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Home Tour: Suraj- A Home Designed By VBDS

Hello Folks!! Summer break is the time that I always look forward to. 
I spend the most amazing time with my dear ones and feel rejuvenated. It’s over now and I’m not complaining because I’m resuming my work completely loaded with energy. Every time I feature a home tour on my blog, I take you to the new city. Today come join me as I take y’all to the Pink City- Jaipur With me. Our guest today is renowned architect Vipin Bakiwala and we are going to take a peek inside the home done up by VBDS (Vipin Bakiwala Design Studio).

Indian Home Tour

Vipin Bakiwala, the architect, is deeply connected with the roots of Indian heritage. He continuously draws inspiration from the Indian culture and blends it with the modern elements to create a masterpiece. The residence ‘Suraj’ too was conceptualized with the amalgamation of traditional & modern elements. And in erecting the building, Vipin was being well supported by Architect Abhay Gupta.
The client, Mr. Aseem Jain, pursues his business in Europe, and thus lives there most of the time. He believes that the residence always makes him realize that in spite of living abroad, his soul is deeply connected with Indian heritage and cultural values. The client further added that luxury is no longer confined to fine dining or designer label rather it’s about peace and comfort. The design of the residence is a thorough reflection of his own personality through a designer’s vision.

Architect Vipin Bakiwala

The entrance lobby is enhanced by a beautiful tree wall mural in bright golden colour. The mural surrounds itself with a small water body and garden area loaded with numbers of planters and traditional stone jaali.

Indian Home Tour

The traditional symphony is accentuated right from the outset of the house. The main door in wood exhibits intricate hand carving with little brass flowers.

Indian Home Tour
The same carving is replicated on the ceiling of the duplex area in living to praise the traditional essence.
Indian Home Tour

The 3 story bungalow has a small lift lobby at the entrance with an adjoining staircase. The lift has a golden colour door and is designed in wood inlay, Italian flooring and brass strips in wooden panels at cladding.

Indian Home Tour

On the ground floor, we see a formal drawing area, lobby and guest bedroom. The first floor, where the owner spends maximum time has a living area cum lounge, a dining, a kitchen and two bedrooms. The rest of the three bedrooms are on the second floor.

Indian Home Tour

The living area has a fine balance of elements. Interiors are tastefully done wherein the choice of decor is kept to earthen shades with a glint of brighter shades of purple to make it more welcoming. Wooden panelling is done on one of the duplex walls.

Indian Home Tour

The elegant decor is complemented by pleasing furniture, upholstery, floor coverings, curtains, carpets and other accessories.

Indian Home Tour

The dining has customised table with an onyx marble top while the chairs are upholstered in earthy tones just like the living room sofas. An interplay of Italian flooring, stone cladding, dark colours and dim lighting exudes warmth to the muted decor. Warm yellow lighting is majorly used in the interiors and has been kept dim to match the effect of earthen shades. Wide glass windows give a good view of planters placed in the broad balconies that make a perfect setting to laze and soak in nature.

Indian Home Tour

To avoid monotony, the decor of the bedrooms exudes a distinct appeal. The bedroom is confined to very few accessories while it does include furniture pieces in different textures that break the monotony. The bathrooms also follow the similar tone of the bedrooms. Customised carpets used at different spaces makes a significant impact & compliment the decor theme.

The grandparents’ bedroom is designed with glimpses of the contemporary feel with Statuario used on the flooring and wooden panelling done on one of the walls.

Indian Home Tour

The master bedroom is styled simple with wooden flooring, raw finish furniture and walk-in closet. It has a spacious attached bathroom with beautiful landscaping that doubles up as a walk-in dressing area.

Indian Home Tour

The children’s room, on the other hand, is done up in orange, contrasting with the
shades of grey. One of its walls has prominent geometrical cut-outs with ambient lighting that add a dramatic effect to the space. Outside the master and kids bedroom is a small sofa sitting to sit and talk or watch TV.

Indian Home Tour

That’s how Vipin masterfully mixes contemporary with traditional. Thanks to VBDS team for sharing their work with Design Decor & Disha. Wish you guys a great success ahead.
Dear readers, I am sure this is what you wanted to see after a long time. I have lots of videos ready for you that I’ll be posting every week now. For more Home Tours Click Here!!

Stay connected!

