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Home Tour: Vineetha Ramchandran

Starting the post with a famous quote by George A. Moore, “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns HOME to find it.” How succinctly this quote captures the emotion of every home dweller. Home holds a special place in heart of its dwellers. 

Indian Home Tour

Today I have a guest on my blog all the way from Dubai, Vineetha Ramchandran born and brought up in Dubai is a true blue Indian. She is also a Buddha lover and loves to surround herself with loads of colors just like me and I am of opinion that “Law Of Attraction” worked and we got acquainted on Instagram and then she gave me a sneak peek inside her home which I couldn’t resist sharing with you all. Recently she took the plunge and started sharing delightful images of her abode on Instagram @The Gramophone Diaries

Though this home tour was supposed to go live ages ago but creating content for my YouTube channel is taking a toll on my writing skills and despite sitting for hours I couldn’t write. So I decided to revive my passion for writing once again and now I’ll try to post at least 2-3 blogs every month.

Over to Vineetha now as she gives us a tour of her home revealing all the relevant facts.  

Indian Home Tour

“As you know, I live in Dubai and working in advertising for the past 10 yrs. I share my home with my wonderful husband. I was born and brought up here. Like most South Indian families, my parents also enrolled me in everything from classical dancing to music to drama to arts. I believe this education in Indian arts has really shaped my outlook towards decor elements and especially color. Probably also why I am so attracted to everything that is boldly Indian. Majority of the decor accents are from travels. There are some that are from Indian vintage stores from down south.”

I love how Vineetha has embraced colors with open arms and mixed them masterfully without making the place look overwhelming. Cool blue happily mingles with warm orange and together they create positive vibes and cosy ambience. Accent pieces range from vintage to modern and traditional to contemporary. One such vintage piece placed on the rug can’t go unnoticed.

Indian Home Decor

Further, Vineetha adds “I respect minimalism but it is definitely not my cup of tea (as you can probably tell :D). More is more and less is bore 😀 Hence everything at home is what I call collected clutter.”

Indian Home Tour

“I am obsessed with colors. I have a thing for quirky and kitsch stuff and it runs across my house. I am not a huge fan of mass retail furniture homes and prefer to collect my accents when I travel. I believe every home needs to tell a story and mine is that of an eclectic enchanted abode.”

I can’t agree more with Vineetha. When it comes to decorating a home we should showcase our personalities.

Indian Home Tour

Vineetha enthusiastically says, “I am supremely fond of Buddhas. I have about 7 just in my living room”. 
And why not, when your life is too busy and contributing to yang energy then it is important to bring peace as calm yin energy will balance the active yang energy. Buddha is synonymous with tranquillity and hence placing Buddha can create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Indian Home Tour

Vineetha has collected many vintage pieces. She says, “I love vintage looking frames”. 

Indian Home Tour

“The gramophone is my prized possession. We bought it from a vintage and antique store in a small town in Kerala.”

Indian Home Tour

The frame in the hallway is something that I made with my spare coasters (again obsessed with coasters. I collect them wherever I go).”

Indian Home Tour

The shower curtain in the bathroom is one my faves at home”

Home Tour

You can easily breathe new life in your space simply by placing beautiful cushions on the couch. Vineetha knows this trick well and says, “I really go and invest in my cushions. I check online, I look for unique pieces when I travel. Super like statement cushions or cushions with a story.”

Indian Home Tour

Her love for colors and patterns is quite evident in her home. Here is an image of her bedroom that sums it up all. Colors that soothe senses and patterns that make me smile. 

Indian Home Tour
With this, we come to an end of this home tour. Thanks a bunch Vineetha for letting us all take a peek inside your gorgeous, vibrant and aesthetically pleasing home. Wish you love, luck & sunshine!!
That’s all dear readers! I hope you enjoyed this post after such a long gap. 
This is Diwali week and I wish you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali!! Have a safe and memorable one 🙂
Stay tuned and till then connect with me here:
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Home Tour: Rashmi Chandra

Hello Decor Enthusiasts!! 
Sometimes my decor thirsty soul craves so much to get a peek inside beautifully done up homes all around the world that I just Google and spend a considerable amount of time admiring all the efforts that home owners put in transforming a house into a home. Yes, I admit that I love to peek inside homes just to get a glimpse of “whats new here”. I have been sharing Home Tours on my blog since past four years and I know you all love seeing the images of well-decorated homes. But what if I give you too the opportunity to peek inside beautiful homes!!!! Yes, I am talking about Video Home Tours. Today I am posting the first video home tour and now you can walk with the home owners as they take you through their homes. 
Click here————–>  Video Home Tour  <————–Click here

Video Home Tour

Links to buy home decor accessories that you see in this beautiful home have been embedded in their names in this blog and if you watch the video on YouTube then links can be found in the description box. 
Indian Home Decor

Today I am taking y’all to Gurugram(Gurgaon) to take a video tour of an elegant and pretty home of Rashmi and Manoj Chandra. I acquainted with Rashmi on Instagram as she used to tag me on stunningly beautiful images of her home that she shares everyday (thanks to her) and I knew that Rashmi has those creative skills that one needs to transform any dull space into a zippy and eye-pleasing one.
Below is the entrance to her beautiful apartment where Rashmi and her husband create memories with their two children, a daughter who’s recently got a job in Bangalore and a teenage boy who studies in 11th grade. A glimpse of the entrance and you already know what to expect next.

Indian Home Decor

Below is the foyer where guests take a pause after entering the home and feel enveloped in the warmth of this space decorated by Rashmi. Hanging glass lanterns and a little glass lamp emanate warmth. Angels from Thailand are there to welcome guests. Jharokha and Brass Ganesha lamp on the other wall add an ethnic element to the decor. 
Indian Home Decor

Below is the closer shot for you to see the beautiful vignette. Rashmi shares some lovely memories with us, “When I was a kid I used to help my mom in decorating home and rearranging the furniture to make the place look more appealing. When I got married and we bought our own home, I realised the passion for home decor. My friends and relatives always say something nice whenever they visit us and those words of appreciation encourage me a lot.” 
Indian Home Decor

Below is the image of her living room that speaks a lot about the home owner, charming, elegant, warm and serene. Walls and furniture in subtle colors set the perfect background for the beautiful home accessories that Rashmi uses to add a pop of color. Glass candle holders and crystal flower vase on the coffee table add the touch of elegance and table runner adds the pop of red. Buddha cushions are beautifully complementing the Buddha figurine placed on the side table accompanied by a beautiful elephant lamp.  
Indian Home Decor

The gurgling sound of the water from the Lord Buddha water fountain kept in one of the corners in the living room makes the ambience so calming that one can sit and listen to the sound for a long time. Next to which are aesthetically hung these beautiful brass lotus hanging diyas. These brass lamps are show stoppers and create such a serene atmosphere. You can experience the sense of calm in the video if you watch this on YouTube. 
Indian Home Decor

