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Tips For Monsoon Home Decor & Care

When nature starts unfolding its beauty know that the most beautiful time of the year- monsoon is here. The monsoon is short-lived in my part of the world so I leave no stone unturned to make the most of it. But like I said in my previous post that monsoon isn’t only about all things pretty, it also brings with it something unpleasant. I talked about monsoon care for home exteriors in my previous post and today I’ll talk about pre-monsoon care for home Interiors and some tips to style and decorate home interiors in monsoon. 
Home Interiors Care In Monsoon

Here’s how I plan to protect my home against the damage caused by the monsoon. Interior of the home reflects the personality of its dwellers. So it is quite important to give attention to internal walls too. With time internal and external wall plaster starts to crack and debond. Timely attention should be given to prevent the ingress of water, peeling of paint and dampness on the internal walls. Seepage can spoil the look of home interiors entirely. I have a niche in my living room and its exterior wall is exposed to constant rains which led to the seepage in the wall. I repainted it several times to save it but to no avail. So here is a tip – do not paint mouldy surfaces as the paint will peel off. First clean and dry the surface then start painting.

Berger Paints silk glamour

No matter how costly your furniture and furnishing are, how beautifully you have arranged everything around your home, if internal walls are not in good condition and dampness, peeled paint and ugly spots of mould are visible then it definitely ruins the look of the home interiors. To get rid of seepage and dampness, I am going to get waterproofing of internal walls done. After that I plan to get the wall painting done. Specially formulated wall paints for interiors are what I am opting for. Silk Glamour tops the list because paint fumes are my biggest concern and I got to know that this product is free of harmful chemicals and is low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compound). 

Next issue is mould. Moisture level increases in the air during monsoon which leads to dampness and mould on the wall and ceiling. Here are some tips to keep the mould at bay. Fix all the plumbing and roof leaks. Keep all the materials dry. Moisture control is the key to keep mould from growing. Kitchen sink, bathroom floor and walls are the surfaces that remain wet most of the time so make sure to clean, disinfect and dry these surfaces regularly. Keeping windows open to permit air circulation is the best way to let dry the wet surfaces. Moving furniture little away from the wall for proper air circulation will help in controlling the dampness on the wall and it will limit the growth of mould. Moulds can easily grow and spread in the soil of house plants. Adding mold preventing solutions in soil is the solution to this problem.

Once these monsoon-related problems are tackled, it is easy to decorate and style our homes with accessories that are just perfect for monsoons like plants, blooms, aroma candles, quilts, colorful furnishing and spices. Here’s how.
Monsoon is ideal weather to snuggle up with a hot cup of tea and a warm quilt that will be your best companion in this windy weather. I always place a quilt either on the back of my swing chair or on the sofa so that I can grab it easily whenever I want it. The shades of black and grey start to overpower during monsoon so to add some cheer I place fresh blooms in vivid colours. A bunch of flowers placed on a coffee table or single stem flowers in any corner make an elegant display and perk up any space instantly. Furnishings in bright hues also help in lifting the mood in grey weather.

When monsoon knocks the door nature replaces brown by green. Placing some plants indoors reminds that the season of new hopes is here. It certainly creates a soothing effect and boosts positive energy.
Though the smell of wet earth after rain is just perfect to rejuvenate our senses there is certainly something bad about this season too and that is musty, damp smell that comes with the monsoon. So here I have a tip to get rid of that unpleasant smell, make your own aroma candles. Aroma candles not only create a warm ambience but also fill your home with a pleasant aroma.

Monsoon Home Decor

One more way to make a home smell divine is to use spices. Spices can be used to decorate our homes too. A coffee table is a place where we can show our creativity and can easily bring about the change according to the season or according to the theme. Here is how spices can be displayed in a beautiful way on the coffee table of the living room. Few cinnamon sticks and a candle can do the magic, arranging the cinnamon sticks all around the candle and securing them with beaded or plain twine will create a whimsical arrangement. When the candle will be lit it will make your space smell divine. One more way to add spice to your decor is a whole array of spices in a bowl or tray with some tea lights on a coffee table. To add some height you can use glass jar instead of bowl and tray to display all the spices.

