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Sanjhi – The Art Of Paper Cutting

In today’s post on our Indian Art form series, I’m gonna talk about the art of paper cutting or better known as Sanjhi. Like the name itself suggests Sanjhi or paper cutting art is an art of paper cutting. The paper is cut in a way that the paper holds together and yet it shows a beautiful intricate pattern on it. For the complete tutorial on Sanjhi, watch the video below.

Sanjhi is practised in Mathura and Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh in India. Though the paper cutting work is done all across the world, Sanjhi is little different. Sanjhi is said to have originated around 400-500 years ago in the 16th or 17th century. So like all the other Indian Artforms I have shared here previously, this art form is also very ancient. Some craftsmen believe that Sanjhi word is derived from Saanjh or Shaam which means dusk, the time of day when temple floors are decorated using these stencilled papers and on the other hand, some craftsmen believe that Sanjhi word is derived from saaj-sajja or sajavat which means decoration because these papers are used to decorate temple floors.

Paper Cutting Art
Image Source: The Hindu

Since it is a traditional art form of Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna, the theme mainly depicts the life of Lord Krishna and his leelas. Temple floors and walls are decorated using these stencilled paper and rangoli (powdered colors). This art form is highly refined so it is mainly done by the Brahmin priests. Nowadays only a few families to be precise only 14 or 15 families are there in Mathura and Vrindavan who practice this art. If you are interested in seeing Sanjhi in temples then Radharaman temple in Vrindavan is the place where you can see this art. It is believed that Radhe (Radha) used to decorate her walls and floors using colored papers, foils, colored stones and flowers and leaves to woo Krishna and then all the other Gopis followed the suit. But during the Mughal period, the art form began to depict more scenes like Mughal architecture, floral and geometric patterns and various other scenes.

Paper Cutting Art

Like I said earlier, it is an art of paper cutting so only paper, specially designed scissors and sometimes blade is used to cut paper and then intricate mythological figures, floral and geometric patterns are cut into the paper. And here I would like to share an amazing fact that in its traditional form, craftsmen don’t draw or trace the design on the paper they would just make the paper cutting directly on the paper and it is done precisely that you wouldn’t be able to find any flaw.
Here I would like to mention two names who are still reviving this art form and keeping it alive. They are Mr Mohan Kumar Verma and Mr Ram Soni. They are fourth generation Sanjhi artists.

The process is simple. I have divided it into two steps
1. Draw/trace/print the design on paper and
2. Start cutting the design

Below are the supplies you’ll need to make paper cutting artwork.
1. Paper
For paper cutting art you will obviously need a paper. It can be a handmade paper,  good quality printing paper, watercolor paper or any paper from 90 gsm to 385 gsm. But remember the thinner the paper is, the easier it is to cut but that will increase the chances of making mistakes. The thicker the paper is, the harder it is to cut but then there will be fewer chances of tearing the paper accidentally. I’m using 120 gsm A4 size scrapbooking paper.


2. Cutting Mat
You will need self-healing cutting mat so that your work surface is protected. Otherwise, you’ll end up making the surface of your desk full of scratches. I would suggest you get the bigger mat as having a bigger cutting mat gives you enough working space and allows you free hand movement while cutting the paper. The mat given below has grid and patterns marked on both sides. This is a must-have item for a crafter or for people who love DIYs.

3. Blade or Scalpel
You will need a scalpel for cutting paper. So make sure you have some spare blades too in case you need them during the process. Keep all the spare blades safe in a case to protect yourself from accidental blade cuts.

4. Pencil, ruler and eraser
You will need a pencil to draw a design on the paper and ruler to cut straight lines.

1. Draw/trace/print the design on paper
 Place the paper on the work surface and for design either you can draw your own design like I did. If drawing isn’t your cup of tea then below is the template for you to copy. Just download and print it. There are several other websites from where you can download free paper cutting templates (Goole it). The printed side will be the wrong side so make sure you print the mirror image of the design. The design is cut on the printed side of the paper and once the other side will be the right side where no pencil marks or print will be visible. 
*Tip: Do not apply cream or moisturizer on your hands otherwise you’ll end up staining your paper.