P.S All the images are provided by VBDS (Vipin Bakiwala Design Studio) and subject to copyright. Please seek our permission before using them. Thanks!

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Design Trends To Look For In 2018 And Gyproc’s Innovative Products

In this blog I’ll be talking about design trends and let me take this opportunity to share with you all the theme of  “World Interiors Day” 2018. WID theme for this year is “Design Without Borders”. In my opinion, borders and boundaries are double-edged swords. On one hand, borders are important and good because they provide and define a structure and also because we get along well when there are borders between us. Just like the old saying goes, “good fences make good neighbours”. But on the other hand, borders can’t define us. Whether physical or symbolic, borders restrict and guide our creative thoughts and design choices. Think about the “Design without borders” and what comes first in mind is a well-designed space that reflects the world around your home. I am a firm believer of  Sanskrit phrase “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” which means the whole world is one family. The concept of design without borders brings the talents and inspirations from around the world together. 
Now let’s talk about the design trends that will rule 2018

Latest Design Trends

Being a design and decor enthusiast I always keep an eye out for the latest design trends. This year we’ll get to see fantastic design trends to be incorporated into our homes to freshen up our interiors. So what we can expect in 2018 in terms of design? Well, patterns will rule the design world this year. Be it timeless floral patterns or contemporary geometric patterns, we can see them in exaggerated proportion and eye-catching high contrasting colours. Neutral hues will no longer be in trend this year though you can use them in furnishings. Be prepared to embrace rich hues that are moody yet soothing for both walls and furniture. Replace the whites and stainless steel with natural elements like brass, copper, stone, concrete and granite. Plants can never go out of trend so add as much green as you can and use fancy decorative and colourful planters for your plants. Artisans will get the due attention this year. Lighting fixtures created by artisans or by small businesses will make their way into our homes in 2018. Ceilings will get the attention too. Innovative designs in false ceilings and dry walls are here to stay for long and enhance the beauty of space.

Talking about false ceiling and dry walls, I have to mention Gyproc. Saint-Gobain’s Gyproc is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of gypsum-based plasterboard. It offers high-quality solutions for false ceiling, dry walls and gypsum plastering for a variety of spaces like homes, offices, hotels, hospitals and other such structures. Not to mention, Gyproc Indian takes care of the environmental impact of each product they manufacture right at the initial stage. Gypsum false ceilings and dry walls by Gyproc are eco-friendly, energy efficient and heat resistant. Are you still thinking what else these two elements can offer in terms of design? Let me share few more details here…

Gyproc Gypsum False Ceiling
While designing our homes and office spaces, all the attention is given to four walls only and ceiling remains neglected. While decorating your space, you can take advantage of the fact that the ceiling is the uninterrupted space spread across the room and can perk up your space easily. False ceilings can beautify your space and add to the elegance. Whereas, dry walls offer you the opportunity to create partitions inside your space in an elegant way. Dry walls are lightweight, easy to install, fire retardant, offer sound insulation and enhance the beauty of any space. They are making their way into design world at a fast pace. Since both false ceiling and dry walls are made of gypsum, they offer several benefits. Dry walls are especially convenient in spaces of business and recreations such as office spaces, hospitals and hotels. Building from this trend, in commercial spaces – architects and interior designers are now exploring its inclusion in future Indian homes

Gyproc Gypsum Dry Wall

Heat insulating property of gypsum keeps your home cool which results in energy saving and cutting down the electricity bill. False ceilings and dry walls are the answer to all your lighting worries. With proper planning, you can get an elegant and better-lit space of your dream. Since all the electrical wires are concealed there will be no more ugly sight of wires hanging here and there that make your space look cluttered.  

Why restrict your imagination when you can do so much with the ceiling. Walls in neutral shades in a big room with plain ceiling can make it appear dull. Turn it into cheerful space by making your ceiling an ‘accent wall’. With false ceiling, you can not only add curves but also coloured lights to the ceiling. This simple trick can transform the look and feel of your space. For example, adding a cheerful burst of warm white light on the ceiling can make a room look bright and warm, whereas blue light looks cool and has a calming effect. There are so many false ceiling designs you can choose for different rooms and areas of your home.

