the cue from it you can choose a theme for their room. Some kids like Disney characters or superheroes, for some minions are the cutest ones, and some kids are obsessed with Star Wars, as is mine. My son loves Star Wars for obvious reasons because there are laser guns, strange monsters, spaceships, action sequences, memorable characters, and a unique plot.
Spaces Bedsheets

Decorating rooms in a particular theme is always fun to do especially when the room belongs to kids.
But you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. I would suggest investing in some of the key
elements like bed and bedding because the bed is the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom and
bedding that covers it entirely is also very important, and then everything else can be coordinated
easily. Also, bedding is a great way to accessorise any bedroom. Spaces by Welspun offers a range of
bed sheets, especially for kids based on different themes. So I picked the Star Wars themed bed
sheet to turn my son’s lair into a galaxy far, far away.

Spaces Kids Bedding

Choosing right fabric for my son’s bed sheet was the biggest focus as the fabric affects kids’ good
night’s sleep. And thankfully, the Kids Bedsheets by Spaces are of100% cotton make. Synthetic fibres
tend to trap heat and don’t allow moisture (sweat) to wick away from our body. Whereas natural
fibres like cotton are light, breathe well, and allow air to circulate which in turn cools down the body
temperature. So cotton sheets are useful in both warm and cold weather, and it was the right
decision I made. The Star Wars bed sheet from Spaces is comfortable and light which is perfect for
Next, I was concerned about the colours and patterns. I didn’t want a giant head of a monster in his
room. It’s not my aesthetic but what about his liking. Is it possible to balance what my son wants and
what’s my style? Of course, I let my son select whatever he desires from SPACES kids bedding
collection, and he chose this Black & White with a pop of red Star Wars bed sheet. A great sigh of relief for me as the bedsheet has a very balanced and subtle look.

SPACES Kids Bedding

The bed sheet is durable, and I’m sure it’ll withstand all the countless runs through the washing machine. My son’s room celebrates Star Wars through and through now. His room has a theme
without looking overdone, and the makeover is done within my budget. It is the perfect Star Wars
themed bed sheet I had envisioned for my sleeping Jedi. Are you still looking for theme based quality
bed sheets for your kids? Oh, come on look nowhere else, SPACES is the right place. Go and explore
it. Happy Decorating!

See y’all soon.
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Diwali Snippets & DIY Festive Decor With 3D Neon Liners

The most exhilarating and joyous time of the year is here. 
 My Diwali is literally incomplete without the DIYs and I wanted to do something unique, extraordinary and that’s easy on the pocket too. I am completely bored of the very common yellow, orange, pink, purple, gold and silver color palette. I was dreaming of a whole new color palette this year and that’s when I heard about Fevicryl’s newly launched 3D liners and guess what now I can #AddExtraToTheOrdinary and my color palette problem is sorted too because the 3D liners come in neon colors. So this Diwali #TurnOnTheNeon

Below is the video where I have shown how you can spice up your room decor without burning a hole in your pocket using these 3D Neon Liners. 

Now let’s check out how I decorated my home for Diwali using 3D Neon Liners. I jazzed up some plain and dull looking stuff and it was super amazing to see how beautifully they turned out. 

Hobby Ideas 3D Neon Liners

These 3D Neon liners come in four vibrant colors and can be used on various surfaces like metal, wood, glass, fabric, terracotta, plastic etc. Here is how I used these 3D neon pens on various surfaces.
Since Diwali is incomplete without the diyas (earthen lamps), I thought of jazzing up the plain terracotta diyas using 3D neon liners. 
Hobby Ideas 3D Neon Liners
The pen shape of the neon liners makes them super convenient to use. I made some easy designs on the diyas and let them dry for 2 hours. This Diwali DIY was so easy that it took me only 10 mins to add the extra to the ordinary and below is the outcome. Tell me how do you like it. 
Hobby Ideas 3D Neon Liners
Next, I tried the 3D neon liners on a clay surface. I had some small clay pots or matkis and I wanted to do something with them So I painted the matkis using acrylic colors, added some acrylic stones and perked them up using 3D neon liners.

Hobby Ideas 3D Neon Liners

I love how neon colors just pop against the contrasting background and create a lively and cheerful ambience.

