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Themed Bedsheets For Kids

For grown-ups, bedroom is a place where they relax, start and end their day so it should be very relaxing, calming, comfortable and functional. But for kids, it’s a space where they spend a
lot of time playing, acting, imagining, creating and of course sleeping. A kids’ bedroom is a place that
reflects their rainbow personalities. Every kid has a favourite cartoon character and taking the cue from it you can choose a theme for their room. Some kids like Disney characters or superheroes, for some minions are the cutest ones, and some kids are obsessed with Star Wars, as is mine. My son loves Star Wars for obvious reasons because there are laser guns, strange monsters, spaceships, action sequences, memorable characters, and a unique plot.
Spaces Bedsheets

Decorating rooms in a particular theme is always fun to do especially when the room belongs to kids.
But you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. I would suggest investing in some of the key
elements like bed and bedding because the bed is the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom and
bedding that covers it entirely is also very important, and then everything else can be coordinated
easily. Also, bedding is a great way to accessorise any bedroom. Spaces by Welspun offers a range of
bed sheets, especially for kids based on different themes. So I picked the Star Wars themed bed
sheet to turn my son’s lair into a galaxy far, far away.

Spaces Kids Bedding

Choosing right fabric for my son’s bed sheet was the biggest focus as the fabric affects kids’ good
night’s sleep. And thankfully, the Kids Bedsheets by Spaces are of100% cotton make. Synthetic fibres
tend to trap heat and don’t allow moisture (sweat) to wick away from our body. Whereas natural
fibres like cotton are light, breathe well, and allow air to circulate which in turn cools down the body
temperature. So cotton sheets are useful in both warm and cold weather, and it was the right
decision I made. The Star Wars bed sheet from Spaces is comfortable and light which is perfect for
Next, I was concerned about the colours and patterns. I didn’t want a giant head of a monster in his
room. It’s not my aesthetic but what about his liking. Is it possible to balance what my son wants and
what’s my style? Of course, I let my son select whatever he desires from SPACES kids bedding
collection, and he chose this Black & White with a pop of red Star Wars bed sheet. A great sigh of relief for me as the bedsheet has a very balanced and subtle look.

SPACES Kids Bedding

The bed sheet is durable, and I’m sure it’ll withstand all the countless runs through the washing machine. My son’s room celebrates Star Wars through and through now. His room has a theme
without looking overdone, and the makeover is done within my budget. It is the perfect Star Wars
themed bed sheet I had envisioned for my sleeping Jedi. Are you still looking for theme based quality
bed sheets for your kids? Oh, come on look nowhere else, SPACES is the right place. Go and explore
it. Happy Decorating!

See y’all soon.
Till then connect with me here:

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Soft Furnishings Play An Important Role In Bedroom’s Decor

Namaste wonderful readers!!!
June started on a happier note. First, I am glad to share with ever growing 3D family that 
like past few years this year also our blog finds a place in the 7th edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs, released on 1st June 2017. Second, my YouTube channel which is in a baby phase right now just hit the mark of 1k subscribers on 1st June. This gave me a reason to make more wonderful videos. I have shot two already and they are in the post-production phase. Soon I’ll be publishing them. So if you haven’t already then please consider subscribing. And third, a luxury bedding company called Aplus Linen is introducing its new collection on blogland and Design Decor & Disha is the first blog to do the honours!!

APlus Linen
Now for today’s blog as I said in my previous post that I’ll be talking all about beds and beddings this month, so here I’m with second in this series and I’ll be sharing something about bedroom soft furnishings today and how it changes the look and feel of the bedroom. The white bed linen you see in the above picture is made of Egyptian cotton and is manufactured in Israel. Why Egyptian cotton? right!! I have the answer for you. Read on…
Today I have two young enthusiastic entrepreneurs with me Aditya Narvekar and Vinay Ghatkar, co-founders of Aplus Linen. A long conversation with Aditya over a call gave me some really important insights about soft furnishings industry in India.

Aplus Cotton Linen

Here is a tete-a-tete with Aditya:
“I am a Computer Engineer with an MS and MBA from New York University. After working in Investment Banking industry for 10 years in New York. I decided to return home to pursue my passion. The Apluslinen idea was conceived by me when I went shopping for Egyptian cotton sheets in India last year. The branded Egyptian cotton sheets were selling in excess of 8,000 with some European brands being sold for 15,000. Even at these exorbitant prices, there was very little information about the type of cotton (Egyptian, Supima) or the weave. I knew I could do better so I contacted my co-founder Vinay who is a textile engineer. Together, we researched and then finalised the type of cotton, thread count, weave type and then we travelled around the world looking for a reliable manufacturer. We avoided China because of poor quality and the chemicals being used in the manufacturing process. We finally partnered with an Israeli manufacturer who supplies major US/European brands. We visited the factory to check on the machines and processes used for quality control. They use state of art German and Italian machines for manufacturing and their quality control was top notch. For example, our floral design had a small color spread because of a broken screen which was not immediately visible but our manufacturing partners rejected the entire batch. Although it delayed our launch by a couple of weeks, we were happy that we are offering our customers the best possible quality.