Monsoon Home Decor

Don’t shy away from putting up some seashells and conch to bring in the monsoon vibes. Place some good books on the coffee table to read and you are ready to put your feet up, curl up on the couch and pretend you are on the hills or at the beach 🙂
Happy Decorating folks!!!

Also, I have the biggest news to share with you all so stay tuned to my YouTube Channel because that’s where I’ll be breaking the news.
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Indian Festive Decor Ideas

The festive season is upon us and this is very exuberant time of the year. 
Monsoon rain has eased in most places and there a nip in the air. There is an excitement and enthusiasm in the atmosphere which is quite infectious. On this cheerful festive occasion, I have some easy tips and ideas to decorate your home to set the mood for festivities. 

Indian Festive Home Decor
Image Credit: Shalu Prasad

Strings Of Marigold:
Nothing beats the beauty of real marigold but buying them in abundance during festivities can burn a hole in your pocket. So here is a way to make your own marigolds provided either you have some time on your hands or you have some helping hands. Here’s a video on how to make your own marigold (Audio quality in the video is not very good but instructions are clear).

Now, what if you neither have enough time nor have any helping hand. Then the easiest way is to buy faux marigold strings that can be found in local markets and can be seen in abundance during the festivities. Though these are more expensive than real marigolds (4 feet long string can cost you anything between 70-90 bucks) but on the bright side, they are washable and reusable. So you can use them multiple times and can store them when they are not needed. I have seen some really good quality marigold strings online as well.


These marigold strings create the perfect backdrop for festive decor. You can see the festive cheer added by these marigold strings in below images.

Marigold Strings
Image Credit: Shalu Prasad

Mirror Hangings:
Apart from the liveliness added by flowers festivals are about adding lots of bling too. So let’s create blingy hangings. You’ll need thread, embroidery mirrors, marigolds and hot glue. Here’s the process:

In case you have got no time to make these hangings on your own then below are the links for you.


DIY Tealight Holder:
Creating something by yourself brings unbeatable joy. The tealights in below image are made out of disposable cups. I already have a tutorial on this. Please click here for the complete tutorial.
Here is how these glistening tealight holders create a warm ambience.

DIY Tealight Holders
This stone studded tealight holders are a perfect addition to your festive decor.  

DIY Tealight Holders


Lotus Tealights:
One more tealight that is super easy to make and demands less time is this lotus tealight. You can make them multicoloured, double shaded or in a single shade. The supplies you will need are acrylic stones, a cardboard or CD, hot glue, beads and tealight.


Click here for the complete tutorial that I have already published.

DIY Lotus Tealights
See how magical and divine these lotus tealight holders look. I hope you liked the tips and ideas shared here and will be incorporating them in your this year’s festive decor. I’ll be coming up with more such festive decor ideas. So stay Tuned!!
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Wall Makeover On A Budget

Walls in my home are my blank canvases. Every now and then I just love to paint them in colors of my imagination. Like I said earlier, for me decorating isn’t about how much money I spend to bring in class and elegance but it’s more about how beautifully and effortlessly I am able to use my creativity, use what I already have and make my home reflect my personality. 

When it comes to decorating, I just love to do everything myself that gives me immense satisfaction and joy that it brings is incomparable. So below is the video of my recent wall makeover project, please watch and let me know your views.

————————————————>>>>> Click Here To Watch The Video <<<<<—————————————————————————-

This wall was in a bad shape and desperately needed my attention. Bohemian and African decor was on my mind since long so I tried to mix both the styles and totally loved the outcome.
Below are some before and after images.

African And Bohemian Decor
African Bohemian Decor

African And Bohemian Decor
African Bohemian Wall Decor
African And Bohemian Decor
 African Bohemian Wall Decor After

As you can see the wall makeover is doable and easy on the pocket too. All the rope baskets are handmade and bamboo basket and fan give such an authentic African flavour to the decor.

Bohemian decor is all about mixing and matching the colors, patterns and textures and that’s what I love to do when it comes to home decor.

African| Bohemian Decor

Bamboo lamp in below picture paired with tribal figurines is so African while string light inside the lamp and a touch of green create a perfect Bohemian look.