Hobby Ideas 3D Neon Liners

I placed some beautiful tealights on matkis(Clay pot) and here is how I styled them with a string light and some fresh marigold. 
Hobby Ideas 3D Neon Liners
The third surface I tried 3D neon liners on is glass. You know I had stained lots of glass bottles and jars so I thought why not add an extra dimension to these plain bottles. I made some fun patterns on the bottle and voila!! 
You know what the ink of these neon pens is waterproof so I can wash these bottles if they get dirty. But of course, it can’t be scrubbed. I placed string light and flowers in the bottle and gave it a company of serene Buddha figurine and the whole setup created some mesmerizing effect.
Hobby Ideas 3D Neon Liners
Here’s the next surface, a cardboard. I cut out the circle of 7 inches diameter, fixed a tealight in the centre, stuck some acrylic stones and glammed it up with 3D neon pens. 
HobbyIdeas 3D Neon Liners

Here is how I styled them. I placed the tealight on a bamboo placemat, spread some tuberose(rajnigandha) randomly around the tealights and this vignette appealed not only to visual senses but also to olfactory senses. 
Hobby Ideas 3D Neon Liners
It is always so exciting to receive the gifts on any occasion but if the gift box also has some personal touch then it just doubles the joy. So here’s my tip, take any gift box and wrap it with a wrapping paper (you can use brown paper too. Believe me it looks good) and make any design of your choice or a monogram with 3D neon liner and let it dry for 2-3 hrs. Your unique gift box is ready!!!
Hobby Ideas 3D Neon Liners
See how it makes a world of difference. These 3D liners are so useful that I am planning to give them as a gift to all my creative friends this Diwali. Isn’t it a good idea.  
Hobby Ideas 3D Neon Liners
So grab your set of Fevicryl 3D neon liners from HobbyIdeas website before they are out of stock.
Also, you can participate in an ongoing #TurnOnTheNeon challenge by Hobby Ideas that ends on 30th Nov. Just take anything ordinary and add extra to it to make it look extraordinary using 3D Neon Liners. Share your picture on Instagram or FB and tag @hobbyideasindia and use #TurnOnTheNeon hashtag. Lucky winners get a chance to win gift vouchers from Hobby Ideas.
Wish you good Luck!

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One Good Thing For Your Home

Hello World!!
How is the weather treating you. I am enjoying the last of the winter sun in my part of the world
and trying to infuse more warm colours around me. 
I told you in my previous blog (Anamika’s Home Tour) that I have One Good Thing for you so here it is- a set of new cushions for my living room.

One Good Thing

How do you like these cushions. I liked them for two reasons; one is that the embroidery on the cushions is the famous tangible cultural heritage of India called Toda Embroidery, which quenches my thirst for incorporating Indian art forms in my home decor and the second is that it is a product from a brand launched by a woman entrepreneur Chitra Ghildiyal. Let’s meet the brain behind the brand called ‘One Good Thing‘ and know more about the woman entrepreneur and her brand. 

Indian Decor Ideas

Chitra: I am a designer of home decor and furnishings products with a brand name ‘One Good Thing‘. Taking a hint from my enthusiasm towards fine fabrics, handwork, arts, history and home decor, I quit my job as a communication specialist and started One Good Thing in June 2016. One Good Thing offers distinctive home furnishing pieces inspired and influenced by the heritage arts, cultures, history and people from around the world.
Most of the fabric,  dyes, other material and handy work used on One Good Thing is sourced from different parts of Rajasthan and is done by skilled craftsmen from interiors of the state. 

Bedding and Cushions
Image Credit: One Good Thing
Our products are available on,,, and Mora Taara stores in Mumbai and Gurgaon.

Now you know if you choose furnishing from a brand like One Good Thing, you not only support the artisans of India but also do your bit in empowering women of India. Not to mention you support #MakeInIndia campaign too. 
Living Room Decor

Now let’s know more about Toda Embroidery!
The toda is a pastoral tribe of  Nilgiris(Ooty) of Tamilnadu. Toda embroidery is also known as ‘Poothkuli‘, ‘Torhbohr‘ or ‘Pukhoor‘. It is an artwork done by toda women. Toda embroidery is usually done with red and black threads on white cotton cloth and design is made by counting the threads using reverse stitch method. Usually, geometric pattern is made by counting warp and weft in the cloth. Patterns of Toda embroidery are inspired from nature, for example, Sun, Moon, animals, reptiles and rabbit ears. Out of practice, Toda women produce the design without even tracing the pattern on the cloth. Embroidered fabric can be used from both the sides. 
Embroidered fabric is worn by both Toda men and women as a traditional garment. Toda embroidery fabric is liked and purchased by lots of foreigners who visit Ooty. Toda tribe is proud of their heritage!!
One Good Thing
Chitra has graciously sent me a set of these beautiful Toda embroidery cushions and I paired these celery Ice green cushions with burnt sienna cushion and throw. The fabric of these cushions is linen and its quality is excellent. To add a bit of drama I covered sofa with the patterned fabric in black and burnt sienna which is complementing both cushions and throw and creating a pulled together look.

One Good Thing Furnishing

If you liked the products you saw here please check out the links to One Good Thing’s social media platforms:

One Good Thing Furnishing
I am taking a break from blogging as I need to concentrate on some other more important things in my life but I’ll be back for sure so stick around 🙂 
Happy Decorating Fellas!!
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Your Home Deserves A Fresh Makeover This New Year

We always welcome New Year with new hopes and ideas. We try to do something fresh when it comes to a new year like we start some exciting work, give ourselves a different look, learn something that we haven’t learnt yet and many such things. Since Design Decor & Disha is all about ‘Home & Garden‘, I will talk about home styling. Let’s kick off 2017 with a fresh home makeover.