Vinay is a Textile Engineer with over 10 years of experience in fabric manufacturing. We brought his years of experience in designing Aplus sheets. His technical expertise helped us differentiate between the various factories we visited in China, Italy and Israel.”

Aplus Linen

As a child, I had always loved my Nani’s (maternal grandmother) pristine white, super soft and comfortable cotton bedsheets. That was the most luxurious and comfortable bed that I have ever slept on and quite often I miss that comfort. I have so many cotton bedsheets in white color and I tried buying expensive ones too but never felt the same comfort. All the cotton bedsheets have some kind of roughness which is why they don’t feel comfortable. Aditya told me it is because of short staple cotton which means cotton fibres are short in length and to make it longer several fibres are joined one after another that makes the thread rough. But this is not the case with Aplus Linen, long staple cotton from Egypt is used in making Aplus bedsheets which makes the bedsheets super soft and comfortable. Still, the bedsheets are not that expensive because Aplus Linen omits all the middle-men and avoids costs such as licensing fees, slotting fees to bring the luxury bed linen in the market at an affordable price. Whereas many luxury bed linen brands in the market are charging 7-8 times the cost of the manufacturing
See the image below. You will not be able to notice any roughness on the bedsheet’s surface. 

Aplus Linen

Here are some more facts that Aditya told me about APlus Linen:
“Bedsheets are made of 100% Long staple Egyptian cotton. This makes our sheets more resistant to fading and pilling. Egyptian cotton gets softer with every wash.
Percale weave (one yarn over and one yarn under) is a traditional weave which is stronger than other weaves such as sateen. Percale weave leads to a soft, crispy feel with matte finish
No harmful chemicals used: Oeko-Tex certified to be free from harmful chemicals. Oeko-Tex is a German organisation which is considered the worldwide standard for chemical free textiles
300 thread count: We have used 300 thread count.With long staple Egyptian cotton, the maximum thread count is between 300-400. The sheets marketed as 800-1200 thread counts actually use poor quality short staple cotton to inflate thread count. 
Made in Israel: Aplus sheets are made in Israel by a manufacturer that supplies international brands such as Pottery Barn, Dorma, Raymond Waids. These brands sell their sheets for 7000-15000 in India.”

Aplus Linen

Did I say now I feel as comfortable as I used to in my Nani’s bed and of course with no compromise on modern style and elegance. The simple geometric pattern on the bedsheet adds a contemporary twist to my rather classic bedroom. Whites and greys are ruling the color palette and making my sleep sanctuary a calming and soothing retreat. I am quite happy with the premium quality of Aplus Linen’s Egyptian cotton bedsheet. If you are also looking for comfort and elegance at an affordable price then check out Aplus Linen for more. Here are all the important links:
Aplus Linen Website
Aplus Linen Facebook
Aplus Linen Instagram
Aplus Linen Twitter

That’s all from me today. Decorating with copper is in my mind and you will get to know more about it in my next blog. Stick around and till then find me here:

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Choose Your Bedroom Furniture Right With Camabeds

Hola, dear peeps!!
Let’s our bedrooms give a makeover this month.
This month I’ll be talking all about beds and beddings. I have a lot of information to share with Y’all about different types of beds, mattresses and bed linens this month. Did you ever wonder if a bed can be used as a pouffe or can be converted into a recliner or a lounger or a chair and then again into a bed? Yes, such beds actually exist and can save a lot of floor space without compromising on style and comfort. I have two guests all the way from Spain who are going to talk about their newly launched online furniture store called Camabeds and let us know about latest bedroom furniture trends. 
Sofa, chair, lounger and bed (All in one)
Before we begin let me introduce this furniture brand to you. Camabeds, a part of Natasian Corporation Pvt Ltd was founded in 2014 by two young and enthusiastic businessmen from Spain Fernando Villuendas and Antonio FernandezBoth of them are engaged in various ventures like solar energy, trade and even laundry and dry cleaning. India’s economic growth and rising demand for high-end products are attracting lots of business owners across the globe and motivated by the same fact this duo started their business in India too. After some market research, they got to know about the need of space saving, stylish, comfortable yet affordable furniture here in India and that’s when along with Kamil Pawlowicz, who is brand’s CEO, they created Camabeds to make it easy for everyone to buy great value products everywhere in India.

Furniture Store

As the word ‘furniture’ comes out of your mouth you can easily visualise a bulky piece laying in the room and consuming most of the space. Space crunch is a big issue if you are living in a metro city and space saving furniture becomes the necessity for your teensy apartment. A brand like Camabeds is aiming to create a furniture that doesn’t take up much of the floor space and you can make most of your space. The brand offers a well-designed furniture at low cost and convertible design of the furniture makes it a great space saver which is in demand and trend as well. With all the above qualities if you get a furniture that is affordable, stylish and of the best quality then know that you have got the right furniture. Now I’ll show you some latest bedroom furniture design trends and how to pick the right one. 