African Decor
Bamboo Lamp

Also, I am totally in love with this DIY bamboo pendant lamp. The idea struck when I was doing the research on African Decor. I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to find the right shape of lampshades or not but luckily I found exactly what I wanted.

  African Bohemian Wall Decor
Basket Wall | Bamboo Lamps

Hope you all liked the wall makeover. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Does it look like African | Bohemian wall decor to you!!

Stay tuned to know what’s in store for you.

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Last Minute Diwali DIY & Home Decor Ideas

This is the first time that not only I shot and edited the video but also published it in just one day. I worked really hard (well 18 hrs in a stretch) to bring this video to you because 
I had promised I’ll share some easy Diwali DIY and Home Decor Ideas. 
So below is the video and I really hope you all like it. 
Happy Diwali To 3D Family!!!

I am already late in sharing the ideas but these are some really very simple and last minute Diwali DIY & Decor ideas. You can involve your family too and make the most of these holidays.
Crepe Paper Marigold Flowers:
I know you can’t keep any flower fresh and bright for long. That’s when we need faux flowers. Instructions to make crepe paper marigold flowers are given in video. If you can’t get crepe paper then you can use colored tissue paper or paper ribbons. I learned this craft from my mom when I was little and still cherish those memories and this is one of my favorite flower crafts.

Diwali DIY & Home Decor Ideas

I made them in great numbers and loved decorating my home with these paper marigolds.

Diwali DIY & Home Decor Ideas

Dried Branch Dining Table Centerpiece:
I love it when things are done differently and with some personal touches. And rather than indulging in splurge I love to make things my own. That’s what I did when I threw a party at home. I created a beautiful dining table centerpiece that looked totally festive. I saw this beautiful string light somewhere and when I found it online I ordered it without the second thought. It is so so awesome that I am using it in almost all my Diwali vignettes. The best thing is that it is LED string light that comes in various lengths and it is waterproof so you can use it outside in the garden, in aquarium and in urn too. If you are intrigued then click here to see and buy this string light. Instructions to use it are given in video and below is the image.

Diwali DIY & Home Decor Ideas

Once the party was over I gave some twist to the dried branch and placed it on the side table in my living room and what a festive ambiance it created in my living room. How did I do that you ask. Well, you can see the steps in the video.

Diwali DIY & Home Decor Ideas

Seashell & Conch Candles:
Now this is the best thing I have ever tried and no, this is not my idea, I found the inspiration on Pinterest and liked it instantly. All you need is just some seashells, conchs, paraffin wax, wicks and ready to use glitter. You can watch the video to see the steps. Here I am sharing the images of these magical and oh so cool seashell & Conch candles.

Diwali DIY & Home Decor Ideas
Making seashell candles was such an easy DIY that I spent only 15 mins and it was ready. Don’t they make an amazing and unique Diwali gift. I will be making more to gift my friends and family. 
Diwali DIY & Home Decor Ideas

With these cute little seashell candles this post comes to an end. I have some posts pending so you’ll be seeing few more Diwali DIY ideas in coming days and then I’ll definitely be going on a vacation.
I hope you liked the ideas and will be giving them a try. Click here to see some more Diwali Decor Ideas. Happy Diwali once again and I’ll see you soon.

Till then connect with me here.
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Dining Room Makeover With Wall Art 3D Wall Panels

I had been planning to give a makeover to my dining area since a long time. 
Though I love how airy and bright this space is but I really don’t like how it lacks the interest. A few days ago I even asked for suggestions on my Instagram and got really wonderful replies and I thank each one of you for giving some interesting ideas. But this time I wanted something contemporary because I love to blend different decorating styles especially traditional Indian style with a modern twist. 
3D Wall Panels
That’s when I got an e-mail from the Netherlands based brand called Wall Art and I was super excited to know that the brand offers a collection of 3D wall panels made of natural fibres. The panels are available in more than 24 designs that vary from industrial to romantic and modern. That’s what I was looking for. Something that can add extra dimensions to the wall in my dining area and gives a contemporary feel to the space.Watch the video below to know how I transformed my dull and boring dining room into a spectacular and visually appealing space.