Below is the dining room where the furniture in dark wood creates a statement. Rashmi loves to decorate and she admits that “Everyone loves their home but for me, my home is my lifeline. I’m so involved in it that often I forget to have food when I am cleaning and decorating my home.”
Indian Home Decor
Indian Home Decor

At one end of the crockery cabinet is placed this marble temple to create a small pooja space. Her collection of brass knick-knacks is displayed on the beautiful wooden and wrought iron floating wall shelf

Indian Home Decor

Next to this is Rashmi’s neat and clean kitchen. She loves clean edges. The functionality plays a major role in this space. Tinted glass bottles add a splash of color to make the space more interesting. 
Indian Home Decor

Rashmi loves to keep her space spick and span all the time and that’s how she loves to spend her time. Her hard work is evident here. 
Indian Home Decor

She keeps rotating the decor. Paintings, decor accessories and furnishings in one room find a place in another room after every few weeks or months. This practice makes her home look new and fresh without even spending a penny. 
Indian Home Decor

Now let’s head to the master bedroom. This is where Rashmi spends a lot of time. here is what she says about this room “I opted for subtle colors so that I feel calm and flowers are my weakness. I often buy them, they make me happy. Rajnigandha and white lilies are my favourites. Their intoxicating aroma fills the space to make the ambience more magical and serene.” 
Indian Home Decor

Before you enter the room this beautiful vignette on the cabinet warms the heart. 
Indian Home Decor

Here is Rashmi’s neat, tidy and beautiful bedroom.

Indian Home Decor
With some paintings in dark tone that complements the furniture, she creates a cohesive look. 

Indian Home Decor
You can see these curtains swaying in the video and can sense the gentle touch of breeze. This room is airy and well-lit, that’s how it should be. 

Indian Home Decor

Here is the family room where all the family members sit and chat together for long. 
Indian Home Decor

Here is the seating space where she loves to play with colors and textures. She keeps changing the cushion covers and linen to change the entire look. In below picture, it looks so vibrant and lively with all those reds and teal.

Indian Home Decor
Now in this below picture, the same space transforms into a serene place with the use of whites and a dash of warm color. 
Indian Home Decor
Here is another view of the same space. 

Indian Home Decor

Kids’ room is a simple and uncluttered space. Her kids didn’t want to place anything on the bed headboard so it has been kept clear. All the achievements of the kids are proudly displayed on the ladder shelf. 

Indian Home Decor
Though Rashmi did add her touch here by hanging some beautiful string lights and a dream catcher above the headboard. 

Indian Home Decor

So we have seen all the nooks and corners of Rashmi’s beautifully done up home. I hope you all enjoyed this home tour as much as you enjoyed all the previous ones. Do let her know your views in the comments and follow her on Instagram for a daily dose of eye candies. 
Stick around to know what’s coming up next. Till then connect with me here:

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Home Tour: Chitra Seetharaman

A home tour after a long time and I am sure y’all will love it as much as you have loved all the previous Home Tours on 3D. Just like the tagline of 3D, the owner of this home is also on a mission to “Transforming A House Into A Home”. 

Dear folks, welcome Chitra Seetharaman, who is joining us from Illinois, USA where she lives with her husband and almost two-year-old cute lil’ daughter. Chitra is an Accredited Staging Professional and loves doing up homes and believe me, she has got a wonderful taste and can effortlessly transform a house into a home. She has been on my blog earlier too when she had shared her Pooja room wall for “Wall Decorating Series” on 3D. If by any chance you have missed that post then you can read it by clicking here
One more thing is that a lot of time my readers ask me that where they can buy the products that they see on my blog, so I have embedded the links where I have mentioned the name of the products. Just click the link, explore, compare and if it suits your taste then buy it. 
I wouldn’t keep you waiting now. Let’s take a tour of Chitra’s beautiful abode as she takes us through it and explains how everything came about.

“As an Accredited Staging Professional ASP® (I am a full time IT professional, a Business and Quality Analyst to be precise but as the first step in chasing my dreams I got my accreditation in home staging beginning of this year) there is no surprise that home staging is my passion. I’ve “staged” and decorated my room/ home since I remember. Back then I’d love to dress my room up and wow my friends and family. That has since evolved and though I still play “ home dress up” I do it on a professional level. My home is an outlet to all my pent up energy. I decorate, organize and clean my home like therapy. I move furniture around and change my decor on an almost weekly basis. My family (husband and my 21-month-old daughter) has been so accommodating to all this madness 😉 but  I’m sure bae thinks I’m a crazy person at times but hey I wouldn’t blame him J  
As you walk through my home you can see my love of colors and life (live plants). Each room has its own “vibe” and this theme is every changing. I follow no rules when it comes to staging my own home. I go with the flow of my heart and I love my home to a story.”
The entryway to home sets the mood and gives the hint what’s in store inside. Chitra knows this fact very well and has decorated her entryway in a way that everyone who visits wants to know what’s to come next. 
Indian Home Decor Blog
Aptly placed Ganesha murti (idol) exudes positivity and creates a welcoming environment. The mirror behind the idol not only gives an illusion of God’s aura but also reflects the light and makes the place look even brighter and bigger. To break the monotony of neutral color scheme there stands a bright, bold and beautiful blue door to greet the guests. 
“You will see Lord Ganesha greeting you as you enter our humble abode. The Ganesha was a house warming present from my maternal grandmother so he is very close to my heart.”
Indian Home Decor Blog
Lush and healthy plants are there to brighten things up and to add that kick your decor needs. 
Indian Home Decor Blog
Chitra’s pooja room reminds me of my grandparents’ home. She has created such a divine place that just by looking at the picture one can attain inner peace. The place emits a special sense of calm. Here is what Chitra says with a great pleasure, 
“I grew up in a religious family. Having a Pooja room and praying together as a family was part of our everyday norm. I have been lucky enough to continue that tradition in my own home. I come here to reflect and rejuvenate”.