Roll away Beds
Rollaway Bed

If you are looking to buy single or double beds then sleek, stylish and minimal bed designs are in trend these days and these beds can easily give a quick Scandinavian makeover to any bedroom. If space constraint is your concern then wall beds, folding beds and rollaway beds are a perfect option. Simplicity is an innate part of contemporary interiors and these wall beds, folding beds and rollaway beds are meant to lend that simplicity. Imagine having an open bookshelf on the wall, a long desk below it and a bed that can roll away under the table easily because it is equipped with 360 degrees wheels, all your space problem is sorted!!

Pouffe Cum Bed

Do you need a more stylish bed that is comfortable as well as a space saver, see here is one that you can convert into recliner during the day and bed in the night. Camabeds has some beds that you can use as pouffe when you are watching TV and just want to stretch and rest your legs on something and then convert it easily into a bed when you are a sleepyhead.

Sofa Cum Bed

Kids have their own choices these days and they just don’t like to compromise. Why should they!! So here are some stylish bunk beds to make your kids’ sleep sanctuary fun and stylish without compromising comfort. To see the complete range of Camabeds stylish & affordable furniture check out the links below:
Website: Camabeds
Facebook Page: Camabeds

So that’s all from my side today. Soon I’ll be coming up with some bedroom soft furnishing ideas.
Stick around and till then find me here:

P.S. All the images are the property of Camabeds and subject to copyright. Please don’t use them without their permission. Thanks!

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One Good Thing For Your Home

Hello World!!
How is the weather treating you. I am enjoying the last of the winter sun in my part of the world
and trying to infuse more warm colours around me. 
I told you in my previous blog (Anamika’s Home Tour) that I have One Good Thing for you so here it is- a set of new cushions for my living room.

One Good Thing

How do you like these cushions. I liked them for two reasons; one is that the embroidery on the cushions is the famous tangible cultural heritage of India called Toda Embroidery, which quenches my thirst for incorporating Indian art forms in my home decor and the second is that it is a product from a brand launched by a woman entrepreneur Chitra Ghildiyal. Let’s meet the brain behind the brand called ‘One Good Thing‘ and know more about the woman entrepreneur and her brand. 

Indian Decor Ideas

Chitra: I am a designer of home decor and furnishings products with a brand name ‘One Good Thing‘. Taking a hint from my enthusiasm towards fine fabrics, handwork, arts, history and home decor, I quit my job as a communication specialist and started One Good Thing in June 2016. One Good Thing offers distinctive home furnishing pieces inspired and influenced by the heritage arts, cultures, history and people from around the world.
Most of the fabric,  dyes, other material and handy work used on One Good Thing is sourced from different parts of Rajasthan and is done by skilled craftsmen from interiors of the state. 

Bedding and Cushions
Image Credit: One Good Thing
Our products are available on,,, and Mora Taara stores in Mumbai and Gurgaon.

Now you know if you choose furnishing from a brand like One Good Thing, you not only support the artisans of India but also do your bit in empowering women of India. Not to mention you support #MakeInIndia campaign too. 
Living Room Decor

Now let’s know more about Toda Embroidery!
The toda is a pastoral tribe of  Nilgiris(Ooty) of Tamilnadu. Toda embroidery is also known as ‘Poothkuli‘, ‘Torhbohr‘ or ‘Pukhoor‘. It is an artwork done by toda women. Toda embroidery is usually done with red and black threads on white cotton cloth and design is made by counting the threads using reverse stitch method. Usually, geometric pattern is made by counting warp and weft in the cloth. Patterns of Toda embroidery are inspired from nature, for example, Sun, Moon, animals, reptiles and rabbit ears. Out of practice, Toda women produce the design without even tracing the pattern on the cloth. Embroidered fabric can be used from both the sides. 
Embroidered fabric is worn by both Toda men and women as a traditional garment. Toda embroidery fabric is liked and purchased by lots of foreigners who visit Ooty. Toda tribe is proud of their heritage!!
One Good Thing
Chitra has graciously sent me a set of these beautiful Toda embroidery cushions and I paired these celery Ice green cushions with burnt sienna cushion and throw. The fabric of these cushions is linen and its quality is excellent. To add a bit of drama I covered sofa with the patterned fabric in black and burnt sienna which is complementing both cushions and throw and creating a pulled together look.