These panels are so versatile and other than installing them on an entire wall you can do so much with these panels. Paint them in the desired color or just use them as accent pieces on the wall. These can also be used as a wall art, paint the panels in two or more colors and put them up on the wall as art pieces. Install then on the wall and fix LED wall sconces or tealights in the centre of each panel to create a stunning ambience. 
Wall Art 3D panels are 100% natural (made of sugarcane fibres), eco-friendly, lightweight and super easy to install. You can install them yourself like I did. You’ll be glad to know that these panels are scratch resistant and give a lustrous finish to any wall. You can check out some before and after images of my dining room below. 

Wall Art Wall Decor
Dining Room Before
Wall Art
Dining Room After
These 3D panels work like a wonder and give a rich background to the centrepieces I keep on my dining table. Panels are so dramatic that I don’t need any artwork, wall shelf or any other accessories to accentuate the wall.
Wall Decor With 3D Wall Panels
All those who recently sent me messages asking about unique wall decor ideas here is an idea for you if you too love to blend contemporary and traditional style of decorating. You can explore all the designs on Wall Art website.
A big shout out to startup owners and entrepreneurs, Wall Art is looking for partnership in India so if you are interested, please contact me and I’ll be happy to share the details. 
Hope you are enjoying newly added ‘Crafts In A Jiffy‘ series on my YouTube channel. I am coming up with Diwali DIY & Decor videos really soon. Stay tuned!!
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Home Tour: Anushikha Dwivedi

I have featured so many home tours here on my beloved blog 3D 
but never got a chance to meet all those wonderful home owners and lovely friends. But this time around the thing is different. I got an opportunity to meet the beautiful, charming, cheerful, vivacious, confident and a very warm person Anushikha Dwivedi who’s been living just 4 KMs away from my place and I was not aware until she sent me some images of her gorgeous home after watching Rashmi Chandra’s home tour on my YouTube channel. And let me tell you after meeting her I realized how true is the quote that “Your home is a reflection of where your heart is even when you are not there, There is an aura when you step into someone’s home that can not be described.” Dear folks, I bring to you the video tour of Anushikha’s gorgeous, stunning, vibrant and happy place. Watch the video below. I really hope y’all like it!!

Anushikha loves to collect artifacts from various sources like art and craft fair/exhibitions, flea markets, handicraft stores &  from the places she visits. She loves to surround herself with the things she loves. If you love the artifacts you see in the above video and images in this blog then you can contact Anushikha as she runs an online business Anuvik that specializes in quirky & unique home decor items.

Anuvik (Anu+Vik) is founded by Anushikha & her husband Vikram. They both are passionate about arts & crafts. With the encouragement of their parents, friends & relatives they decided to combine their love for decorating and crafting into an online business. They went ahead with home decor items because nothing for them is more stimulating and inspiring than a lovely home. Some of the decor items are designed by creative artisans. Dreamy wall art, gorgeous votive holders, dhokra art, tribal musicians, chanderi silk curtains, ceramic spice jars & racks, anything that can spruce up your home a little bit.

Home Decor Ideas

The philosophy that Anushikha follows is “If you buy stuff you love, regardless of era and price. Your home will be a true reflection of you!!!”
Let’s begin the tour. Below is the entryway to Anushikha’s home that sets the tone for the rest of the home. Though you can see a burst of colors everywhere in the home but yellow, teal, fuchsia and peach play a major role in tying up the things together.