I drew the fish with Pichwai lotuses especially for you all so that it is easier for you to start the paper cutting art with this easy template. All you need to do here is just cut out all the black or shaded part of the design carefully. For the outline of the fish please draw one more outline as I forgot to click that picture and while cutting that outer outline leave some tabs too (Watch the video for clear instructions) Once you are confident enough to cut complex designs, you can start cutting the fish design with intricate patterns. All the instructions are given in my YouTube video above.

Paper Cutting Art
Design Created by Disha Mishra Dubey

2. Start cutting the design
Now place the paper on the cutting mat and hold the knife like a pen and try to keep even pressure. Enjoy the process and relax. Don’t do it in a hurry. This process requires enormous concentration, patience and skills but it relieves your stress and you will love getting lost in it for hours. There’s no set way to learn paper cutting art. Keep practising and you will learn it.

Paper Cutting Art
Sanjhi – The Art Of Paper Cutting

For cutting straight lines you can use a ruler but for curved designs it is better to move the paper around. While making cuts hold the paper with the other hand for better control. Cut the paper deeply enough that it goes through the paper but not too deep. Remove the pieces of paper as you cut them out.  You can use the blade’s tip to lift the chip of paper and pull it with your fingers gently. If it doesn’t come out easily then use the blade to cut the paper where it is stuck and then it will come out easily.

Paper Cutting Art
Sanjhi – The Art Of Paper Cutting

To cut complex and intricate patterns, cut as close as you can to either side of the pencil line. Do it slowly and enjoy every bit of the process.

Paper Cutting Art
Sanjhi – The Art Of Paper Cutting
No matter how pro the artist is the blade sometimes slips and can sever the element of the design. Don’t panic. Use either sticky tape to fix the element or use a chip of paper to stick on the tear. Once the design is complete, reverse the paper to reveal the right side of the design. Now either you can get the design framed as is pressed between two glasses or you can stick the design on the contrasting paper to make it more interesting.
I have tried to place my paper cutting artwork on various colored papers and now I am totally confused about the right color background. Please help!!
Paper Cutting Art
(From top left to bottom right
Sapphire, Ochre, Maroon, Cyan, Brown, Black)
I hope you liked today’s post In case you try to make this art then don’t forget to share your creation with me on my Instagram or Facebook. I’ll be coming up with more creative posts. Stay Tuned!! 

Till then connect with me here:

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Last Minute Diwali DIY & Home Decor Ideas

This is the first time that not only I shot and edited the video but also published it in just one day. I worked really hard (well 18 hrs in a stretch) to bring this video to you because 
I had promised I’ll share some easy Diwali DIY and Home Decor Ideas. 
So below is the video and I really hope you all like it. 
Happy Diwali To 3D Family!!!

I am already late in sharing the ideas but these are some really very simple and last minute Diwali DIY & Decor ideas. You can involve your family too and make the most of these holidays.
Crepe Paper Marigold Flowers:
I know you can’t keep any flower fresh and bright for long. That’s when we need faux flowers. Instructions to make crepe paper marigold flowers are given in video. If you can’t get crepe paper then you can use colored tissue paper or paper ribbons. I learned this craft from my mom when I was little and still cherish those memories and this is one of my favorite flower crafts.

Diwali DIY & Home Decor Ideas

I made them in great numbers and loved decorating my home with these paper marigolds.

Diwali DIY & Home Decor Ideas

Dried Branch Dining Table Centerpiece:
I love it when things are done differently and with some personal touches. And rather than indulging in splurge I love to make things my own. That’s what I did when I threw a party at home. I created a beautiful dining table centerpiece that looked totally festive. I saw this beautiful string light somewhere and when I found it online I ordered it without the second thought. It is so so awesome that I am using it in almost all my Diwali vignettes. The best thing is that it is LED string light that comes in various lengths and it is waterproof so you can use it outside in the garden, in aquarium and in urn too. If you are intrigued then click here to see and buy this string light. Instructions to use it are given in video and below is the image.

Diwali DIY & Home Decor Ideas

Once the party was over I gave some twist to the dried branch and placed it on the side table in my living room and what a festive ambiance it created in my living room. How did I do that you ask. Well, you can see the steps in the video.