Indian Decor Ideas
We are now stepping into Chitra’s formal living room where she enjoys her free time. In this room, she has added a good dose of colors using colorful cushions and fresh flowers. Teal and fuchsia are used as an accent color whereas brown is used to tie together the whole setup. 
“Formal living room is the “calm” space in my house. I love playing classical solo piano or Celtic music when I sit down to relax and it’s mostly (probably) right here.”
Indian Home Decor Blog
“I sometimes turn on the fountain to create an ambience. This is a perfect spot to enjoy my cup of chai or read a book.”
Indian Home Decor Blog
Now let’s take a look inside her family room which is my favourite for many reasons one being the ikat print curtains. If you wish to buy similar ones in India then here is a link for you. I just couldn’t take my eyes off these gorgeous curtains and asked Chitra to send one more image that focuses more on curtains and being the sweetest friend she clicked the image and sent to me. 
“Family room is where the action happens. We meet, greet and be merry right here. I have a little one at home so this space isn’t always organised but I love my perfectly imperfect home “
All the warm colors create a cheerful and warm ambience in the family room. Right next to the window and seating arrangement is this wall of masks that you must have seen in my “Wall Decorating Series”. Chitra calls it a wanderlust wall. 
This is my wanderlust wall. This wall is filled with our travel memories and artefacts. Each item here was handpicked to be displayed right here on this wall”
Indian Decor Ideas
Bookshelves flanking the TV unit shows her love for reading. Wooden word that spells “Home” hangs above the TV. reminds that you are in the comfort of your nice and peaceful home now forget about the rest of the world and just sit back and relax. Buddha figurines, the tree of life and other elements are there to add to the peaceful vibe. Chitra makes sure that plants and fresh flowers are always given place in every room to add life to the decor. 
At the far end of this room is a gallery wall that comprises of family pictures and happy quotes. I always believe that family portraits are like time capsule they not only bring back lots of happy memories but also fill you with joy and warm your heart.  
Right opposite to the window and seating arrangement is this whole setup that you see in below picture that looks so contemporary yet goes well with the rest of the decor in the room. This corner of Chitra’s family room reminds me of my favourite interior designer Rebecca Robeson. The use of accent chair, ladder shelves and a huge painting that is binding the accent pieces together is what I love here, so contemporary, stylish and eye-pleasing. Did you notice how Chitra loves to play with patterns and textures. The pattern on the accent chair is so aesthetically balanced on the other side of the ladder shelves by hanging the metal wall decor in a similar pattern. 
Adjacent to the above wall is this area which opens up into the breakfast nook and the kitchen. Chitra’s love for patterns and colors is evident and she mixes them skilfully.  
Now stand here in the breakfast nook and have a look at her family room from a different angle. Tell me what do you think! Doesn’t it look so cosy yet spacious, well decorated yet functional, modern yet warm and welcoming. 
Chitra has a knack for balancing the decor. You saw her family room filled with colors and patterns and now see her dining room. Plain white and some neutral shades are ruling the place but nothing seems to be looking out of place or inappropriate. To add a dash of color here fresh tiger lilies are doing their part. Now let’s see what’s in the kitchen. 
“Kitchen is the heart of our home. When it comes to the kitchen, I like to keep it simple and clutter free.”
I also believe that no matter you decorate it or not but the kitchen should be functional, simple and most importantly neat and sparkling clean. A basket full of fresh fruits is a perfect decor addition to the kitchen so that family members can snack on them and this will develop healthy eating habits in them.  
Below is Chitra’s gorgeous dining room. Espresso furniture, window treatment and a huge artwork that ties together the look and Chitra’s has given her special touch here too with the clever use of patterns. It’s your work now to find out how she has matched the patterns here. Though the dining room look completes to me but here is what Chitra says, 
“Dining room is the room that inspires me to do better. This is still work in progress.”
Indian Home Tour
Nursery is a clam place with muted shades and a little pop of pink. 
“I loved working on the nursery for my daughter and can’t wait to redecorate it when she outgrows it. A mixed feeling.”
Now head to the guest room, don’t you just love those baskets on the wall. So unusual yet so elegant. Fluffy pillows, clean and beautiful bedspread and a warm, cosy ambience what else guests need in their room. Chitra sure knows how to win hearts. 
“I am a people person and love being the hostess. This room was the first room I decorated when we moved in 3 years ago. I add some pleasing touches to this room like fresh flowers or use a lovely linen spray (Tip – Jo Malone has some amazing room/linen sprays and they last forever) to make my guests feel special and welcomed.”

Peek into her bedroom and we now already know what to expect. Furniture in a dark tone and beautiful soft furnishing that complements the accent pieces in peacock blue is a beautiful amalgamation that only a person with great taste can think of. Four poster bed is, of course, a statement piece in this room and is a show stopper for sure. 
Chitra proudly says, “this is my peacock inspired room. This room is also a work in progress but I’m enjoying the process.” 
Aptly placed peacock feathers on either side of the bed is such an unusual touch and I am eyeing that bird cage and carved mirror frame too. 

I have told you Chitra mixes pattern and colors masterfully and here is one more example. As the room exhibits peacock inspired decor, Chitra has chosen the drapes that not only have the shine and color like a peacock but have peacock feathers too. 
I am sure by now you must have noticed the play of geometrical patterns here. Tell me what they are 🙂

With this, we come to an end of this tour let’s sit back and relax in Chitra’s backyard for a while and then we’ll go somewhere else to get inspired. 
“The backyard is my own little oasis. I am an ardent gardener. My love to nurture and grow plants has contaminated my husband too. When we got the house, the yard needed a lot of love. This is still a work in progress but we look forward to spend our time together right here every year. Plants are like babies, you give it some love and they love you right back. Instant gratification.”

Indian Home Decor
Thank you so much Chitra for letting us all soak in the beauty of your amazingly done up home. What do you all think about Chitra’s home. Do let her know in the comments below. Thank you all for stopping by.
I am receiving lots of requests to make videos on various topics and I have noted down and started working on a few of them. If you too have any suggestions let me know. Till then connect with me here:

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Home Tour: Kshama Shenoy

Today’s guest on 3D is special. 
After reading my previous blog on “Indian Art Gallery Wall Reveal” Kshama Shenoy from Mysore enquired if she could share images of her home. I shared my mail id and
she instantly sent me the images of her very pretty abode. Then we had a long cellphone conversation and I experienced my fan moment when she excitedly disclosed that she couldn’t believe she is talking to me and that she never misses a post from 3D and reads all the posts word by word. She added, “I love your style and the ideas you share are so simple and doable that we all can connect to it.” I felt encouraged and blessed, All I can say is a BIG THANK YOU!! Well, Kshama I am not a celebrity, I am doing what I love the most and I try to give my 100% in whatever I do!!

Indian Home

Now I’ll take y’all to Mysore, a city in Karnataka known for its opulent Mysore palace. Situated in the foothills of the Chamundi Hills this bustling city is also known as the cultural capital of Karnataka and is rich in traditions. Taking the cue from the city itself Kshama has decorated her home with arts and handicrafts of India. Come on in and soak in the beauty of her home as she takes us through her collected and well-curated home.
Hi, I am Kshama Shenoy from Mysore and I have been living here since past 25 years with my husband Arun Shenoy and two sons Arjun and Arinjay Shenoy. 
This is the entrance to my home. Once you step in this is what you see on the wall. I am a great devotee of Krishna and on my visit to Guruvayur temple in Kerala I picked up these Kathakali masks and then I hung them in a group on the wall to create a pleasing and inviting environment. 