Home Decor Ideas
Image: Clicked by Anushikha
Home Decor Ideas
Image: Clicked by Anushika
Below is the seating arrangement in her living room. Warm, cozy and so vibrant. All the decor accents collected from different sources over the years are displayed tastefully in every nook and corner of her home.
Festive Decor Ideas
The other wall in the living room is painted in bright yellow and Anushikha has created a gallery wall to display artworks she bought from exhibitions, from differently abled kids and she also put up a photograph of Mumma bird feeding her babies clicked by her husband Vikram who just loves photography. 
A closer look at the seating arrangement in this area and I am completely in love with it. 
Festive Decor
Indian Home Tour
She has the most gorgeous collection of the artefacts, furnishings and everything else. 
Festive Home Decor
The other side of the living room has this beautiful low seating arrangement with flowy curtains in the backdrop, beautiful artwork on the wall, elegant decor accessories placed right next to it. A place where one can relax, read book and forget about the world.
Indian Decor Ideas
Indian Decor
Next to the low seating is this beautiful set up with wall shelf full of artefacts and books of course, miniature garden and knick-knacks with some personal touches. 
Festive Home Decor
Now let’s enter into her kitchen and dining area. All the dining and decor accessories you see here are available at Anuvik. You can contact Anushikha to enquire about the products.
Indian Dining Room
A picture is worth a thousand words, so without talking much about what is where and how beautifully she has turned her house into a home, I’ll be leaving you with the images of Anushikha’s colorful home to admire and get inspired. 
Indian Dining Room
Indian Dining Room Decor
Indian Dining Table Decor
Kitchen has also got its share of colors. The space looks bright and sunny due to clever use of color.
Indian Home Decor
Indian Kitchen
Below is the picture of guest bedroom. This is also as cheerful as all the other rooms in Anushikha’s home. Drapes in chanderi silk create a statement here. 
Indian Home Decor
Indian Home Decor
Indian Home Decor
This beautiful wall in sap green leads to Anushikha’s bedroom which is the most stunning room in her home with a beautifully done balcony attached to it. 
Indian Festive Decor
Image: Clicked by Anushikha
Anushikha just love to style each and every part of her home. So while I was shooting one room she was busy styling the other room to get it ready for the shoot. 
Indian Decor Ideas
Below is the stunning image of her bedroom that garnered a lot of interest on my Instagram account. Doesn’t it look dreamy.
Indian Decor Ideas
Image: Clicked by Anushikha
Indian Home Decor
Indian Decor Ideas
Now let’s step into her balcony which is oh so stunning place in her home. I have so many images but fewer words to describe this home. I am running short of words!! I better leave you all with the images and you can leave in comments what do you think about this home. 
Indian Balcony garden
Indian Balcony Garden
Balcony Decor

Indian Balcony Decor

What adjective came in your mind after taking a tour of Anushikha’s home. Let us know in the comment. Hope you all enjoyed this gorgeous home tour.
Thank a bunch Anushikha & Vikarm for letting us take a peek inside your vibrant & happy abode and for your warm hospitality 🙂
Craving for more!!! Check out previous Home Tours on my blog.

Stick around to know what’s coming up next. Till then connect with me here:
P.S. All the images are clicked by Disha Mishra Dubey and subject to copyright. Please do not use any image without my permission. Thanks!!!
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Foyer Makeover On A Budget

The foyer is the first place that guests see when they enter into a home. It is the first place that creates a lasting impression so it should be warm and welcoming. It should be a place with personality and functionality. That’s what I did in recent foyer makeover project. Check out the video below to see all the steps involved in this makeover. 

Here is a before and after picture for you all. Though I liked the previous look too but there was no light and nothing no space to toss the keys and other stuff. Also, I got bored of the same look hence this makeover!! Let me tell you this foyer makeover didn’t burn a hole in my pocket but the look and feel of entryway have changed entirely.

  Before                                                 After
Foyer Makeover On Budget
When I undertake any makeover project first I pay attention to the functionality of the space and then lighting and accessorizing. In this particular makeover, I changed the paint on the wall, Instead of artwork or mirror, I created clay work that is kind of permanent (until I decide to do makeover again) and to put some random stuff and decor accents I installed a beautifully carved wooden wall shelf. 
The total cost of this makeover is given in above video with the cost breakdown and all the links to buy products that I used in this makeover. 
Wall shelf can now serve as a center stage where I can display various decor accents and can change the look of this space effortlessly. Here are some more images to prove my point.
Foyer Makeover on budget
I chose glowing rust color for the wall. Bodhi tree or call it a tree of life has been created using air drying clay and tiny mirrors are serving as leaves. Turquoise Buddha bust pops beautifully against glowing rust wall and greens just add the cheer here. 
I am happy with the end result and really looking forward to knowing what do you all feel about this makeover. 
There will be a talented guest on 3D in my next blog so stay tuned!! 
Till then connect with me here:
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Home Tour: Rashmi Chandra