One Good Thing Furnishing

If you liked the products you saw here please check out the links to One Good Thing’s social media platforms:

One Good Thing Furnishing
I am taking a break from blogging as I need to concentrate on some other more important things in my life but I’ll be back for sure so stick around 🙂 
Happy Decorating Fellas!!
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Urban Ladder For Urban Nest

When my husband and I were looking to buy an apartment few years back,
our biggest concern was the oversized furniture we own. Though I like my furniture to bits as it offers good storage option and looks aesthetically appealing but the only thing we were worried about was its bigger size. It could easily make the compact urban space look crowded and uncomfortable. We were fortunate enough to have found an apartment that could easily accommodate our bulky furniture without making our place look cramped. 

Urban Ladder
Image: Urban Ladder
But this was not the case with one of my friends in Mumbai. She bought an apartment which is really very compact. An urban space can be referred to as space-challenged place. And that’s why I call it an Urban nest. You might find yourself struggling to fit everything you want around you, in a compact area. When my friend moved into her new house and was worried about getting the space done in a stylish and affordable way, she asked me to suggest some good furniture store. Days of furniture hunting, Plans of Getting it ready at home with a carpenter working round the clock seemed a daunting task to her as she is a working woman. Then we thought maybe we should try browsing online.  Scared of hits and misses, we weren’t too sure till we stumbled upon Urban Ladder.

I had heard of Urban Ladder before- known for its furniture, offers a sustainable, stylish yet functional range of beautiful furniture. Having read their promise on product quality and design, we realised we don’t need to look anymore. Now a lot of people, as confused as my friend have come to me to find the best design solution from a trustable platform, hence this post! I thought it’d be best to take you through what made Urban Ladder stand out for both my friend and I!

We both were stunned to see the trendy designs and contemporary style of furniture on their website. After having look at few products we realized that the brand aims in making furniture that can transform space-challenged urban dwelling into an ideal home and that’s what we were looking for. An elegant looking furniture that is specially designed for urban living that tucks into small spaces with ease. We were glad to know the fact that furniture is designed in-house by Urban Ladder and its design is so thoughtful that it can easily double up its purpose without compromising its style and aesthetics. We kept on looking the furniture in beautiful designs. My friend was quite happy as she had found the design she was looking for and that too in a material she was looking for but then she was worried about the functionality of the furniture. So we went on browsing their website looking for furniture with added functionality.

Urban Ladder
Image: Urban Ladder
What we realized after looking at Urban Ladder’s range of products that aesthetic beauty and functionality woven together in the most elegant way is the speciality of Urban Ladder. She wanted a versatile piece of furniture which multiplies the storage space effortlessly that too in a stylish way. Multifunctional designs are in demand these days as urban spaces are short on places to store stuff hence you need a furniture with a good amount of storage and that can serve various purposes at the same time. At this point, my friend was totally relaxed and had calmed down as she had found the most functional piece for her living room from Urban Ladder’s wide range of products. 
Few of my friends who already own the furniture from Urban Ladder had told me that furniture from Urban Ladder has transformed their house into a home. I told the same thing to my friend that she will definitely find her fantasy furniture at Urban Ladder. She liked a sofa designed to maximize space, can be turned into a bed and that too with ample storage underneath. It can be a perfect addition to her compact living room. Not to mention that sofas were available in different materials like fabric, wood, leather and in different design & style like L-shaped, loved seat, modular, divan and many more. Bingo!! she has finalised the sofa cum bed with storage in brown colour for her living room. We started looking for dining room furniture then.

Urban Ladder
Image: Urban Ladder

She was particular about the design of the dining table set. She wanted a dining table that is designed especially for urban spaces that lends a contemporary look and takes up very less space. We checked out a wide range of dining tables from 8 seater, 6 seater to 2-3 seater set. Now she was not worried about the shape and material of the dining set as she knew now she can find one easily that suits her taste and design sensibilities. She was looking for something that fits in her compact dining room without making it look crowded. She was surprised to see the folding six seater dining table that was made of two flaps, one flap can be folded down to turn the dining table into 2-3 seater and the dining table can be tucked away by putting both the flaps down to make space in an apartment. So my friend fell in love with this dining table instantly and she chose teak wood finish as her apartment has warm
and earthy colour palette.

Urban Ladder
Image: Urban Ladder

That’s all she wanted to buy for her new apartment and she was quite happy and satisfied as this is what exactly she was looking for. What more can one ask for, the design & style that reflects your taste, additional functionality, and range of products to choose from that fits your budget. And after placing the order she was worried about the shipping and delivery of the furniture. That’s when we read some awesome customer reviews on their website. One such review said that “I am quite happy with my purchase. It got delivered in good condition without any breakage. People at Urban Ladder know that service is as important as their products. That’s why they are always conscious of every detail of the process, from the time of ordering till your order reaches your home, and even afterwards”. We both were quite relieved after reading that and were waiting impatiently for the furniture to delivered.

Not only my friend lots of my blog readers are quite happy about their experience with Urban Ladder. So if you are looking to give your home a beautiful makeover head over to Urban Ladder.
Happy Decorating folks!!