Diwali DIY & Home Decor Ideas

Seashell & Conch Candles:
Now this is the best thing I have ever tried and no, this is not my idea, I found the inspiration on Pinterest and liked it instantly. All you need is just some seashells, conchs, paraffin wax, wicks and ready to use glitter. You can watch the video to see the steps. Here I am sharing the images of these magical and oh so cool seashell & Conch candles.

Diwali DIY & Home Decor Ideas
Making seashell candles was such an easy DIY that I spent only 15 mins and it was ready. Don’t they make an amazing and unique Diwali gift. I will be making more to gift my friends and family. 
Diwali DIY & Home Decor Ideas

With these cute little seashell candles this post comes to an end. I have some posts pending so you’ll be seeing few more Diwali DIY ideas in coming days and then I’ll definitely be going on a vacation.
I hope you liked the ideas and will be giving them a try. Click here to see some more Diwali Decor Ideas. Happy Diwali once again and I’ll see you soon.

Till then connect with me here.
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Diwali Craft Idea: Origami Lotuses

Today we have a very special guest on 3D who will be showing us how to make origami baskets.
I said special because he is a cute, charming adorable kid joining us all the way from Australia.

Dear readers, please welcome Ishaan Ganguly, a cute little boy with twinkling eyes, tons of confidence and oodles of patience. I stumbled across his Youtube channel Ishaan Tube and instantly fell in love with him and his cute little sister, who is always there to assist him. No matter how many times she interrupts in a video, Ishaan looks at her lovingly and waits patiently for her to finish. You can subscribe to his Youtube channel to check out more such lovely videos.
Over to Ishaan now,

I am Ishaan from Melbourne! I live here with my parents and my sister. I love playing with toys and also enjoy making things In crafting I like to make an envelope when it’s my friend’s birthday, I also love to make gifts for people I love. It is also important to recycle and reduce waste, so I make RECYCLING CRAFTS. I like to do it because it’s fun!
Below is a video where Ishaan has explained very well how to make origami baskets.

My son and I tried our hands at making these origami baskets and it turned out quite well. Though we added some personal touches later and decided to use it in our Diwali decor as origami lotuses instead. I asked my son to fill the petals with glitter and this is how he did the job. I gave a second coat of glitter later.
Diwali craft Idea

Theses origami lotuses can be made in a variety of colors and can be styled in many ways too. Place a flower into it or a LED tealight to add the festive charm. We made origami lotuses in different shapes and kept smaller one inside the larger lotus to make it look more like a lotus with lots of petals. 
Origami Lotuses

We can’t thank Ishaan enough for such a lovely and well-explained tutorial. It was great fun doing this Diwali craft with my son. He showed equal enthusiasm in styling and photographing the lotuses. These origami lotuses have sure added a festive bling and warmth in our living room. 
Origami Lotus

You can fill the lotuses with chocolates or nuts. These can make a unique and lovely gift for kids this festive season. 

Diwali Craft Ideas

Now below is a teaser of Diwali DIY idea that is coming up next on 3D. Yes, you can make these beautiful tealight holders at home. 
Diwali Craft Idea 
Stay tuned!!

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Inspiring Eminent Artist: Yulia Brodskaya

 Dear readers I am back after a short vacation. Hope you all had wonderful Diwali, mine was great too. 
Today I am featuring a Paper artist who is joining us all the way from Russia. She is blessed, enjoys doing paper quilling in her own unique and innovative way and her work is mind blowing. You must have seen lot of paper quilling work earlier but, this is something extra ordinary and very innovative. Dear readers sit back, relax and enjoy reading about this wonderful artist-  

Yulia Brodskaya, is a Russian paper artist and illustrator. She uses simple materials like paper, scissor and glue and turn them into something mesmerizing and out of the world creations. She started working as a graphic designer and illustrator in 2006, however she left her job to follow her heart, her passion for paper art: “Paper always held a special fascination for me. I’ve tried many different methods and techniques of working with it, until I found the way that has turned out to be ‘the one’ for me: now I draw with paper instead of on it”.

Her work reflects hard work, passion and dedication. Have a look of her wonderful art work below. How carefully and neatly she places the paper stripes to create a masterpiece. I loved the intricacy of her work. 