Hello Decor Enthusiasts!! 
Sometimes my decor thirsty soul craves so much to get a peek inside beautifully done up homes all around the world that I just Google and spend a considerable amount of time admiring all the efforts that home owners put in transforming a house into a home. Yes, I admit that I love to peek inside homes just to get a glimpse of “whats new here”. I have been sharing Home Tours on my blog since past four years and I know you all love seeing the images of well-decorated homes. But what if I give you too the opportunity to peek inside beautiful homes!!!! Yes, I am talking about Video Home Tours. Today I am posting the first video home tour and now you can walk with the home owners as they take you through their homes. 
Click here————–>  Video Home Tour  <————–Click here

Video Home Tour

Links to buy home decor accessories that you see in this beautiful home have been embedded in their names in this blog and if you watch the video on YouTube then links can be found in the description box. 
Indian Home Decor

Today I am taking y’all to Gurugram(Gurgaon) to take a video tour of an elegant and pretty home of Rashmi and Manoj Chandra. I acquainted with Rashmi on Instagram as she used to tag me on stunningly beautiful images of her home that she shares everyday (thanks to her) and I knew that Rashmi has those creative skills that one needs to transform any dull space into a zippy and eye-pleasing one.
Below is the entrance to her beautiful apartment where Rashmi and her husband create memories with their two children, a daughter who’s recently got a job in Bangalore and a teenage boy who studies in 11th grade. A glimpse of the entrance and you already know what to expect next.

Indian Home Decor

Below is the foyer where guests take a pause after entering the home and feel enveloped in the warmth of this space decorated by Rashmi. Hanging glass lanterns and a little glass lamp emanate warmth. Angels from Thailand are there to welcome guests. Jharokha and Brass Ganesha lamp on the other wall add an ethnic element to the decor. 
Indian Home Decor

Below is the closer shot for you to see the beautiful vignette. Rashmi shares some lovely memories with us, “When I was a kid I used to help my mom in decorating home and rearranging the furniture to make the place look more appealing. When I got married and we bought our own home, I realised the passion for home decor. My friends and relatives always say something nice whenever they visit us and those words of appreciation encourage me a lot.” 
Indian Home Decor

Below is the image of her living room that speaks a lot about the home owner, charming, elegant, warm and serene. Walls and furniture in subtle colors set the perfect background for the beautiful home accessories that Rashmi uses to add a pop of color. Glass candle holders and crystal flower vase on the coffee table add the touch of elegance and table runner adds the pop of red. Buddha cushions are beautifully complementing the Buddha figurine placed on the side table accompanied by a beautiful elephant lamp.  
Indian Home Decor

The gurgling sound of the water from the Lord Buddha water fountain kept in one of the corners in the living room makes the ambience so calming that one can sit and listen to the sound for a long time. Next to which are aesthetically hung these beautiful brass lotus hanging diyas. These brass lamps are show stoppers and create such a serene atmosphere. You can experience the sense of calm in the video if you watch this on YouTube. 
Indian Home Decor

Below is the dining room where the furniture in dark wood creates a statement. Rashmi loves to decorate and she admits that “Everyone loves their home but for me, my home is my lifeline. I’m so involved in it that often I forget to have food when I am cleaning and decorating my home.”
Indian Home Decor
Indian Home Decor

At one end of the crockery cabinet is placed this marble temple to create a small pooja space. Her collection of brass knick-knacks is displayed on the beautiful wooden and wrought iron floating wall shelf

Indian Home Decor

Next to this is Rashmi’s neat and clean kitchen. She loves clean edges. The functionality plays a major role in this space. Tinted glass bottles add a splash of color to make the space more interesting. 
Indian Home Decor

Rashmi loves to keep her space spick and span all the time and that’s how she loves to spend her time. Her hard work is evident here. 
Indian Home Decor

She keeps rotating the decor. Paintings, decor accessories and furnishings in one room find a place in another room after every few weeks or months. This practice makes her home look new and fresh without even spending a penny. 
Indian Home Decor

Now let’s head to the master bedroom. This is where Rashmi spends a lot of time. here is what she says about this room “I opted for subtle colors so that I feel calm and flowers are my weakness. I often buy them, they make me happy. Rajnigandha and white lilies are my favourites. Their intoxicating aroma fills the space to make the ambience more magical and serene.” 
Indian Home Decor

Before you enter the room this beautiful vignette on the cabinet warms the heart. 
Indian Home Decor

Here is Rashmi’s neat, tidy and beautiful bedroom.