Indian Decor

Let’s take a step further and we are in a long corridor that leads us to the living room. This corridor was an empty space until Kshama spotted these beautiful wall planters in a store called HomeStop in Bangalore. Store owner explained that these planters can be hung on a wall or can be placed on a surface as well. So Kshama decided to hang these planters on the corridor wall and the color combination and orientation of these planters on the wall are done by her husband. When I posted this picture on my Instagram account many people were curious to know how to hang them on a wall. So I asked Kshama to explain the process,
“These planters have a hole at the back so I just drilled the holes in this wall and hung them on the nail. Plants are actually placed in a cup and then I inserted that cup in the wall planter. I pull out the cups often to water the plants and then place it back. Every single person who visits us is sure to ask about these planters. The Tara statue on the console table was on a sale and is a great find from one of the stores in Bangalore. The console table I picked up from the furniture exhibition. I instantly fell in love with the intricate carving and lighting that it has so I bought it. The corridor was quite monotonous so to break the monotony I placed the console here and knick-knacks on it are the pieces I picked from various places. There is a place close to Mysore called Sri Narsipura that I visit quite often to pick up the brass items from one of the stores that exclusively sales all brass items”.
Indian Home Decor
This huge Kathakali mask hung in the same corridor in below picture also has a beautiful memory associated with it. Kshama told me that on her visit to Guruvayur temple when she came out of the temple she suddenly felt like she should own a huge Kathakali mask too and she reached out to the fellow who was selling the masks and this is what happened next,
The guy was talking to me in Malayalam and couldn’t understand a word then too I managed to explain to him that I want a huge Kathakali mask delivered to my place and convinced him to share his bank account details and then once the money was transferred he sent me the mask and thankfully it arrived in a single piece.”

Indian Home Decor

Here is one more view of the same corridor from a different angle. One side of this corridor is a home theatre and the other side is the living room. 

Indian Home Tour

Seen below is the image of Kshama’s living room and her passion for Indian arts and crafts shows through every corner of her home. I asked about her collection of curious and this is what she said,
My style of decorating depicts various traditions of different countries. Special thanks to my boys also in selecting unique items that have made my house a beautiful home. The veena that is lying under the coffee table is a find from a small exhibition called Deepotsava/Deepsaundarya. On the right side of the table top are Ram and Seeta figurine and on the left is Goddess Saraswati in wood that Raj picked for me from Bali. Raj has an Indian handicraft store called Kalash in Bangalore. He always makes it a point to call me and ask whether I want something whenever he visits places like Bali and Indonesia. There is one more nice fellow called Raghavendra in Bangalore, I send him the pictures I find nice on your blog and ask him if he could get something like that for me and he makes sure that he finds the exact same piece. 
Indian Home Decor

Below is one more corner of Kshama’s living room that reflects how she likes to weave a story in all the corners and how she loves to mix and match the different elements. Upon asking about the figurines flanking the vintage looking brass lamp she said,
“One is called the wisdom god and the other is called the victory god. These are from Kushalnagar, a town few KMs away from Mysore where one of my friends live. And having these two figurines is like Victory god is always there to make us victorious and wisdom god is there to give us all the wisdom. The vintage looking brass lamp is from FabIndia. Hand painted terracotta pieces are from Kolhapur. On the way to Kolhapur with my family, I spotted a small shop and just shouted stop and jumped off the car. There was a beautiful huge Purandara/Vitthala statue was sitting in the front of the shop and my boys were like “Maa please don’t pick that up because if you do we’ll be out of the car and only Purandara will be there in the car.” 
I think that’s how we transform a house into a home with so many stories associated with each piece. 
Indian Decor
Kshama read something about blue pottery on my blog and then she contacted someone in Jaipur and got herself these beautiful ceramic plates. Puppet is from Bali 
Indian Curios Collection

Her sons are as equally talented. Below are the sketches done by her elder son Arjun who is self taught artist. These sketches are framed now and found a place on one of the walls in her home. I must say he is a blessed artist. 

Below is the shelf filled with Tara figurines. The small brass head is from FabIndia and all the Taras are picked up from a place close to Kushalnagar called Bylakuppe where Tibetan society is there. Kshama has made lots of friends there and those ladies keep calling her to let her know what new has arrived and that’s how this huge collection built up. 
Brass Tara Figurines

Some more brass knick-knacks that are adorning the corners in her home. 

Now let’s take a peek inside her bedroom to be surprised by the idea of hanging beautiful brass throne/simhasana of deity hanging from the ceiling and beautifully complementing the picture of Krishna. Now, who would have thought of this excellent idea? But then Kshama has a different story to share here,
“When I spotted this brass throne everything in my mind was clear as to how I’ll decorate it and I asked the shopkeeper if he has a long brass chain so that I can hang it from the ceiling and fortunately he had the chain. When I came back home I got all the scolding from my husband upon seeing the nails in my hand he told me not again, you are spoiling my home with all these holes and nails. But once it was done my husband was very happy. Brass musical figurines placed on the bedside table are again from a small brass shop in Sri Narsipura.” 
Indian Home Decor

Now we are in the kitchen and this place has also got the same attention as the other rooms in her home when it comes to displaying the collection of curios. Did you notice those plump chubby chefs placed on the countertop? Let’s know what’s the story associated with them. 
“So when I visited my sister-in-law in Goa I got to know about a store where they customise the things for you. I saw this ceramic chef in his store and got a few of them customised for myself. I love collecting miniature kitchen sets and you can see them inside the glass cabinet. Wall decor pieces in the kitchen are from various places like U.S. Dubai, London and Sri Lanka. So it’s a kind of memory wall in my kitchen. I love my home and my home is my best friend. It takes a lot of my energy to keep everything clean and just love doing up my home.”
Indian Home Decor

Now we are stepping out in Kshama’s very beautiful garden. The first thing you see here is this beautiful yellow niche in the wall and Kshama’s collection of masks that are making quite a statement here.  
Indian Decor

Please hold your breath as you are going to see the garden that you must have imagined while reading stories like Cinderella and Snow White in your childhood. A tiny pond filled with water lilies and surrounded by cute tiny animal and dotted with white pebbles is nothing short of a fairy garden. The little girl is supposed to be a garden fairy. All these lovely garden accessories are from a garden store in Bangalore called Hybiscus. 
Garden Decor

Even her garden has all the things from different parts of India. The boat in below pictures is picked up from Kerala, all the other tiny creatures are from Bangalore. 
Garden Decor

These beautiful wall planters in her garden have a story too. She saw a post on my blog and did some research and she managed to find out the contact details of a garden store in Delhi called Sondha. She then sent the pictures to Vinita Nath, who owns the store and that’s how she got her sea horse and owl planters all the way from Delhi to Mysore. 
Indian Home Decor

Don’t you find the chubby elephants, pig and cow just too adorable in below image. Don’t miss the cute snails. 
Indian Home Decor
Indian Home Decor

In the last Kshama adds that everyday before going to bed it is her ritual to go through all the home decor blogs and then only she could sleep peacefully. Here is what she said,
I am an avid reader of home decor blogs which helps me in enhancing my decor skills. 

Kshama we totally enjoyed this virtual tour of your collected and curated home. Wish you all the very best in all your future endeavours. Dear readers, I hope you too enjoyed this home tour. You can leave us a line in the comment box. In case you are craving for more such home tours click right here.