Gyproc False Ceiling

Dry walls, on the other hand, provide privacy and separation. These walls are gaining popularity because they are readily available and speed up the construction process as they are easy and fast to install. Since dry walls are versatile interior walls, they are replacing conventional concrete walls in homes, offices and high rise towers. There are different types of dry walls and depending on the requirement they can be installed in different areas like rooms, shafts, bathroom etc. If you compare it with wooden and concrete wall partition then dry wall wins because it is cost effective and durable. And that’s not all… it saves time and is faster to install when you compare it to the traditional format of brick partitions. In a world where we need to be more conscientious about the scarcity of natural resources such as sand mining and water, this gypsum-based drywall solution is a great replacement of traditional materials that typically need sand as well as water.
Because of faster and easier installation it reduces the overall installation cost.

You can carve out space within space as per your requirement using dry walls. Like if you don’t love an open kitchen or want to separate living and dining or there is a need to create a kids’ room then you can create an elegant partition with dry wall and decorate it to suit your taste. Similarly foyer, walk-in closet, shelving and niches can be created using dry wall.

Gyproc Dry Wall

False ceilings and dry walls are the design elements top interior designers swear by these days. These elements can be incorporated into a variety of spaces like residential, industrial, hospitality and many more.
I hope you will take a cue from this blog and give your interiors a luxurious look.

I’m working on a home tour and a blog on something special for summers. So stay tuned!!
Till then connect with me here:

P.S All the images are provided by Saint-Gobain (Gyproc) and subject to copyright. Please seek our permission before using them. Thanks!

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Home And Farmstay Tour: Adwait & Uttara Kher

I happened to see the images of
stunning wooden vases in unusual shapes and a home filled with
extremely beautiful wooden accents shared by someone on a Facebook community.
 I contacted that “someone” to see if he could show me the entire home and got to know that what I had seen was just a trailer (picture to abhi baaki thi). Below are the images that I had seen on FB.
Image Credit: Adwait Kher

Image Credit: Adwait Kher
I received this message from him “kind of you to have liked our work. Altho’ the picture above has been conceptualized and executed by us, it is not our home. Attached are a few images of our residence. If this belongs to your ‘line of work, we can have a tel con. tomorrow.” The images of his home left me speechless and spellbound. I went ahead, talked to him on phone for good 15-20 mins trying to make him understand my work as he wasn’t aware of  “blogging” and he then very sweetly and humbly invited me to his home in Nashik. Well, I have kept that proposal safe with me. Dear all meet Adwait Kher, one of the nicest and the most humble person I have ever come across. Later I came to know that he is a proud father of  Saunskruti Kher (an actress) and Saiyami Kher (lead actress of movie Mirzya).