Indian Home Decor
With some paintings in dark tone that complements the furniture, she creates a cohesive look. 

Indian Home Decor
You can see these curtains swaying in the video and can sense the gentle touch of breeze. This room is airy and well-lit, that’s how it should be. 

Indian Home Decor

Here is the family room where all the family members sit and chat together for long. 
Indian Home Decor

Here is the seating space where she loves to play with colors and textures. She keeps changing the cushion covers and linen to change the entire look. In below picture, it looks so vibrant and lively with all those reds and teal.

Indian Home Decor
Now in this below picture, the same space transforms into a serene place with the use of whites and a dash of warm color. 
Indian Home Decor
Here is another view of the same space. 

Indian Home Decor

Kids’ room is a simple and uncluttered space. Her kids didn’t want to place anything on the bed headboard so it has been kept clear. All the achievements of the kids are proudly displayed on the ladder shelf. 

Indian Home Decor
Though Rashmi did add her touch here by hanging some beautiful string lights and a dream catcher above the headboard. 

Indian Home Decor

So we have seen all the nooks and corners of Rashmi’s beautifully done up home. I hope you all enjoyed this home tour as much as you enjoyed all the previous ones. Do let her know your views in the comments and follow her on Instagram for a daily dose of eye candies. 
Stick around to know what’s coming up next. Till then connect with me here:

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DIY Video Tutorial – Vintage Suitcase Made Out Of Cardboard Box

The first day of July and I am starting the month with the most requested DIY of the previous month!! Yes, the vintage suitcase planter that you all had seen in the previous post about “Growing Indoor Succulent Container Garden”  and had requested me to share the DIY video tutorial. Watch the video below and don’t forget to read the description if you are watching it on youtube!!

Hope you have subscribed to my YouTube channel and if you liked the video don’t forget to share it with like-minded and creative people.
Now all those who are planning to make this vintage suitcase, please pay heed to the important advice that use a plastic box instead of a cardboard box if you are planning to use it as a planter or a pot to grow plants and you can use M-seal or polymer clay instead of cardboard stripes to make belts and straps.

Cardboard Box Craft Ideas

This vintage suitcase can be used in various ways such as a desk organiser, jewellery box, keepsake box, to organise books/magazine, display flowers (fill small bottles/jars with water and place some fresh flowers and keep them closely packed inside the vintage suitcase) or as a coffee table decor.

I have grown a succulent garden in it and taking extra care of it so that it doesn’t become soggy and believe me it’s quite hard but not impossible 🙂

Cardboard Box craft Ideas
Since July is the month of celebrations for me so I may not be as active on my blog and social media platforms this month as I used to be. But I promise I’ll be back with regular updates and lot more in the month of August. So keep checking space!!
You can connect with me on my social media platforms too:
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All We Need Is Organic Bedding

After all the hustle and bustle of the busy day, we all want a cozy place where we can unwind and rejuvenate and that’s our bedroom. No matter how beautifully the bedroom is decorated and how peaceful is the ambience if the thin layer between you and the mattress is not right and comfortable you are not going to get good night’s sleep. 
Amouve organic luxury Linen

Bedsheets and pillow cases can be a big reason that you are not getting enough rest. Why you ask, well, there are many reasons. Today’s guest on my blog will answer all this and more.
This blog is brought to you by Amouve, a luxury organic bedding brand founded by Ami Sata who had worked in a non-organic bedding industry earlier and knows the drawbacks of non-organic bedding. Hence Ami took the plunge into organic bedding industry and founded Amouve that offers certified organic bed linen. Ami is with us today to enlighten us more on organic cotton and right bedding.