I’ll see you with my new YouTube video very soon!!
Happy Decorating!!

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Indian Art Gallery Wall Reveal

I had been working on transforming one of the walls in my living room since last year and
it’s time for the big REVEAL!!

Yes, it took me quite long to give a makeover to the focal wall in my living room and it’s due to the fact that I have so many things to do and sometimes I find it really hard to manage everything single-handedly. Now coming to the wall decor, I have this focal wall in my living room that makes the first impression as one enters the home. So I decided to decorate it in a way that it reflects my love for my country India and its rich cultural heritage. I think I did justice to the wall and was able to bring out the true essence of India which is happy, warm, vibrant and inviting.
Before we go ahead and read the entire story, I request you to watch the video below that I shot especially for 3D readers and don’t forget to like, comment, share and subscribe it will give me immense pleasure to connect with y’all there too. I am coming up with one more useful video quite soon 🙂

I hope you enjoyed watching the video. Now let’s move on to the story of this transformation. First I will show you the before image of the same wall. It will give you an idea how my design sensibilities have improved and how my decorating style has evolved over the time and how a simple change in wall decor can make all the difference in overall look and feel of the space. Below is a before picture of the same wall.

Wall Decor

Here is a recent look and did I spend a fortune in decorating this wall. No, not at all!! I am a huge fan of DIYs and my eternal love for Indian art forms led me to paint all these exquisite folk paintings which cost me nothing and the only money I spent in decorating this wall was getting all the paintings framed which cost me around 1k bucks!! Yes, so I spent only 1k in giving a makeover to this wall. Pretty amazing, isn’t it.

[My OCD is making me restless after realising that one of the frames in below image is a bit tilted and how I want to fix it]

Wall Decor

Here is one more old shot from a different angle.
Gallery Wall Ideas
And here is the recent one from the same angle as above. Yes, you noticed it right, I have given a makeover to my sofas also and it turned out pretty well too. 

Wall Decorating Ideas

The color burst that these paintings have added to my living room give me the opportunity to play with colors and quite often I just pick few colors from the paintings and match them with the cushions for beautifully color coordinated and well-composed look of the room. Don’t you agree!
Wall Decor

If you are craving for more wall decor ideas click right here.
That’s all from me. Coming up next is an extremely beautiful home tour so stick around!!
Happy Decorating!!
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Bharatanatyam Inspired Home Decor

Spotlight on Indian art forms and incorporating them into home decor
 has been the soul of Design Decor & Disha since the very beginning and last year apart from featuring famous Indian arts and crafts I got a chance to feature an Indian classical vocalist Chandra Kargupta. Till now 3D was devoid of a feature on Indian classical dance form but today’s guest gave me the opportunity to present Bharatanatyam in a unique and very beautiful way and made my blog a versatile Indian Design & Decor blog. Before we go ahead and meet our guest let me enlighten you (especially readers from different countries) a bit on Bhatanatyam. Bharatanatyam is one of the oldest Indian classical dance forms originated in temples of Tamilnadu. The dance form is the hidden language of the soul, a beautiful way to narrate mythical legends and spiritual ideas from the Vedas and Upanishads gracefully with the gestures of hand, eyes and facial muscles. 

Vishnu and Bharatnatyam in home decor

Now let me introduce to you a very talented guest today on 3D who is Bharatanatyam dancer and will be going to tell us how the dance has influenced her decor style and how she incorporates natyam in home decor. Not only that, she will be going to speak her heart out on what is the Hidden Language of the Soul: Decor or Dance? Dear readers, please welcome Shivangi Nagarajan who is a decor enthusiast and recently started interior design and home decor blog Kadakchaitalks and she calls it her creative outlet. Both Shivangi and her husband Naren Ganeshan are Bharatanatyam dancers. They both have a deep appreciation for the art form and in fact, it was the dance that brought them together.

Indian Classical Dance

Both Naren and Shivangi look so graceful and divine in Bharatanatyam mudras and ensemble. The purity of their hearts is reflected through their eyes. It is the people like Shivangi & Naren who inherit the legacy from past, maintain it in the present and bestow for the benefit of the future generations and make us feel proud of our country.
Now for the today’s topic, I would say we can easily draw an inspiration from nature, places or even art forms to decorate our home. You must have read my blog on ‘Banaras Inspired Decor‘ that explains how a city inspired me to incorporate the look of it in my home decor. Similarly, now Shivangi will throw some light on how Bharatanatyam, a divine dance influenced her decor style. Read on to immerse yourself in the beautiful world of Indian classical dance and decor inspired by it and let your senses burst with joy.
Over to Shivangi now,

Indian Classical Dance

Many thanks to Disha for giving me the opportunity to share my love for home decor on her blog. Although I’ve never actually met Disha, one thing I know for certain is that we share similar tastes and I’m so pleased to have made acquaintance with such a talented individual.

Hello everyone! My name is Shivangi Nagarajan, and I am a home decor enthusiast, a plant lover, and a Bharatanatyam dancer. I believe that art and beauty can be found in everything, be it in nature surrounding you, in art, or even in beautiful thoughts. My blog, “Kadak Chai Talks” is an amalgamation of my wanderings and ramblings as I explore design, art, and beauty. Being a student of dance has given me an aesthetic eye for detail and design, and I’ve tried to incorporate this in different ways in my humble abode.

Indian Home Decor

Before I move on to share the details, I must say that I am not alone in this. My doting husband, Naren Ganesan, who also happens to be a Bharatanatyam dancer, helps me make decisions on decor choices for our home, and also shares a great eye for design. The below images and information will give you a glimpse into our temple, we call home.
There is a famous quote of Albert Einstein that goes:

“We Dance For Laughter,
We Dance For Tears,
We Dance For Madness,
We Dance For Fears,
We Dance For Hopes,
We Dance For Screams,
We Are The Dancers,
We Create The Dreams.”

Dance is a language that requires less thinking and more feeling. It continually resonates like the ebb and flow of the sea. My husband and I share a passion for Bharatanatyam, and this admiration is reflected in our choice of decor and design in our home.
Ancient Indian temples were the birthing place of what is currently known as Bharatanatyam. These temples displayed skilful craftsmanship and most stood the test of time and can be seen even today. The below Vishnu statue is one such masterpiece that we recently added to our collection. This was purchased in Chennai by my husband during his last trip back home. You can see the attention to detail in the layers of his adornment and his serene eyes.

Indian Home Decor

Dance in India mainly flourished under the reigns of many valorous kings and their dynasties. They patronised the art form and it was maintained by the devadasi system. I have heard stories from Indian historians and scholars about the survival of Bharatanatyam in South India and the important role played by the kings in helping dance thrive. These cushions are minimalistic in design and color, but the impressive handiwork and eye for detail make them a statement piece. The Raja and Rani perfectly compose our neutral loveseat.