Country Style Home Tour
Dear readers, let me take you all to Nashik once again to take a virtual tour of Adwait and Uttara Kher’s country style home that is filled with old world charm and vintage treasures. Tucked away from the hustle-bustle of the city in nature’s lap amidst lush greenery and an exceptionally serene environment is this little gem. Every inch of the home reflects the sweet, warm and humble persona of the homeowners. They also own a furniture studio called Uttara & Adwait Furniture and hence most of the furniture pieces in their home are from their own collection. 
Country Style Home
No matter classic or modern, a swing never fails to add that traditional element to the decor. And if it is a beautifully carved teak wood vintage swing then the pleasure of sitting on it and reminiscing the good old childhood days can be an unbeatable experience.  
Indian Home Tour
Did the porch below reminded you of your grandparents’ home. Restored windows installed on the wall aren’t just a piece of art, they actually serve the purpose. With exposed brick walls, stone skirting, wooden benches, trunk and vases this quaint porch is like a smile on the front of this home.
Indian Home Tour
Come on in dear readers, this is the entrance to the home and you all went gaga over this image when I shared it on my Instagram. A huge carved wooden panel above the main door (of course well secured) and the openings in walls on both the sides of foyer make it look grand and magnificent. An elegant teak wood console table with woven baskets and wooden Roman numeral knobs is ready to catch the attention the moment you step in. While the colonial style wall bracket in one corner reminds of the bygone era. 
Indian Home Tour
Now as you move further, you’ll be in a dilemma whether to go right or left. Let me tell you both the sides will make you forget all your troubles and worries 🙂
The right side houses a “home bar” that Adwait likes to call “bar bar dekho”.  
Indian Home Tour
And to the left is this peaceful prayer room. Now I’ll leave the choice to you. Pick your choice and stay there for a while 😀
Home is filled with reclaimed wood and restored furniture pieces and is a perfect example of when old meets modern. 
Indian Home Tour
Below is the image of a small sitting area in front of the prayer room that attracts chess lovers. Woven furniture and earthy tones create a warm and pleasing ambience. Two windows next to prayer room are the ones that you have seen in the image of the porch. Would you like to have a closer look at the chess table. Let me show you.
Indian Home Tour
Vintage chess table and hand-carved oversized pieces are so quaint and yet so charming. Did you notice the king and the queen, what a unique piece. 
Country Style Home
The sitting area extends into this drawing room which is quite airy, bright and profoundly spacious. Subtle colors make it a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. Woven furniture with gentle sloping curves, layered with soft white seat cushions and paired with long khatiya/charpai(bench) add gorgeous texture and dimension to the room and make it look both modern and country style at the same time. 
Indian Home Tour
So those of you who had chosen to stay in the bar (towards the right of the foyer) Come on it’s time to move ahead and check out Khers gorgeous dining room which is filled with warmth and of course old world charm. Woven furniture ties all the rooms together in this home and sets the theme whereas wooden accents and vintage windows are a great addition to the country chic decor of this home.  A splash of color is added using table runner and mats. 
Indian Home Tour
The sky window right in the middle of the home not only is a source of ample natural light but also offers an opportunity to bring nature inside. Organic and natural elements here make us feel calm. There is nothing like the smell of wet earth and sight of fresh green nature and that’s what you can see and feel in this home. 
Indian Home Tour
The bedroom is a clutter-free space done up in calming colors with a pop of ochre and fuchsia. The bed is made of carved teak wood. Clean lines and minimalistic decor open up the space. 
Indian Home Tour
The couple’s love for vintage pieces and wooden accents is quite evident throughout the home. An intricately carved exquisite reclaimed window installation on the exposed brick wall in their table tennis room is a conversation starter. 
Indian Home Tour
Below is an image of their patio that is filled with vintage furniture which I would say is considered staple while decorating this home. And this is where the home tour ends and now let me show you 
Uttara & Adwait Furniture studio.
Indian Home Tour
Their furniture studio is strewn with elegant furniture pieces. Collected from across the globe reclaimed and restored wooden accents, vintage articles and woven furniture is their speciality. 
Indian Home Tour
What you see below is their far east collection. Uttara & Adwait have successfully completed many interior projects. Their new venture is a farmstay. Let’s check out that too.

Far East Collection

Far away from the noise of Nashik city and close to the vineyards and lake is a newly built farm stay named Utopia. If you plan to visit Nasik make sure you check out this place if you want to spend some peaceful time in nature’s lap. Hills in the backdrop, lush green carpet of beautiful grass, the gentle sound of flowing water and melodious sound of the chirping birds what else can be more relaxing and soothing to the soul. 
The Khers have designed the farmstay in country style. There are ten cottages that are well equipped with modern comforts while maintaining the natural essence. 
With its true rustic style exteriors and interiors, Utopia is an authentic farm stay experience. 

Bedrooms are designed keeping comfort in mind. Hence open space, neutral shades with the right amount of colors and eye-pleasing decor accents make this bedroom a perfect sleep sanctuary. 

Here is one more bedroom with soothing colors and peaceful ambience.

I bet once you feel the experience of staying here, you would definitely want to go time and again. 

This brings me to the end of this entire feature. Hope I didn’t disappoint you. Make sure whenever you plan to visit Nashik check out this amazing place called Utopia.
If you are still craving for more beautiful homes then click here.
See you all soon. Till then connect with me here:

P.S: All the images belong to Adwait Kher and subject to copyright. Please seek Adwait’s permission before using any image. Thanks!!!

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CapriCoast: The Smart Way To Do Your Kitchen Interiors

So you just got a permanent address and the home is yours.
You are both excited as you move into your marvelous new house, a dream came true, right!! But next comes the most crucial part and that is doing up the interiors of your home, mainly the modular kitchen and wardrobes. I still remember the ordeal I had gone through when I decided to get the kitchen interiors done from a local kitchen vendor. Right from choosing the design to getting it customised and then waiting endlessly for it to get delivered, the whole process was too much of a hassle and infuriating. But that was four years ago!!

