About us

Welcome Art Lovers !!

This blog came into existence when I decided to awaken my dormant talent.

I find art everywhere in nature and believe that art can beautify your surroundings as well as your inner self. I find solace in art. It is very difficult to find every kind and every form of artwork at one place.

So it is my endeavour to provide information about exquisite works of art from around the world.

Design and Decor are my passion. I love designing & decorating to such an extent that I can say “Where there are Design & Decor there is Disha”. That way I found the name of my blog Design Decor & Disha.

About Me

Hi, I am Disha, an art lover, married to a wonderful husband who is wind beneath my wings and willingly stay at home mother to my lovely kid. My parents are my source of inspiration. I am tech savvy and much interested in science & technology, an avid reader and I love to share knowledge. Well, I am not a professional artist or designer. I love creativity, I love every form of art though it’s very contrasting to my educational background. I am Masters in Computer Science, love to play with gadgets and I am computer wizard (as my husband calls me) but I am an artist at heart & designer in making.

My idea of good life is “Do work as if everything depends on you.” After our son arrived in our lives I was just busy bringing him up but now he gives me some little time for myself. Hence, I decided to awaken my dormant talent, passion for art, design & decor. So this lovely journey begins here.

Thanks for stopping by. Be with me and enjoy this lovely journey!!


  • I have a journalism degree under my belt, which I hope to one day use to rid the world of bad grammar and “there, their, they’re” confusion.
  • I also have a master’s degree in hospitality and tourism management.
  • Contrary to popular belief, I do not travel full-time. I like to consider myself to be mildly adventurous and open to new things.