Raja Rani Cushions

When my husband and I laid our eyes upon the below horse statue, we immediately knew that it belonged in our home. The striking resemblance to some of the intricate sculptures seen in the temples of Tanjore immediately caught our fancy and of course, we had to bring him home.

Indian Classical Dance and Home Decor

Knowledge is often taken for granted, and its significance is usually realised only when we are lacking. Goddess Saraswathi, the giver of knowledge, most definitely belongs in a household that is cultivating and growing the dancers for tomorrow. This particular statue was our first purchase as a newly married couple and holds a special sentiment. 

Brass Saraswati Statue

Also, brass offers a rich contrast against the red console table, on which I am also featuring my latest DIY attempt, the Mughal royal cameo paintings.

Indian Home Decor

Bharatnatyam And Home Decor

Of course, any Bharatanatyam dancer’s collection would be incomplete without a statue of Nataraja, the cosmic dancer and destroyer of evil. Given to me as a gift/blessing by my guru upon the completion of my Rangapravesha, this too holds a spot in my heart. On the other end is his son, Ganapathi, the remover of obstacles, and what’s special is that this particular statue is “Narthana Ganapathi”, meaning the dancing Ganesha. The clock was a wedding gift and features a Kathakali dancer, another South Indian classical dance form.

Indian Home Decor Ideas

My husband and I also painted this abstract tree on some fabric that we have postered on the feature wall of our basement, which is also where my husband conducts dance lessons for his students.

Indian Classical Dance Bharatnatyam

Whether you’re a dancer or not, I think Indian art forms should be continually revived and preserved for the future generations. One simple way to do this would be through adding such decor pieces into your own homes and narrating a charming tale, all in the same. So get out your tarnished brassware and decorate your home with the rustic charm of India’s age old traditions and culture. If I’ve left you craving for more desi-inspired eclectic decor, then head on over to kadakchaitalks!

That’s totally brilliant Shivangi. Thank you so much for making the first month of the new year so special for 3D and sharing such an awe-inspiring article on Bharatanatyam and decor inspired by this divine dance form. 3D wishes you and Naren a very happy and fulfilling life ahead!!
Dear readers, I am sure this guest post has inspired you to decorate your home in a unique way. If you wish to see more of Shivangi’s talent and beautiful corners of her home here are the links to her Instagram and Pinterest account. I am sure your you will find lots of eye candies there 🙂

See you all soon with a first and never seen before home tour of the new year. Will be sharing a teaser of it on my Instagram in a day or two. Stick around!!

P.S: Dance images of Shivangi are clicked by Jacqueline Karathra and of Naren are clicked by Shivangi Nagarajan. A ll the other images are clicked by Shivangi & Naren.
All images in this article are Shivangi’s property and subject to copyright. Please seek prior written permission from her and 3D. Thanks!

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Home Tour: Kapila Banerjee

am so glad to share that
3D readers across the globe are reaching out to me to showcase their one of a kind, reflection of their own personalities, filled with memories and stunning homes on my blog Design Decor & Disha. I already have four more home tours lined up for the next two months one from Canada, one from London, one from Mumbai and one from the city I am living in. And I have decided to feature two home tours in a month. Are you excited!! Here’s what I have in my bag today. Enjoy!!

Here is an updated video tour of Kapila’s home that I shot in 2018

Today’s home tour is special because it’s from my hometown Indore, where I spent my youth and formative years of life. The city built by queen Ahilya Bai Holkar is known for its architectural splendours, mouth-watering culinary delights and also known as the birth land of vocal Gharana of Indian classical music, Indore Gharana. I can talk endlessly about Indore but then we have a beautiful home to talk about today, so just sit back and relax and enjoy this home tour.

Indian home Tour

This beautiful abode is owned by Kapila and Sonal Banerjee, a couple who is equally enthusiastic about home decor as we are all here at 3D. Kapila is a multifaceted lady who not only has a keen interest in home decorating but also paints very well. Most of the paintings in her home are done by herself. Decor in this home is a beautiful collision of Indian and international cultures. Let’s take a tour of this home as Kapila describes her style, talks about her passion and lot more.

Indian Home Tour

Describe your home in just a few words:
Kapila: Bright, vibrant, colourful with life’s nostalgic journey till date.

Whether it’s an apartment or an independent house:
Kapila: It’s an apartment having 2 floors
It’s area:
Kapila: Our current house is a 1900 sqft having 3 rooms and an independent terrace to ourselves.

Indian Home Tour

Tell us about yourself, your family and location:
Kapila: Proud & blessed mother of twin daughters. Have lived my early childhood at Indore, back during the college days I had very passionate interest in trying my hands at interior designing which led me learning basic through the formal diploma in interior designing. While I could not pursue it as a profession but the interest continued right from the time when I did the décor of my parental house to my own house after marriage. Being happily married to Sonal for nearly 13 years and counting, we have been moving places due to work demands of Sonal from Indore at the start point or marriage and subsequently to Gwalior,Mumbai,and Kolkata within India before going on an overseas trip with livestock and baggage to Kenya, Africa for about 4 years. 

Wall Decor

Though I have returned back with kids to Indore where we have our own house, Sonal continued his overseas stint and works at Yangon, Myanmar. By the way, I worked for more than a decade in various corporate organisations before taking sabbatical due to motherhood taking precedence over work. I am a strong believer of a woman being independent and yet continue to be playing multiple roles as we have been doing for years. Motherhood has given a new meaning to me and which like everyone I have always cherished. 

Indian Decor Ideas

Both I and Sonal have always liked and cherished Indore as a city with middle-class values & vibrancy, weather and its ever changing development landscape. We shall eventually build our own house from the first brick to the décor and guess who shall be in command of our future project ……..

Indian Home Tour
Well, no prizes for guessing, we all know it already and we love how you decorate. Tells us about your decorating style:
Kapila: Playing with colours, artefacts in both vintage & contemporary style and furniture have been the central theme of all my décor. I love fresh plants and flowers all around. 

Indian Home Tour

I have also tried to carry reminiscence of key décor items from each city where I have lived since my marriage so that the décor also has a reflection of my journeys in life till date. 

Indian Decor Ideas

The Buddha in the above picture is from Yangon and peacocks from Bangkok street shopping. The wooden box is from Masai Mara Kenya.

Indian Home Tour

Where do you get the inspiration from:
Kapila: My biggest inspiration was in being self-creative in my parents’ house and with Sonal after marriage. Our marital life started with a bare minimum, almost an empty house having just a simple mattresses. Time never stopped since then and both of us have also not stopped our common passion for house collectibles. My daughters aged 8 have also developed a taste for décor of their own room in specific style and a sense of appreciation for any new décor or changes in the house. My close friend Hemal too has also been instrumental in inspiring me in my efforts. 

Indian home Tour

Which is your favourite spot in your home and why:
Kapila: The family room where I spend most of my time with kids and my extended family. Day bed corner is the most comforting zone in the house with natural light and fresh air from the adjoining balcony.