Oasis Tiles India

While giving our homes a makeover mainly we consider about changing the theme, decor, paint and furnishing but we forget about flooring. Trust me you can completely change the look of your home by upgrading floors, walls, backsplash or outdoor spaces using tiles. How!! Let’s check out.
Before I start writing on a certain topic, I do a thorough research on it. While doing so I came across an Indian tiles and sanitary ware brand OASIS Tiles India. Oasis Tiles India has stormed into the top 10 club of the ceramic tiles companies in India and has been scaling new heights by each passing day. With a stylish and sophisticated look coupled with great strength, Oasis tiles not only cater to the domestic requirements but are also a perfect fit for commercial spaces. Let’s see how we can change the look of entire space using tiles.

Don’t you agree that every space in our homes serves a different purpose and hence the tile flooring we choose for a particular space should meet the demand of it? Let me show you room by room how one can choose the perfect tile flooring for a particular space. Let’s start with the living room!

Oasis Tiles India

The living room is the most important part of our homes where we entertain our guests and love to spend time with family. And in my view apart from the decor of the room its flooring also reflects the personality of the homeowner hence tile flooring for living room should be elegant, clean looking, durable, pleasing to the eyes and should not be too loud. If you wish to add an elegant and sophisticated touch to your space my suggestion would be marble tiling. Marble tile is actually a tile that looks exactly like natural marble and it is making its way more and more into everyday homes. It lends a luxe touch, easy to care for unlike real marble and it sure is durable. Whereas for a contemporary look, vitrified tiles in natural shades are the best. Light coloured tiles can make the room look bigger and brighter. Oasis Tiles India recently launched Maxima double charged vitrified tiles that can add a sense of luxury to any room, with a natural finish or detailing and come in a variety of colours and designs. However, if you fall for an ethnic Indian look, terracotta or patterned tiles can be a perfect choice. Let’s move on to the space where love is cooked and served along with food. Yes, you got it right! Kitchen!!

Oasis Tiles India

Kitchen should not look boring. The easiest way to take the kitchen flooring to an entirely different level is to choose patterned tiles by Oasis Tiles India. Tile in dark tones that mimics the look of wooden flooring is in vogue and lends a sophisticated touch. You can use tiles to create an artistic presence too. Tiles in different shapes and colours can be laid in a manner to form beautiful patterns and to create a focal point in the kitchen.  For a clean and chic finish, go for tiles in a particular colour combination that goes well with the existing theme of your kitchen.

Oasis Tiles India

You can add a wow factor and texture to your kitchen wall with a tile backsplash. For kitchen backsplash, mosaic tiles are always a good option. If you are choosing the tiles with borders and patterns then make sure that the motifs are not broken by electrical sockets and switches. Create an accent wall in the kitchen too why restrict your creativity to the living room and bedrooms only. Choose tiles in an accent colour and install them between worktop and wall units and use complimentary colour for other walls.

Oasis Tiles India

While renovating or constructing new bathroom, one should be extremely careful about the tiles selection. What should you look for when you are renovating your bathroom or getting tiles laid in a newly constructed bathroom? Well, it is the fact that tiles should be anti-skid, long lasting and beautiful. You can combine function and beauty both with Oasis tiles India. Their tiles are anti-skid and add visual depth in an effortless manner.

Oasis Tiles India

For smaller bathrooms, tiny geometric tiles on the floor and large tiles on walls can bring in a lot of interest. Go for lighter shades to open up the space while you can opt for darker shades for a bigger bathroom. These days tiles are not restricted to indoors only. Variety of tiles are available to adorn your outdoor spaces too.

Oasis Tiles India

Outdoor space is considered as an extension of living room especially in apartments. We all love to spend time in the outdoor spaces available in our homes. Beautiful tile flooring in outdoor spaces can certainly increase the duration of that time by making outdoors inviting and appealing. Faux concrete tiling is just perfect for outdoors as it is not only comfortable but lends an edgy look as well. To add a personal touch to your outdoor space you can opt for different shapes of tiles like a hexagon, round, rectangular to form a design of your choice. You can add a dash of colour by putting hues on the floor. Choose bright coloured tiles and there you are with an outdoor space with a lot of drama and interest.

Now you know how important tile flooring is in changing the entire look and feel of the space. I hope after reading all this you might want to consider upgrading floors, walls, backsplash and outdoor space of your home and don’t forget to check out Oasis Tiles India on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

Dear readers, stay tuned to meet an extraordinary talent in my next post 🙂 You will get to see something about India but this time it will not be ‘Indian Folk Art Forms‘!!