Modular Kitchen Designs

Now in the golden age of e-commerce, everything is just a click away. And getting home interiors done online in a hassle free way is no exception. Let me introduce you to the biggest online player in home solutions industry- CapriCoast, an online destination for all your modular kitchen and wardrobe needs. If you are looking for a smart way to get the modular kitchen and wardrobe for your home then CapriCoast is the perfect place to be.
If you choose CapriCoast then you are just three smart steps away from getting your interiors done in a hassle-free and cost-effective way. What else one needs in today’s fast-paced world when everyone is hard-pressed for time. Now let me take you through these three very simple, hassle-free and quite interesting steps and in the end, you will know why CapriCoast is a smart choice for getting your kitchen interiors done.

Smart Step #1:
We all know how hard it is for working couples to go to various vendors just to get the estimate of how much it will be going to cost them to get the kitchen of their dreams designed or a wardrobe or any modular fit-outs to get done. Spoil no more weekends, as this can be done online with CapriCoast while sitting in the comfort of your home. You just need to fill in your requirements and CapriCoast’s instant estimate tool will generate multiple estimates from different vendors. See!! you didn’t even step out of your home and there you have estimates of your interiors expenses. At this point, you can make choices like whether you want a fully modular kitchen or semi-modular one and what material and finish you are looking for. Now you are free to choose the estimate that is in line with your requirements and fits your budget. Isn’t it a hassle free way to get the estimates.

Modular Kitchen Designs
Kitchen Interiors by CapriCoast

Smart Step #2:
CapriCoast has saved your several rounds to market and you have an estimate in your hand. Now! what next? Just sit back, take a sip of your favorite drink and get the personalized design from CapriCoast’s design expert. Your floor plan and the estimate you had chosen in the first step are the only things that the design expert will need from your end and you will get a kitchen design perfect for your floor plan along with 3 quotes from various vendors. They have thousands of pre-designed kitchens, their online catalogue offers India’s widest range of models to suit any design inclination and every budget. Smart indeed!! Do you want to see stunning designs of the modular kitchens designed by CapriCoast then click here. 

Modular Kitchen Designs

Smart Step #3: 
What if you didn’t like the design? Well! you have the liberty to customise the design to your liking and to pick the vendor of your choice. No worries if you find it difficult to make the decision of vendor selection, CapriCoast’s professional team is there to assist you. You can compare the products and their pricing across the vendors. Once the design and vendor are finalised, it’s time for you to step out and visit their showroom to have a look of the material. Once you are 100% satisfied now you can place the order.

Modular Kitchen Designs

Now you might be thinking, will delivery of the order and its installation be as easy and hassle free as the three smart steps of placing order was? Well! the answer is yes. Rest assured, on time delivery and professional installation is guaranteed. In fact, you will get Rs1000/day cash back for the delays.

Now let’s take a quick glance at what makes CapriCoast a hassle free online marketplace:

– You get everything under the one roof. Choose from multiple brands and various vendors.
– No compromise with quality and they value for money.
– A wide range of pre-designed kitchens and wardrobes to choose from.
Compare price and performance easily across the vendors.
– You can get the design customized as per your liking.
– Their professional team will be happy to assist you at every step.
– Your personal designer will be your single point of contact. No need to make unnecessary calls.
On time and on budget delivery.
– You would get exactly what you paid for.

Don’t you believe me?? check out yourself and do let me know your experience with CapriCoast. Below is the link to get in touch with them.
CapriCoast Website (click here)     
Happy CapriCoasting!!

Stay tuned dear readers! My next post will be an easy DIY to add some cheer to your dining space.

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Rising Star Of Indian Interior Designing Frat: Sagar Datta

This week 3D speaks to a young, energetic, confident, optimistic, full of attitude and a rising star of Indian interior designing industry. Sagar Datta, who is already creating a buzz in interior designing fraternity began his career as an interior designer at very young age and is an inspiration for the young generation. Here is an exclusive interview with Sagar where he tells us about his career, latest design trends and what he feels is important in designing a home. 

Interior Designer India

3D: When did you step into the world of interior designing and what was the driving factor?