Yulia Brodskaya

Isn’t this something extra ordinary and beyond imagination.

Yulia Brodskaya

She has earned international reputation and has worked with many big names. Below is one more beautiful creation by Yulia. She has a vast collection of  Quilling typography too.

Yulia Brodskaya

I loved the way she places different kind of quilling patterns and pulls off everything so beautifully. Look at this quilling bird, such brilliant use of vibrant colours and unique patterns. 

Yulia Brodskaya

Yulia’s artwork is outstanding and one of its kind. She creates unique pieces and has distinct style. I was in awe when I saw this tropical fish. The swirls and twirls are so eye catching.

Yulia Brodskaya

Yulia Brodskaya

 Yulia’s each and every creation speaks a thousand words. She is such a passionate and dedicated artist. She is invited at various design conferences and design schools around the world to speak about design and art.

Yulia Brodskaya

Her artwork is owned by Oprah Winfrey too and why I am not surprised!! Her clients list has many big names. Her work has been featured in many books.  

Yulia Brodskaya
She has created theme for Google chrome too. Recognize this Google Chrome bird!!
Yulia Brodskaya
Here is a surfing-themed cover art for the FahThai, an in-flight magazine she designed for Bangkok Airways.
Yulia Brodskaya
Cover art for Pure Magazine.
Yulia Brodskaya
She has many feathers in her cap. Go on and read more about her here on her website ArtYulia. She also keeps updating her fans on her Facebook page PaperDesignArt. I am completely in love with whatever she creates and I admire all her artwork. Thanks Yulia for this wonderful treat. I wish you a great success ahead!!
So how do you like meeting this artist my dear readers……enjoyed thoroughly….I know!! Stay tuned and I have some more things to share.

P.S. All images are provided by Yulia Brodskaya and subject to copyright. Please don’t use any image without her permission.

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Diwali Decor Ideas- Part II

Thank you so much dear readers for overwhelming response to Diwali Decor Ideas-  Part I
With your encouragement and support here I am bringing to you some more video tutorials on how to make Paper Flowers for Diwali in an easy-peasy way. You must have seen my Diwali Wall Hanging video tutorial, if not then click here.
Sorry for the delay in publishing this post. As I tried several times to upload video on Youtube using my laptop and every time something wrong happened and it failed to upload, then I picked up my Venue tab and believe me it was quick and easy to do it using Venue. Now lets start………….

See this picture collage I made using my venue tab.
Diwali Craft Ideas
Diwali Decor Ideas
In this post we’ll learn to make some easy flowers that can enhance the beauty of your space and definitely your Diwali will be special and memorable one. 

Tissue Paper Marigold Flower:  
Tissue Paper Marigold Flower
Tissue Paper Marigold 
This is the easiest paper flower that anyone can make, even small kids too. My Mum taught me this flower when I was around 8 yr old. I Enjoyed making it so much that I made a bouquet of it and I still enjoy making it. Below is the Tissue Paper Marigold Flower video tutorial. Sorry I used white tissue paper and not yellow as I was running short of time and used whatever I had with me. You please use yellow tissue paper for making perfect marigold flower. 

Tissue Paper China Rose Flower: 
Tissue Paper Flower
Tissue Paper Flower
One more quickest and easiest way to add charm to your space this Diwali is decorate your home with these tissue paper China Rose Flowers. Making them is not a hassle at all. Just two steps and you are done. One tip from my side- use different colour of tissue papers and make lots of colorful flowers. You can use two shades of same colour for making a flower and put them around rangoli or around any decor piece. Below is a video tutorial:
Diwali Hanging: 
Diwali Flower Crafts
Diwali Flower Hanging

This can be little tricky but not difficult at all. It looks beautiful if you make it large. You can use craft paper/ chart paper/ handmade paper to make this flower. First make petals and then stick them. Stick 3 petals or 4 petals or may be you can stick different colour petals in a single flower. Below is a video tutorial:

All thanks to Venue tab that I could publish this post in time, before leaving for Diwali celebration at my in-laws place. Yes dear readers now I’ll be on short vacation and wouldn’t be able to reply your mails and queries. Please be patient and after coming back I’ll answer each one of you.