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Yes It’s Made For Me!!

Have you ever been in a situation when you struggle hard to find the fantasy home decor object that has been on your mind but you find it difficult to get it in either desired shape and size or desired color and you just don’t want to settle with the second best option. It happens with me all the time. I just can’t find that fantasy home decor object anywhere and how I wish to find a producer/maker who could bring my vision to life.

Made For Me
Image Credit: MadeForMe

My wishlist of fantasy home decor objects consists of various things, for instance, planters in animal shape like a fish planter, elephant planter, camel planter and I want a custom made cabinet for an alcove in my bedroom because I couldn’t find anything to my liking that fits perfectly in that space, specific furniture for my kid’s room and so on. So what exactly I want to say here is that we all want to decorate our home with statement pieces that are not only functional but also reflect our tastes and personalities. But the biggest question is, is there anyone who can turn our creative imaginations into reality? And the good news is YES! Yes, there is someone a team that is working hard day in and day out to turn our dreams into reality in a hassle free way. Who they are? Well, they are a team of young, hardworking, enthusiastic and energetic entrepreneurs who are founders of MadeForMe.
Dear readers today I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the founders of MadeForMe to you. Read on to know more about MadeForMe in their own words.

Introducing MadeforMe

We humans are a curious lot. We are the species that inherently require more than just food and fresh air to thrive. That means we are wired to desire things that mirror our sensibilities. Our homes are no different. Whether small or sprawling, humble or flamboyant, they hold within them, endless cues into our personalities. Little wonder that we yearn for customized products that not only decorate our living spaces but also tell our stories. Our surroundings dictate who we are and that’s reason enough for investing our time and efforts in making it our own. There is something special and sentimental about pieces of furniture or home decor, that are made with just one person in mind – you. This celebration of individuality is the idea behind MadeforMe.

Custom Cafe Corner made by MadeForMe
Who We Are
Anchored in Bangalore, MadeforMe is the bridge that connects customers with the best makers and designers to create bespoke, handcrafted home decor and furniture. It is the brainchild of a dynamic team whose roots run deep in the Indian design industry: Kabir Bhasin (Co-founder of Furlenco and Director of East Furniture), Puja Rao (Founder of Songs of Summer) and Raghavendra Badaskar (Formerly with Intellecap Advisory). Though the team comes from diverse backgrounds, their common passion for finely crafted, timeless products brought them together.

Custom Made Products
       Puja Rao                                      Kabir Bhasin                                     Raghavendra Badaskar

“As consumers ourselves, we struggled to find craftspeople that made impeccably designed bespoke furniture and decor. Unlike the generations gone by, machine-made products on the shelves of a store spelled the end to our creativity. Unfortunately, we are quickly turning into a generation that settles for generic products for the home, as opposed to one that embraces individuality. This realization motivated us to find a way to bring back to the home, the bygone era of bespoke handcrafted products. Through our array of thoughtfully handpicked makers, we want to shake off the complacent mindset that good is good enough. Because it can be so much more”, reminisces Kabir, on the genesis of the venture that took off in his own backyard.

Meet Our Guild of Makers
During the co-founders’ travels across India, they were astounded by the wellspring of untapped craftsmanship that they discovered in little-known locales. Each one of the makers they met and brought on board are experts in their craft. These craftspeople and their unparalleled skill deserved a niche and this inspired MadeforMe to create and foster this ever-expanding guild.  While honing their time-honoured craft, the makers of this guild have imbibed a deep knowledge on raw material, design, and aesthetics that manifests in every product that leaves their stables. They may measure with their eyes, but they build with their hearts – a capability that even the best machine can never master. MadeforMe strives to further the pursuit of design and craftsmanship through the creation of this new-age guild.

Custom made home decor Products

How We Work
MadeforMe prides itself on getting that dream project from your imagination into your home without pesky supply chain roadblocks. All it takes is five simple steps:

  • Send a brief and photograph of your project. Alternatively, browse the existing repertoire on the company website to ignite your inspiration
  • MadeforMe will map your vision with the best artisans to make it come alive. Together with the makers, you will explore a world of possibilities and zero in on the specifications you fancy and approve
  • Confirm your order and make the payment
  • The makers will pour their skill and commitment into creating your custom work of art. The team will ensure that you are updated on the progress, every step of the way
  • The completed product will be packaged and delivered to your doorstep.
Custom Bar Cabinet Whisky Cask (Made by MadeForMe)

MadeforMe helps clients from a plethora of backgrounds to express their personalities through one-of-a-kind statement pieces for their homes, by making them matches with the best makers in the business. “I was very pleased with my experience with MadeforMe during the creation of my sideboard. All I had to do was give them an idea of what I had in mind – they did the rest and brought it to life. When I saw the finished product I was thrilled -the workmanship was impeccable! I could really get used to all the compliments I get for that sideboard, from visitors who drop by.”, says Gunjan Mohanka, Director, Scarlet Tiger Brand Designs and one of the earliest patrons of MadeforMe.