Sagar: This field and I are almost like any unswerving couple when it comes to our association. As melodramatic as this sounds, it was almost like love at first sight for me followed by more assignments offering me an opportunity to enjoy my time being spent in this craft, the creative challenges it offered and the variety that came along. Also, an aspiration of creating your own identity and leaving an impression or impact of me that will be there in someone’s living space was what enforced me to be in it.

3D: It’s inspiring that you are a successful interior designer who doesn’t possess any formal education in interior designing. But what do you do when you feel stuck while designing spaces?

Sagar: Lack of formal qualification doesn’t become an issue as much as a lack of knowing technical 
software does in today’s time. People today do not want high proficient designers but ones that they can trust and creatively connect to. In my case, I very honestly explain them my limitations much before the projects, use my past works as a trust reinforcement factor, articulate my envisioned concepts along with doing extensive research on my references and inspirations from the Internet to have them imagine and visualize ideas. I ensure my client accepts and respects my limitations by looking at my virtues than flaws and I’m also very selective of my design offers that come.

Interior Designer India

3D: What is your design philosophy?

Sagar: My design philosophy is to create any space based upon its practical restraints and gains along with trying to not resell my prior done works and continually be inspired by prevailing designs around the globe but never imitate any. I always believe in creating something that is trending in its design prodigy, but with a twist that makes it exclusive.

3D: Designing spaces with POP installations is your forte. What do you like the best about working with these materials?

Sagar: The fact that I can mold and mend any creation made out of it more quickly, comfortably, affordably and beautifully is what makes me enjoy working with these materials. It’s an art form that if well noticed, can give you inspirational thoughts and lessons to follow in life, literally. I realized that wall art is very vital and is beyond paints and wallpapers that made me come up with a concept of 3D POP installations. Also, false ceiling designs play an equally vital role in decorating any space so I choose to work on these design areas to be different as a space enhancer.

Interior Designer India

3D: Has it ever happened with you that client was upset with your design choice? How do you handle such situation?

Sagar: Your clients will never ever be content with your creative abilities and execution on this planet and somehow over time after observing and analyzing during my work tenure I have realized 
that it’s a mentality to deal with when you’re being paid for your services and they will want the best from you and yet being a creative industry, bleed for more after seeing something better than what you created. I deal with such situations by not really expecting much feedback or praises from the party but rather set creative standards for myself and share it amongst my followers and community for honest responses.

3D: What do you love the most about being an interior designer who never saw a design school?

Sagar: I’m not very technical and bounded in my design approach. I let my mind and heart breathe, feel and just design the space the way I wish to see it and then I try to consider or mend ways as per its space limitations. Also, being from the practical side, I am much aware of ways to execute and coordinate with workers, find ways to have swift working techniques etc.

Interior Designer India

3D: What do you think your clients like the most about you and what makes you stand out from the crowd?

Sagar: I think that I am accommodating and affordable, I value my craft more than the commercial gain that I retain out of it if it gives me creative pleasure as an outcome, my love and dedication towards my work, my casual and friendly designing process and most definitely my strong PR and media presence that most designer’s lack today.

3D: How my readers can connect and get in touch with you?

Sagar: You can visit our website Casa Interio or mail us at or you can follow our Instagram feed casainterio.

3D: Where do you wish to see “Casa Interio” in coming years?

Sagar: I see my brand being collaborated with existing furniture brands or home furnishing stores 
selling my designs or having my own soft home furnishing e-selling division along with having an experience of varied and selective projects being executed as a freelance interior designer and starting a popular trend of hiring designers for home styling shopping.

3D: What is the hottest trend to follow in Indian interior designing industry right now?

Sagar: Chic and boho interiors or sustainable interior designing concepts are selling like hot cakes. Quirky wallpapers, colorful furniture, rustic décor items, ethnic and abstract upholstered prints are setting new designing trends.

3D: Why one should hire a professional interior designer to design their spaces and how they should go about it?

Sagar: To filter their creative processing and ideation, practically understand what looks good and bad for their space by creative justifications, release their mental stress of execution and have someone else perform his/her expertise to ease your creative journey of designing or refurbishing any space. One can do so by looking for recommended designers, having meetings, seeing their works, discuss their design approaches and then determine their design executor.


3D: Why did you change your brand from ‘Casa Interio’ to ‘Sagar Datta For Casa Interio’?