Now lets have a look of some gorgeous pictures that one of my dear reader Vipula Bhagtani has sent me. She has done up her space very beautifully!! She has a lovely Facebook page too “Kundan Rangolis & Diya“. Like her page to stay updated about her amazing work.

Diwali Decor Inspiration
Diwali Decor Inspiration

Diwali Decor Inspiration

Some more Diwali inspirations you can find on my blog. Click the links below:
Diwali Decor: My Home
Diwali Decor Ideas Part-I
Diwali Craft Tutorial: Lantern DIY
Diwali Wall Hanging Tutorial
Diwali Gifting Ideas
Diwali DIY Tea Lights
Diwali Decor Inspiration
Diwali DIY: Silver Plant
Diwali Decor Inspiration: My Home

I wish you all wonderful readers a very happy, prosperous and safe Diwali!!!

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Inspiring Eminent Artist: Eesha Kolli

Festive season is here and I bring to you a post exclusively on handmade cards. Don’t you love sending cards to your dear ones on special occasions. When I was kid I used to send cards to all my dear ones on festivals and on their birthday too but I never bought a card from market I always preferred handmade cards and I still prefer handmade stuff. So today on Design Decor & Disha I have pleasure to introduce you to an artist who makes beautiful cards for every occasion. Each card is unique and beautiful. Welcome Eesha Kolli,  please let us know more about you: 

Thank you so much Disha for giving me the opportunity to share my art with your readers.
Paper Craft

About Me

I am married to a wonderful and very supportive man. I am currently living in New Jersey, USA. I hail from Andhra Pradesh, India. I am an IT consultant by profession. However, my innate passion for art and crafts has made me grow into a freelance ‘Pencil Portrait’ artist, Mixed Media artist and Storyboard artist. I enjoy getting my hands on any of these – ‘Card making, Designing, craft making, sketching, doodling or painting with any medium’. That’s my ‘Love For Art in Many Forms’

Paper Craft
Love Birds Card

What drew me into Card making:
I have developed a great interest in Handmade Greeting cards lately and have been working on them since 2012. A wide array of tools, colours and techniques involved in card making, probably, drew my attention. You could apply almost any technique, use any medium of art and make a greeting card. Handmade cards reflect the personality of the artist. Handmade cards reflect the time, effort, thought, planning, wishes, exclusivity and creativity that you have undertaken for the person you want to greet. They are unique and not one in a lot of hundreds or thousands. Card making is not time consuming like many art forms, with right tools in hand. For a working woman like me, this is an advantage.

Paper Craft
Anniversary Card

My blog and Me
‘Love For Art in Many Forms’ has been started in June 2012, with the idea to showcase all my crafty creations which involve paper as a medium. It is a great way to connect with fellow crafters and also participate in multiple challenges.
I was able to make it into several design teams through this blog. This is the point where I draw all my inspiration from.

Paper Craft
Long Distance Relationship Card

What are the tools I use for card making
There are a plenty of tools that I use for card making. Paper trimmers, punches, stamps, ink pads, heating and embossing tools, knives, water colours, copic markers and several kinds of adhesives are a few to mention.

Paper craft
Colourful Best Wishes Card

My Inspiration
Anything colourful and striking inspires me. I visit the kwernerDesigns and  RaspberrySuite blogs very often, as these women inspire and motivate me like no other. Pinterest is another important source of inspiration for me.

Paper Craft
Vintage Birthday Wishes

Where to find my art work
All my art work can be found on my art blog  ‘Love For Art in Many Forms’ primarily. I also have a Facebook page andPinterest board where I post my cards regularly. I will be more than happy to get connected over an email (

Paper Craft
Colourful and Bright Card

Other interests apart from Card making
I love interior designing and party ensembles. I browse through various websites and blogs to observe the trends. I’m particularly interested in Ethnic Indian interiors and ‘Design Décor and Disha’ is one of those blogs to go to.
I also do some freelance party decorations and pencils portraits.

What I Aspire to be
I constantly dream and work towards turning into a designer for cards and party ensembles. I’d love to see my brand of cards deck the galleries and stores.


So if you are planning a party or want to send love to your near and dear ones or may be just want to express your feelings in beautiful and unique way, now you know to whom you should approach. Thanks Eesha for inspiring us I wish you a great success ahead!!