Indian Home Tour
What are your hobbies:
Kapila: Home décor, painting, full-time rearing of my daughters, and finally to be a hopeful small time home décor entrepreneur in the time ahead. 

Please give your valuable advice to décor enthusiast 3D readers:
Kapila: Try new things with earthenware décor, be updated on trends, use fresh plants and flowers and finally it’s not about the size but about the space utility. 

Indian Home Tour

I loved each nook and corner of this tastefully done up home and I am inspired to make some changes in my home too. What about you dear readers, how do you find this home and which one is your favorite room/decor accessory. If you wish to see more of her home check out Kapila’s Instagram feed and Pinterest account.
For more such beautiful home tours click here.
See you all soon with a blog on monsoon decor. Stay Tuned!!

P.S. All the images in this article are provided by Kapila Banerjee and subject to copyright. Please do not copy or use them without written permission from Kapila Banerjee. Thank you!
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Home Tour: Parul Chaturvedi

Delhi is known for the fact that it bridges two different worlds, 
it is a quintessential blend of historical past and effervescent present. Today’s guest on my blog hails from Delhi and it goes without saying that her home is a true reflection of this beautiful city, a home that encapsulates old and new in an incredible way. Parul Chaturvedi, a multifaceted person and fauji’s wife takes pride in saying that “my home is a reflection of my creativity.” I met this wonderful lady virtually and with our mutual love for all things design, decor & DIY we instantly became friends. In Parul’s own words, “Having married to an Army Officer, I shift cities every two years and have been staying in different types of government houses. I’ve always been very passionate about my home and interiors. Shifting houses frequently though challenging but made me more creative by experimenting at new spaces.”

Let’s tour this urban desi home of Parul and Manish Chaturvedi and know some wonderful tips and tricks on giving your home an urban desi feel from Parul herself

Indian Decor Ideas

3D: What’s your decorating style or a theme that you find yourself gravitate towards?

Parul: My decor style is Urban Desi which is an amalgamation of Modern styling with an ethnic. I keep my style simple and clutter free since I can’t change the basic structure of the house and the wall colour. I change the curtains,rugs and cushions to give a new feel to the place.

3D: You are a multi-talented lady. Please tell us something about the Ganesha painting collage that is now adorning your foyer.

Parul: I have always been a devout follower of Lord Ganesha. I am an avid collector of Lord Ganesha in all forms and he adorns all corners of my Home. I like to see him in all forms so I have painted singing and dancing Ganeshas.

Indian Decor Ideas

3D: Where do you get the inspiration from.

Parul: My mother has been my inspiration. Right from childhood she inculcated in me and my sisters, a design sensibility and a habit of maintaining the home, be it a habit of gardening, painting or keeping the entire house decorated.

Brass Decor

3D: You have a great sense of styling. Please share some tips with us.

Indian Decor Ideas

Parul: My furniture is basically light as I have not invested in heavy furniture due to frequent shifting.My décor keeps changing though basic style remains the same, small items keep moving places. I am extremely fond of plants and maintain green space wherever possible.I truly believe that “Home is where the heart is”. Your home reflects your personality.
Indian Decor Ideas
Some tips that I follow are –
– Keep the stuff minimum and clutter free.
– Keep changing the runners, rugs, cushion covers, curtains as per the seasons and festivals to maintain the freshness.
– Keep changing coffee table decor and corners/pockets of your home to give a new look. 
– Maintain greenery by keeping indoor plants. Fresh flowers are essential, they give an immediate face-lift to your home. 
– Go in for monthly cleaning. Buy only what you can maintain.

3D: Paintings in your home are quite pleasing to the senses. How do you select them and is there any particular destination from where you get most of your delightful home accents.

Indian Decor Ideas

Parul: There is no particular shop or place that I can mention here. Since I am a fauji’s wife, we live a transient life. I keep collecting things from different parts of the country which I feel will gel well in my home decor. My décor pieces are the collection of various places we have stayed/visited across the country. I like traditional items with modern furnishings to keep the balance. 

Indian Decor Ideas
3D: Which is the favorite corner of your home where you love to hang out?

Parul: The balcony is my favorite corner. My hubby refers to it as our own private “Lovers Point”, where we enjoy our daily morning tea as it makes us feel close to mother nature.

Now who wouldn’t love to have daily morning tea with better half that too in a personal and such beautiful lovers point!!
Indian Decor Ideas
3D: You have a cornucopia of artifacts. Be it brass, wood, silver or crystal, you have them all. What do you keep in mind when you pick them, bring them home and give them a place where they look the most enticing.
Indian Decor Ideas
Parul: Mix and match is my decor style. I am a compulsive buyer and whenever I travel I am on the lookout for the traditional handicraft from that place which is eye catching. At times, I buy things first and then figure out where to place them in my home.
Indian Decor Ideas
I have an obsession for metal, especially brass.
Take a look at her astonishing collection of brass……
Indian Decor Ideas
an impressive collection of wooden figurines…
Indian Decor Ideas
a breathtaking collection of crystal artifacts…
Indian Decor Ideas
and stunning collection of glassware!! 
Indian Decor Ideas
3D: We loved having you here on 3D. Do you have something to say to my dear readers.
Parul: Creating a beautiful home is not about buying fancy items but it is about creating memories of every house we stayed. I am blessed to have a house with plenty of sunshine and space. I truly believe in the saying “Home is where the heart is”. 

Indian Decor Ideas
She has a keen eye for details and pockets of her home reflects the same. Who could have thought that ceramics, copper, wood and steel can create such a beautiful vignette.
Indian Decor Ideas
Indian Decor Ideas
An intricately carved wooden crockery cabinet in her dining is a show stealer. It can enhance the look of any space with great ease. Seen here are eye-pleasing tablescape and vignette created by Parul in below image. 
Ethnic Indian Decor
I am sure that after taking a tour of Parul’s heavenly adobe you are craving for more. No worries!! I have more for you. You haven’t seen Parul’s garden yet and I promise you wouldn’t be disappointed as her garden is dreamlike and can be given a term of “fairy garden”. For a dose of more such eye candy images of beautiful homes click here.

I hope you must have enjoyed this home tour and our conversation as well. Coming up next is an interview with rising star in the interior design industry. Stay tuned!!


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Get Home Ready For Festivities

The festival season has begun. 
The first day of Chaitra month or Gudi Padwa marks the beginning of the new year according to lunar Hindu calendar, also known as Ugadi, Yugadi, Navreh, Cheti Chand and Samvatsar Padvo in other states. Each festival in India is primarily associated either with the transition of seasons or harvesting of crops and every celebration begins with house cleaning and decorating. How busy people may be but they take the time out to do all the cleaning before the commencement of the festivities. Why not! a clean home is a pivotal part of all the festivities.