Let’s talk!
Do you share our passion for all things dainty and handcrafted? Connect with us on and experience the joys of getting custom made products that speak to you.

Dear readers, I really hope that you liked today’s website feature and you have now found a destination to get all those creative things done in an easy, fun and hassle free way. Do let us know what do you think about MadeForMe. Connect with them on their Facebook page -MadeForMe

What’s coming up next, any guesses? A video tour of my winter garden. Yay!! Stay tuned 🙂

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Make Your Home Festival Ready With ‘House This’

How have you been dear readers! 
Come festivities and I am ready to explore online stores that can help me give my home a festive makeover. And you all have been such wonderful readers, how can I forget to take you through this amazing experience. I would like to introduce you to the brand ‘House This‘ available on Jabong
I browsed through their product gallery and was completely awestruck by the beauty of patterns, designs and colours of home lifestyle products available there. Before I share my experience let me first explain a bit about the brand. 

Home Lifestyle Products

“House This, founded by Shikha Pahwa in 2010 creates home lifestyle products with a unique design and brand identity. House This, brings together years of experience in the manufacturing of home fashions and a young and innovative design team to curate the most fashionable products for home. The brand is now available on Jabong.”

Time now to share my experience and what did I choose for my home. I liked most of the ‘House This’ products and spent a lot of time pondering what should I pick for my bedroom. Then keeping the fact in mind that winters are just around the corner why not pick a duvet cover and that’s when my eyes fell on this Delft Duvet Cover. Delft, because the patterns on duvet cover are inspired from stunning Delft blue pottery. I instantly fell in love with its colour my favourite turquoise and patterns that reminded me of Delft blue pottery. 

Turquoise Duvet Cover

The very first touch and feel of the duvet cover made me realize why didn’t I come across ‘House This’ on Jabong earlier. The duvet cover is made of superior cotton and I need not to worry at all whether it will fit in my duvet after washing or not, as the duvet cover has been  preshrunk (now this is what I call value for money) and mercerized for long lasting use.
House This offers a range of quality home fashion products in every possible colour to give you a delightful experience that you rightfully deserve.

House This on Jabong

My bedroom came alive with these exquisite motifs and calming colour. I paired turquoise with indigo blue with a hint of mustard. Am I happy, oh boy this is what I had always wanted for my bedroom. Now don’t you too want to give your home a festive makeover, then head over to Jabong and pick something for your home sweet home from ‘House This’.

Turquoise Bed Cover

I am absolutely in love with this duvet cover for its premium quality, beautiful patterns and design. If you find the pricing of products bit on a higher side do not worry at all as quality comes with a price. And a good news is that as the festive season set to kick off soon, you will get heavy discounts on ‘House This’ products on Jabong. Without much ado go ahead and take a look what’s on offer.
So how do you like my new ‘House This’ duvet cover, do let me know!!
Coming up next is series of posts on Diwali decor and gifting ideas. Stay Tuned 🙂

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New Age Furnishing Shopping:

In my previous post I had mentioned about my recent purchase, curtains for my home. 
I can’t stand the chaos in the markets during festive season, it makes shopping for furnishing such a hassle and I need time and peace to select a stuff. Moreover to escape from overcrowded chaotic markets I always end up paying more for furnishing that isn’t actually a perfect fit for home and is not to my liking. Not to mention few more trips to market to get it stitched in my choice of style. 
I had been looking for buying curtains of my style and choice but I wasn’t ready to go out and hunt for fabric. And that’s when I received a mail from, the only online store where you can buy customized curtains. What more could you ask for, customize and shop for furnishing while sitting at home. Let me share my wonderful shopping experience with CustomFurnish with you’ll.  