Stay Tuned friends next post will be on Diwali Craft Ideas!!

P.S: All images are provided by Eesha and are subject to copyright!!

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DIY: Newspaper Wind Chime

Don’t miss any update from my blog like my Facebook Page(Click Here). You can get connected with me on Instagram (click here) to check out some random images that I share every now and then.
Today I am posting DIY after a long time. It’s again my favorite newspaper craft. 
This time, I made a wind chime from newspaper. 
Lets start:
First step of making newspaper sticks/rolls you can find by clicking here. Make 20-22 sticks.
1. Now that you are ready with a fair amount of sticks with you, take one stick and make a tight coil of it. Make one coil with one paper stick and make a total of 12 coils of approx. 1″ diameter. Make one larger coil of approx. 4″ diameter. Now you have 12 small and one larger coil.
2. Now apply glue on all the sides of the coil with the help of a brush. 
3. Before the glue dries completely place your thumb in the center of the coil and then slowly and gently press it outwards as shown in the image. 
4. Repeat step 3 for all the coils. They will be bell shaped now (no. 4) Apply glue once more, let it dry and then prime it. You can paint them in your choice of color at this stage or can do so later. 
Newspaper craft
Newspaper Wind Chime Tutorial
5. Now take out some old magazines and make paper beads in 2-3 different sizes and shapes. You can find the tutorial here. I made 1″ and 1/2″ paper beads. Red, yellow and orange in colour. You will need some jewelry making tools too like flat nose pliers, cutter, scissors, nylon cord and ghungroo (jingelling bells).
Newspaper Craft
Newspaper Wind Chime Tutorial

 6. Now make a knot at one end of the nylon cord and thread a ghungroo and then long bead.
7. Now thread a small bell.
8. Thread more beads so that it is not more than 2″.
9. Now with the help of needle attach this string to the larger bell.

Newspaper Craft
Newspaper Wind Chime Tutorial

10. Now make another string. Repeat steps 6 and 7. Repeat step 8 but keep in mind every time you need to increase the length of a string by 2″. make a total of 12 such strings and attach them to the large bell at equal distance. It will look like this….

Newspaper craft
Newspaper Wind Chime Tutorial

If you want to keep it like this then you can give a coat of varnish at this stage too. But I love it when my hands are smeared with colours so I went ahead and coloured it with acrylic colours. I chose red, orange and yellow. As these colours go well with the paper beads I have used in strings. Let it dry for 4-5 hrs and then give a coat of varnish to make it water proof.
This is how it looks :))) I am super happy with the result.

Newspaper Craft
Newspaper Wind Chime Tutorial
I went crazy and tried to click it from every possible angle, up, down, right and left.
Newspaper Craft
Newspaper Wind Chime Tutorial

Newspaper Craft
Newspaper Wind Chime Tutorial

You must be thinking whether it makes a sound or not. Yes, it does. Whenever gentle breeze passes through, it makes very relaxing and soothing sound. As ghungroos are attached at the end of few strings 🙂
Have you ever made something like this before, please do share here I would love to see it!! If you are seeing it for the first time, I will suggest you try to make one. it’s super easy but yes needs a lot of patience.

See you soon with a review of my favorite store on my blog.
Till then Reuse, Recycle and Stay Creative!!Happy Weekend!!

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My Artwork That I Love

Today I am sharing some of my artwork that I totally love. Some of these I had done long ago
and some I did recently, some are still with me and some are sold. 
Jewelry below is paper jewelry. Beads are made out of colorful magazine pages. Butterfly pendant is quilling work. Not sold but has been gifted to dear ones.
Quilled Jewelry

Quilled Jewelry

This is the first time I made heena on candles though I’ve made it on hands many a times. Surprisingly it turned out very well and praised by all and sundry. They are with me and adorning my coffee table.

Aroma Candles

I love to do newspaper craft. These newspaper coasters turned out unexpectedly beautiful and liked by one and all. They are sold and I got few more orders.

Paper Craft
Paper Craft
Last year I made lot of tea light candles. To beautify them a little more I made pistachio shell lotus around them. It is with me and it also gets attention of every guest. 
Pistachio Shell craft

Well that’s not all, I love everything that I have made till date. You can see My Artwork & DIY projects here.