Sagar: When I started the brand 4 years ago, I didn’t know it would even survive in the market for more than a year. However, with its gradual progression in terms of media or client approach, I felt that my brand should become the face and I should also market myself by being acknowledged as it’s backbone. Hence, today when the label has created its niche in the market, I decided to have me embrace its market value more as a contributor to it than its maker. I always wanted the label to be the identity, not me.

3D: What would you suggest my readers to look for while hiring an interior designer?

Sagar: I would sincerely advise them to hire a designer who they can aesthetically connect with and 
who manages to understand their perspectives and design aspirations or expectations first and not splurge and force his/her designing ideas. Also, do not bother about one’s past works much but try to notice and observe what he/she is offering to you for your space, as that would reflect his/her real ability.

It was quite an impressive, inspiring and informative interview, Sagar thanks for talking with us. We loved having you here on 3D and wish you great success in your future endeavors.
It’s been long that I have posted a DIY, so coming up next is a quick DIY. Till then you check out some DIY ideas for the weekend here or swoon over images of beautiful Indian homes here.
Stay Tuned Peeps!

P.S. All the images in this article are Sagar’s recent work and subject to copyright. Please do not use these images without his permission. Thank You!

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Your Home Reflects Your Personality

It’s said that you don’t have to tell about yourself your home will tell who you are. Your home is a true reflection of your personality. Make your home your haven. Follow these tips and personalize your home:

Replace things that are generic with the things that bring you joy and you love them. Like I love this sunburst mirror I made and I really love looking at it.

Image: Mine

Don’t spend lot of money on things that just catch your attention instead choose things that you love and suits to your style and reflects your personality. I bought this terracotta Buddha statue from an exhibition in dirt cheap rate and then gave it a new look that reflects my personality and suits to my style.

Image: Mine

One more way to reflect your personality through your home is color. Choose paint and fabrics in color that define your taste. For me warm and earthy tones define my taste.

Image: Mine

Always choose right fabric and pattern for furnishing that your are more drawn toward.
Display souvenir collected from different places traveled around the world. It reflects the fact that you are well traveled and well informed person.

Image: Mine

Mix and match accessories. This will ensure that you are not burning hole in your pocket while doing up your home in your own style. Put things together in a way that they blend well.
Be little creative and try to do things yourself it can be a painting, any craft or art piece or re paint your  furniture to add touch of your personality to your home. I heart decorative trays so gave it a try and created one for me. If you want to make one for you go here.

Image: Mine

Display your heirlooms with pride. Place them in a right place to catch attention of visitors instantly.
Bringing in fresh flowers and green can make space look lively and speaks of your personality too.

Image: Mine

Take out all those things that are lying unused but you love them. Display your stuff in a creative manner. Brass or copper vessels can be displayed creatively on kitchen window sill or above the cabinets. Vintage frames can be displayed on a living room wall in a form of cluster to grab attention.

It takes little creativity and your imagination to fill colors on your blank canvas and to make your home your haven. If you want to share images of your home then drop me a mail at,  would love to publish them here on my blog.

Much Love!!

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Moroccan Interiors

Today I’m going to show you some Moroccan eye candies. In recent days, Moroccan style decorating has become very popular. This style of decorating is exotic and elegant. Located between Europe and Africa, Morocco has European, African and Persian influences. Moroccan decor is a perfect blend of styles from France, Spain, Portugal, Africa, Persia and has Mediterranean and Islamic influences. 
Morocco is a warm and dry country so Moroccans love to bring outdoors in and their houses are pots of exotic plants. Main elements that play a key role in Moroccan interiors are vibrant colors, intricate work on wooden furniture, mosaic products, carpets, pottery and lamps.
Here is how you can achieve Moroccan look for your home:
Furniture: In this Moroccan style of decorating furniture is mostly made of wood. Seating is usually set low to the ground. Choose furniture that has an intricate design on it. Wooden furniture has designs of mosaic tiles on them. On center table place brass or copper trays to serve food or to display some decor accents. 
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Furnishings: Use fabric that is luxurious and rich in colors and to add texture use it everywhere, drape it on furniture, windows and even on the ceiling. Four or five cushions aren’t enough, use them in abundance and choose cushions and throw pillows that are vibrant and with intricate designs and patterns. Rich colours play a vital role in Moroccan style decorating hence the rugs, cushions, throws and drapes should be in vibrant hues.