Festive Decor

Now that Chaitra Navratri is just around the corner let’s talk about some house cleaning and decorating. During this festive season let your surroundings speak about your personality. Here are some tips and tricks to get the home ready for festivals:

Festive Decor
Decluttering the place can make your home look spacious, clean, organized and full of positive energy. It is said that the things that are no longer in use and are broken or in a bad shape create a negative energy in and around the house. I agree with this statement wholeheartedly as hoarded junk not only takes up all the space but also make your home look cluttered and unorganized and this, in turn, affects your stress level.

Festive Decor

Get rid of the clutter and make free space to move around easily. Once decluttered your space now needs some serious cleaning. So put on the gloves and let’s make your space shine and sparkle. 

Cleanliness is godliness. I love to see every nook and corner of my home shining and sparkling. No cobwebs, no dust, no spots and stains, no stinky smell in washrooms/toilets, no grease on the cabinet doors and chimney and no cockroaches in the kitchen that’s how a home must be kept.

Festive Decor

Cleaning the kitchen may seem the daunting task but I would suggest always start from the kitchen and from the right side of the stove and then go clockwise around the kitchen. Clean the stove and chimney in the last. This will ensure that you wouldn’t be spreading dirt, grime and grease everywhere. 
Kitchen sink contains even more bacteria than a toilet seat and I always make sure that I disinfect, clean with mild soap, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar and buff my stainless steel sink after each dish wash. For buffing take a few drops of mineral oil on a soft cloth and wipe the sink and tape to make them sparkle. This prevents the growth of mold and calcium buildup.  
Now clean all the cabinet doors and handles using mild soap on a sponge and wipe them clean with a damp cloth. In the same way, you can clean all your kitchen appliances. Clean the stove and chimney in the last using detergent and scrubber.

Festive Decor

Take special care of bathrooms. It’s better to wipe the floor, walls, faucet and shower after each shower to prevent the water stains and calcium buildup. If you can’t do it everyday then try to do it once in a week. You can rub few drops of lemon oil on glass shower doors once or twice in a month to make it look clean and shiny all the time. Wash the shower curtains once in a month to remove mold and mildews. To clean the toilet bowl put a teaspoon full of a drink that contains citric acid (drinks that have tangy taste) in the bowl and leave it for few minutes and then flush .
For all the other rooms, start from the ceiling and work your way down. Remove all the cobwebs, clean fans and light fixtures using a damp cloth (make sure you have turned off the power), clean all the windows and doors, dust all the furniture, clean the glass surfaces using a microfiber cloth and in the last mop the floor. There you have it, a neat, clean and sparkling my kind of home. 

After decluttering and cleaning the home, dress it up beautifully. Change the curtains, cushions and rug to give a completely new look to your home. If you wish to use old ones then give a nice wash and then use them.
Create a festive ambiance by placing some metal or wood figurines and surround them with fresh flowers, tealights/votives and candles to make the place look divine.

Festive Decor
Add greenery by bringing in some indoor plants and place them in a place where they sit most comfortably. Add festive cheer by drawing rangoli at the entrance and placing an uruli full of flowers floating in it. Put on the soft lights to create a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Festive Decor

I think I have shared all the important tips here and hope you will be creating the most beautiful, clean and welcoming home for the festivities. In case, you haven’t checked my Insta account yet here is a link for you (Click Here) to get a daily dose of all things beautiful!!
Happy Decorating!!

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Bring In The Look Of Your Favourite City

We all have a special place in our hearts for the city where either we were born,
brought up, got the education or just had been there and instantly fell in love with its beauty.
Cities in India have diverse and rich cultural heritage. You just name the city and your mind can easily associate it with the culture, heritage, places and stuff it is famous for. If we hear the word  Kashmir, our mind quickly associates the name with the most beautiful snow clad mountains, house boats on mirror-calm Dal lake, apples, saffron, pashmina shawls and women clad in beautiful traditional attires. 
Why am I talking about Indian cities today? Well, I have a fun thing here. I have always wanted to visit the oldest and the most revered city Varanasi but never got a chance. So I planned to bring in the look of this beautiful city in my home. Are you excited? well, I am super excited to show you how I achieved the look.

Tangerine Indie Tadka

Varanasi or Banaras, earlier known as Kashi, situated on the banks of river Ganges is the spiritual capital of India. The city is rich in cultural heritage and is said to be the world’s oldest continually inhabited city. This city has something mystical about it and I always feel drawn towards it. That was the reason I planned to bring in the look of Banaras in my decor. In my mind, I had a clear sketch of the elements that will find a way in my Banaras inspired decor.
Banaras is famous for its beautiful and world renowned ghats, boat ride on the Ganges across the ghats early in the morning, splendid Aartis with life-sized brass diyas in the evening, flickering lights of tiny floating diyas on leaf bowls across the Ganges, Sadhus (Monks) performing rituals at the bank of river Ganga and sanctified atmosphere enhanced by sonorous temple bells. All these elements together define Banaras. 
Bringing all these elements together for my Banaras inspired decor seemed quite impossible. But then Tangerine’s Indie Tadka collection came to the rescue. Tangerine has launched its new collection of bed linen, cushions and home accessories called Indie Tadka that features thirteen beautiful cities of India and has infused the soul of the cities in their collection very well. Banaras being one of them I quickly picked up the collection and began styling my space.

Banaras Inspired Decor

Be it colour, texture or motif, Tangerine has captured the real essence of Banaras in an elegant way. Ethnic prints and bright colours of the collection invoke the feeling of being at the ghat of Banaras.

Banaras Inspired Decor 

The collection is carefully curated, keeping every minute detail in mind. Shams, pillows, cushions and neck pillow blend well with bed linen and duvet.

Banaras Inspired Decor

A bit quirky and kitschy but these cushions are certainly a show stealer. Pillows and cushions reflecting the life on ghats of Banaras in a way I described above. Boatman rowing boat on a sunkissed Ganges river, crowded ghats with unending spiritual grace and some famous slang words in Banaras, all this beautifully captured on the cushions.

Banaras Inspired Decor
Bade aaye lath Governer
Ki haal chaal ba guru
Ram Ram bhaiyajee“……are some slang words printed on cushions that depict the life in Banaras very well!!

Banaras Inspired Decor
Banaras Inspired Decor
Though there was nothing left for me to achieve Banaras inspired look as Tangerine’s Indie Tadka collection has already done that for me, I did try to introduce some elements that are associated with Banaras like Buddha and copper kalash to complete the look. 
Banaras Inspired Decor
Banaras Inspired Decor
Quality wise I will give 10/10 to Tangerine Indie Tadka collection. The collection is known for its stitch quality and colour fastness.
There is a lot more for you to explore about Tangerine. Click the links below and check out their entire collection.
Tangerine Facebook Page 

Recently I had been to Goa and instantly fell in love with this laid back and beautiful city. I have been sharing my experience on my Instagram, check out here.
Do you want to know what’s coming up next? Well, it is about recycling, upcycling and saving our environment. Stay tuned to know how almost everything can be recycled/upcycled!!