Buy Furnishing Online is an online store for customized furniture and furnishings. No need to go anywhere and do lot of research before buying furniture and furnishings. CustomFurnish will do everything for you from sending you up to 15 free fabric samples of your choice (so that you can have a closer look of fabric and its pattern) to pick up the samples back again, from stitching the curtains in your choice of style to shipping it to your address. Here are the steps how can customize your curtains on CustomFurnish:
Step 1 Select the curtain style:
There are many styles you can choose from like eyelet curtains, classic tab curtains, pleat curtains and many more. Select the style that looks best with the chosen fabric. You can choose fabric in next step.
Buy Furnishing Online
Step 2 Select the fabric:
Now this is something very interesting. There are endless choices available to choose a fabric from and that’s not all, click on any fabric on the right side and in the left side window you can check out how the curtain will look. This can give you a fair idea about the look of the curtains. To narrow your search you can choose colour/material/pattern from the drop down menu and only that kind of fabric will be displayed.
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If you are totally confused (just like me) and liked number of fabrics but you are not sure whether the fabric quality is good or not, how heavy or light the fabric is, will it go well with your interiors or not, do not worry at all. Select up to 15 fabric samples and below every fabric image there is an option ‘Add To Samples’ click on that and the fabric SKUID will be added to the list of free fabric samples.  Free fabric samples is a catalog of all the fabrics that you will selected and it will be sent to you by CustomFurnish team and when you have chosen one fabric from the samples you can write a mail (can be found on CustomFurnish website) to them to schedule a pick up for the same. You just need to pay Rs 500/- which is of course refundable.    
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Step 3 Select the dimensions:
Next select the dimensions of your curtains. In this step you will measurement guide in the left side panel. You can go through the guide to find find out how to take measurement for your curtains. After the measurement is done you can select the  dimensions of curtains from the right side panel. 
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Step 4 Select the lining type:
In this step you can choose whether you want lining for your curtains or not. If curtains are light in weight then I would suggest you opt for lining for perfect fall and shape of the curtains. You can choose lining style from options available there. 
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Step 5 Select the curtain hardware:
See I told you leave everything on CustomFurnish and they will do everything for you. You can even select curtain hardware from the vast variety available there.
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Step 6 Add to cart:
This step will show you all the details about your chosen product. When you are sure that every detail is correct, hit the ‘Add to cart’ button. 
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Step 7 Book order:
After hitting ‘Add to cart’ you will see your cart and all the product and prize details. Here you can select the number of curtains you want and click ‘Book Now’. Fill in your shipping address details and this is it. Wait for just few days and your curtains will arrive in a carefully packed neat package. 
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And here is how I got my free fabric samples with SKUID and all the details on it, leaflets containing information about measuring curtains, returning samples and ordering curtains and a measuring tape too. 
Buy Curtains Online
Beautiful fabric samples. It was really hard to choose from the samples as they were all so beautiful.
Heavy, light, dark, printed, neutral, plain, shiny, dull and list is long.
Somehow I managed to select only one fabric and booked my order. Here is how the package arrived.
Buy Curtains Online
–Now see them hung in my home–
I was astonished to see the change that a rightly chosen curtains can bring about. See before and after pictures and you will know. 
Here is after….
Some more shots so that you can judge rightly how beautiful my curtains are looking and how replacing only curtains has changed the look and feel of my space. Am I happy……I am extremely happy with the fabric, the feel, the quality and the most important thing that I paid 30% less from the market rates. 
These curtains are so pretty that they look gorgeous every time, no matter it’s day or night. Curtains look beautiful when light falls on it. 
They look even more beautiful when natural light streams through it. Which was not the case with my earlier curtains. They looked ugly during the day time. 
I clicked pictures to my heart’s content with big smile on my face. The very first time I liked my curtains and I can’t believe that I bought them while I was helping my son with his homework. No more visits to overcrowded markets now. Happy me!!
Dear readers, I hope you all liked my choice. 
Thank you CustomFurnish for excellent services and quality products. I highly recommend CustomFurnish for their best quality products. My shopping experience with them was awesome! 
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Oodees: Reviving Lost Charm Of Channapatna Toy Industry

Dear readers, hope your week is going well!
I had promised to feature an astounding online store that is reviving lost charm of Channapatna toy industry and here I am with the post . Now sit back, relax and let’s get lost in the world of beautiful, colourful and handcrafted wooden toys and home decor accessories. I am sure this post will bring back lots of your childhood memories. If you have missed reading my previous post then spare few minutes to know more about Channapatna toys (click here). 

The brand I am gushing over so much is, a brand name of company Jufaro Craft Private Limited that operates from Bangalore, India. Vijay Pathi, the founder of Oodees shares with 3D how he is striving hard and working strenuously to resuscitate an age old craft of making wooden toys in India which was on the verge of dying out. When I received the mail from Vijay Pathi I was completely awestruck by the beauty of the products that offers. Now let me share how the happiness arrived at my home carefully packed in beautiful packaging. Products:
I spent many hours gazing at and admiring the beauty of the Oodees products online and then I chose and ordered few of them. I waited impatiently for my shipment and much to my amazement it arrived within two days time. I was spellbound by the beautiful packaging of all the products, they were very carefully and neatly packed. All the product details were mentioned artistically on every packet and every product is given some unique and cute name. Do you want to see, let’s have a look…..

I give packaging and quality of the products two thumbs up. The best thing about using Oodees products are:

  • The design of Oodees toys are carefully researched and these toys help in development of child. Toys are perfect for child at every age.
  • This 200 year old lacware craft has been given a new lease of life. Wooden toys and home decor products are handcrafted by women artisans. 
  • Products are eco-friendly, non toxic and completely safe for kids. Colours used in staining the wood are all natural colours.
  • Products are extremely beautiful, vibrant, designer and durable.