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Walls: Color is the main element if you want to achieve a particular look for your home. Choose vibrant colors for the walls like fuchsia, red, orange, blue, green, shimmering gold or silver. Walls in textured terracotta is the important element of Moroccan style decor. This blue room conjures up the images of Atlantic and Mediterranean sea and give the space a perfect Moroccan vibe.

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Walls of this orange room is evoking the image of the sunset in Africa.

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Floors: Floors should be wooden, ceramic or terracotta ones. If you are opting for a wooden floor then it should be hard and dark in color to achieve Moroccan look. Use plush Persian or Asian carpets and rugs in abundance and stack floor cushions to create perfect Moroccan ambiance.

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Lighting: Morocco is known for its dim, soft lights and variety of handmade lamps. Use lamps and pendants that have carved wood, colored glasses and metal frames. Put aroma candles in them to create a romantic ambiance.

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Accessories: Accessories give a complete look to any decorating style and if we are talking about Moroccan style then there have to be lots of accessories. Use mirrors in different sizes and shapes to reflect light and to adorn walls. Bring in exotic flora in large and colorful pots or baskets. Use ceramic pots in rich colors on the dining table and center table or even hang some ceramic plates on the wall. Lamps with intricate designs and stained glass create a quintessential Moroccan look.

                               Eclectic Living Room by Los Angeles Home Staging Madison Modern Home

Try using these simple tips to achieve that perfect Moroccan look you were looking for.  Leaving you with all these Moroccan eye candies 🙂
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Interiors: Traditional

Traditional style is timeless decorating style that is very calm, inviting, comfortable, orderly, casual and uncluttered. Main feature of this design style is consistency. If you want to achieve traditional look for your home then this post is surely for you.

Furniture: Wooden furniture is the essence of traditional style. Furniture in dark wood, oak wood, red wood or mahogany will work best to achieve the traditional look. In traditional style of decorating you should opt for furniture with good combination of curved and straight lines.  Placement of furniture should be in pairs and it should be symmetrical.

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Furnishings: Furnishings are classic and luxurious, fabric mainly damask, floral, understated stripes or small overall pattern are common. Fabric should be comfortable and  soft like silk, velvet or leather in rich color is always a best choice if you are doing home in traditional style.

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Walls: For walls there should be moldings or rails to give the home a perfect traditional look. Wall colors should be neutral. White, cream, off white or some warm colors can be a good choice. Color scheme should be lighter for walls and deeper color for  upholstery.

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Floors: Wooden flooring is the first and the best flooring option for traditional style decorating. You can place jute or velvet carpets and rugs also to achieve the perfect traditional look.

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Lighting:  Lighting fixture should be  classic, silk lamp shades, table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces & candles can be used. Decorative chandelier looks classy and give traditional look to a place.

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Accessories: Accessorize traditional style home with, mirrors, vase, urns, lamps, oil paintings, crystal chandelier. But keep in mind use accessories in pairs and arrange them in symmetry to achieve traditional look for your home.

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Follow these guidelines and it will be easy for you to achieve the traditional look for you abode.
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Interiors: Contemporary

Contemporary style decorating is trend that is of the moment and belongs to the same time. If you want to achieve the contemporary look for your home here are some guidelines and tips:
Furniture: ‘Less is more’ is the key while doing up home in contemporary style. Contemporary furniture should have straight lines, clean edges and bold color. Geometrical shapes looks very trendy.  Place the furniture in uncluttered way.
Furnishings: Minimal furnishing suits this style. Furnishing should blend well with color of wall. Don’t opt for contrast as it doesn’t work well for this style. Pastel or soft colors give perfect contemporary look. 
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Wall Color: Soft colors on wall with one wall painted in bold color for creating focal point. Wallpaper is also a good option for feature wall.

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Floor: Floor should be bare and smooth. Wooden flooring is the latest trend and looks beautiful.  Rugs, carpets with geometrical shape and funky patterns are the best choice to achieve the look.

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Accessories: Funky accessories in color that blends with furnishing. But keep in mind that don’t over accessories your home if you want to decor your home in contemporary style.

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This style of decor is serene, comfortable and stylish as well. It promotes simplicity to your home. 

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These are some simple tips that can help you achieve desired contemporary look for your home.
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