Tell me, among all these which one is your favorite and why 🙂 
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Fan Of The Week: Bhumika Awasthi Chaudhary

A week ago we met a very talented and creative mind ‘Shashwatee Raut‘ and it’s time to meet new talent of the week. Dear readers joining us today is ‘Bhumika Awasthi Chaudhary’ of ‘Paper Passion By BhumikaShe filled my heart with joy when she said that it’s all your effect and humbly named it ‘The D effect’ 🙂
This is what she shares with us:

Well first of all thanks for having me here on your Blog, its not only because you invited me here but its because you have always been a great source of inspiration for me. It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with other talented people around the world. I am a stay at home mom of a three and half year old son, currently I’m in US, I did my MBA, but after coming here in US I had no choice but to stay at home.
I don’t like to sit idle, so I just love to do what keeps me busy and give me inner satisfaction. I know I’m master of none but you can call me jack of all trades. I make jewelry, I do calligraphy and various craft projects.

I was desperate to do something in spare time, while surfing internet I came across a link related to quilling, instantly I felt in love with the simplicity and beauty of the art and that’s when I decided that I will try my hand on this.

Here are some of her master pieces.

 I’m in love with quilling, especially jewelry, apart from that I believe in reduce, reuse and recycle, so I use all those stuff that is considered useless or trash like tissue roll, old plastic bottles, boxes etc. 
She made these beautiful Lotuses in different vibrant colors using pistachio shells 🙂 Tell me isn’t that beautiful.

Some more paper jewelry by Bhumika.

Whenever people around me appreciate and encourage me for my work, it certainly boost my spirit and keeps me going. My biggest inspiration and support is my husband who always encourages me. He is my biggest strength. I love to spend time with my lil’ one, other than that I love to cook.

 She tried different quilling techniques to make these cute butterflies.

Fantastic artwork Bhumika I must say. For placing orders and to know more about her work visit her Facebook Page ‘Paper Passion By Bhumika‘ and show some love by liking it 🙂
See you all with a long due post on some DIY project. Stay tuned!!
P.S All images are provided by Bhumika and are subject to copyright.

Linking it to Tuesdays At Our Home

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Paper Craft: DIY Decorative Tray

Don’t miss any update from this blog like my Facebook page click here
Past few days had been very hectic and I almost forgot to do a post on a Decorative Tray that I made from Newspaper. So here is my promised post. 
1. Gather all the required material as I have shown below.
2. Cut 5-6 Inches broad strips of paper as shown below.
3. Now roll the paper strip with the help of stick. As shown in image below. Remember you have to take out the stick once paper is rolled completely. So don’t roll it too loose or too tight.
4. Take the stick out slowly. Now stick the end of paper with glue as shown here. 
5. Make good amount of rolls as you will need lot of them. I made around 50-60
6. Now image for this step is missing. But believe me it’s very easy. Take two rectangular card board of same size. Size depends on your choice. On one cardboard start sticking one end of paper rolls around 2 inches should be on the cardboard. Place one after the another keeping space of around 2.5-3 inches between them. Make sure that there is one roll glued on every corner of cardboard.
7. When you are done all around the edges of cardboard then glue the other cardboard of same size on top of it and let it dry.
8. Now pickup one roll and start weaving on the rolls that you glued on the cardboard earlier. Pattern should be once in then out as shown in image below. 

9. When the roll is about to finish then insert another roll inside it and keep weaving until you reach desired height.

 10. Now cut the extra length of roll and secure the end inside woven part and glue it(Refer image below). Put cloth clips on it and let it dry. After half an hour or so it’s time to prime the tray.

 11. Either spray paint it or use brush. Wait for primer to dry then color it with color of your choice. Use acrylic colors and after the color is dried completely give a final coat of varnish to make it durable.

 Here is a final product my decorative tray.

Looks no less than wicker basket and is strong enough to hold some stuff 🙂

I keep changing stuff that tray holds. Have a look……..

And my hubs liked it so much that he is taking this tray to his office and will try to be little organized 🙂 Well that’s a great reward I got.

I made some small baskets also. Have a look here.
 Do let me know how do you find it.