Now let me show you how the Oodees products are enhancing beauty of every corner of my home. 
These lustrous candle stands named Oyster are adding charm to my space. Their shape and colour is so eye pleasing that they immediately get all the attention. This extra ordinary decor piece is certainly a conversation starter.  

Oodees Candle Stands

I went bit unconventional and placed my handmade glass bowl candles instead of plain white pillar candles. And the result was extremely pleasing. I love how the warmth exuded by candles are making candle stands all the more lustrous and eye pleasing. 

Channapatna Wooden Candle Stand

Xanto, the Oodees wooden coasters are perfect addition not only to my coffee table but in my kitchen too. They are colourful, beautifully designed and one of a kind home accessory. Look at those hypnotizing eyes of Xanto! 

Oodees Wooden Coasters 

When coasters are not being used, they are just stacked and make a very beautiful toy. These wooden coasters in vibrant colours are certainly adding splash of colour in my kitchen. My owlie Paul is there to give company to the coasters. 

Channapatna Wooden Coasters 

My plain and minimalist kitchen got a face-lift after I added few Oodees home decor products here. Would you believe if I say a vase can be a fridge magnet or a fridge magnet can come in the form of vase. Yes Oodees did it. Alexa, an extra ordinary piece of decor, a bud vase is a must in every home. It can be stuck on any iron surface like refrigerator, chimney, almirah or any other iron surface. Here’s how I am using it. The shape, the colour and the beauty of the vase is absolutely delightful. 

Oodees Fridge Magnet Vase

It’s quite impossible for me if I don’t get anything for my home office. It’s my favourite place in my home. So here is miss Zara, a brush/pen holder to add cheer to my desk. She is so cute, she is so functional, I am more than happy to have Zara on my desk….a big grin on face. 

What If You Buy Oodees Products:

  • You will be doing your bit to save our planet if you buy environment friendly 100% natural Oodees products. 
  • You are bringing happiness to your kids and your home in true sense. As these products are non-toxic and completely safe for your little one even if they put the toy in their mouth, unlike plastic toys that are hazardous to health.  
  • You are buying a product that is ‘Made in India” and made by women artisans who make a living by creating these beautiful products and hence it adds to India’s economic prosperity
So if you are planning to gift your loved ones a gadget (that make young minds numb) or soulless toys from some other countries, then ditch the idea and gift them these most beautiful, handcrafted, durable and designer products. Hope you like the idea. Share this post to spread the message among your friends and family and contribute in growth and prosperity of India.
Want to buy Oodees products, click here.

Have a beautiful weekend ahead!!

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My Wishlist!!

I love online shopping because I don’t like to go to overcrowded markets. Often times I make hurried purchases just to avoid the crowd. For me online shopping is the best option any day and if some great deals are going on then it’s like icing on the cake  and I go berserk shopping. One such amazing deal is going on on eBay. It’s eBay Republic Day Sale. I am totally amazed to see the discounts and deals they are offering. I have created my Wishlist and will not let go this opportunity. Here’s my wishlist- 

1.Wooden Bench/Sofa:

My home is an ever evolving place. I love eclectic style of decorating. When I explored eBay deals, I found this beautiful wooden bench. I liked this wooden bench for it’s ethnic look. I love everything Indian and this beautiful Sheesham wood bench is what my living room is desperately waiting for. Its colour will blend perfectly with the rest of the furniture in my living room. It looks comfortable and cozy. 
Few days ago when I checked it was not in my budget but now eBay is offering 16% discount. Win win situation for me.

2. Telescope:

This 75X /150X refractor  telescope would make a perfect gift for my son, who loves astronomy and wants to be an astronaut. He loves to watch the night sky and his curious mind wants to know how the celestial bodies actually look. This telescope would be the answer for his numerous questions.
The best thing about eBay Republic Day Sale is that they are offering international hot deals too. And I am picking this telescope for sure.

3. Casual Shoes:
The man of the house whenever goes out, just heads towards the shoe stores. Not only he loves sopping for shoes but also loves to explore more about them in various stores like latest trends, designs, durability, quality, material, make and what not. We have more shoes than socks in our home. That is why this pair of casual shoes is in my wish list. 
These brown suede leather fashionable boots are available on eBay on 30% discount. That’s a great deal, I must say.
4. DSLR Camera:

Being a lifestyle blogger, I always need lots of images and that’s not the only reason, I love photography too so need an excellent camera. I have been wanting to buy this DSLR camera since long now, but found it too pricey on various online shopping portals. It has always been on top on my wish list.
With eBay offering some best deals, I am so sure that now I can own this amazing camera and would be able to click some lovely shots for my blog.
5. Watches:
I love watches, especially couple watches. Earlier also my husband and I have bought few beautiful pair watches and we love the look and feel of wearing same kind of watches. 
This white silicone chronograph Armani watch is too elegant and would love to have it for it’s beauty and elegance. 
What’s on your wish list readers! Explore the #eBayRepublicDaySale to know more about all the hot deals.