3D: How the idea of Amouve was conceived.
Ami: A combination of factors came together to spur the idea. 
A trip to Scandinavia introduced me to the most sumptuous bedding I had slept on. Made of organic
cotton, it was a bed made in heaven and I knew I had to know its origin. Several days of research later, I traced it back to India. Soon enough I was making calls to manufacturers and sitting upon an idea that I felt right about. While trying to find the same quality in big-box retailers in India, I was left disappointed. I realised that the emphasis on the fabric that touches your skin was minimal. Few realise that conventional cotton sheets are choc-a- block with chemicals, from pesticide-laden cotton to formaldehyde finishes. Anti-wrinkle and anti-stain sheets may be easy for ‘maintenance’, but not your health. That is why we even certified it according to the highest standard of organic textiles – GOTS.
More importantly, we wanted to be a business with a conscience and stand up for the cause of the Indian cotton farmer. Since decades, thousands of farmers have been committing suicides every year. Farmers enter into contracts with multinationals for purchasing patented GM seeds and pesticides. This leads to rising debt and suicides.
It was necessary to opt for an alternative. The beauty of organic cotton is its sustainability for the planet, biodiversity, human health as well as the farmers and textile workers. Cumulatively, the above led me to start Amouve.

Bedroom Decor
The main factor that affects our sleep is the material of the bedsheet. Synthetic fibres tend to trap heat and don’t allow moisture (sweat) to wick away from our body. Whereas natural fibres like cotton are light, breathe well and allow air to circulate which in turn cools down the body temperature. So cotton sheets are good in both warm and cold weather. A lot of brands use a blend of synthetic and cotton fibres that of course doesn’t feel as good as cotton but Amouve promises to bring you 100% organic cotton bed linens. 
Amouve Bed Linen
3D:. Why organic cotton.
Ami: With increasing stress, long working hours and an erratic sleep pattern, the need to opt for healthier lifestyle choices is more pronounced now than ever. When you sleep on organic sheets, your body breathes better. It feels super-soft and luxurious. Not only this, we wanted to bring a global standard to India concerning health, safety and the quality of sleep. Organic was a way to achieve that. Our idea is to democratize organic and bust the many myths associated with bedding in general. From ply to thread count to the quality of cotton, it is necessary customers are aware of the truth. For eg, Thread Count is the number of threads woven together in a square inch and not an indication of the quality of the fabric. As opposed to conventional wisdom which says higher the thread count, better the quality, the truth is that thread counts are a misleading custom often used by manufacturers and brands to inflate and advertise.  
Amouve Bed Sheet
3D: What does the range comprise of.
Ami: Amouve’s range is a healthy mix of Scandinavian minimalism and contemporary hand block prints done with a discerning design aesthetic, inspired by travel and places. It comprises of bed sheets, quilts and comforters all in super soft GOTS certified organic cotton so the consumer knows what she is getting is genuinely free from chemicals and not just a marketing term.
While the Everyday Luxury range comprises of solids like classic White, Sand, Blush, Navy and 
Charcoal in 300 TC sateen with a pearlescent sheen, the Lyric Collection is a labour of love that takes days to make, only to ensure the best quality. From Morocco’s eclectic vibe in Moroccan Musings to the Colorado collection inspired by the red mountains of Colorado, from Angkor’s stone ruins to the urban vibe of metros (Geometro), each collection is thoughtfully-crafted. Each Amouve quilt undergoes 7 different processes and takes an average of 45 hours to craft. 
Talking about cozy comforters, these come in a hypoallergenic encasing in colours, so one need not worry about spoiling them. Hail chilly nights!
Ami has sent me this beautiful organic cotton bedsheet in sand color. She assured me that being devoid of chemicals, these bed sheets are also anti-pill and get softer with each wash and how true she was. I washed mine just a few days ago and realise that now it is even softer than earlier.They’re literally a dream to sleep on and when I say this, I mean it!!
Secondly, I don’t need to worry about the aesthetics. Inspired by Scandinavian style these bed sheets go well with classic as well as contemporary style decorating. This minimalist bed sheet in sand color gives me the opportunity to play with accessories to add a pop of color and I can pull off warm, cool or even neutral look for bedroom easily and effortlessly. 
Thank you so much Ami for helping our farmers, giving us a healthy and sustainable option, promoting make in India concept, sending me this soft and comfortable bed sheet and for being with us today. I wish you loads of success ahead!!
Dear Peeps, you can find Amouve on Facebook too. Do check out and let Ami know what do you feel about Amouve.
I am working on Vintage Suitcase Planter‘s video tutorial. So stay tuned!!.